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Carrara Thassos Blue Flower Marble Mosaic by

Cleaning Tile How To Clean Tile Floors With Baking Soda & Peroxide | Duration 1 Minutes 35 Seconds Each unique tile has its own look with natural variations determined by its origins, so you can get a look that’s as unique as you. It is easy to clean and makes it an addition to the room that’s both practical and attractive. Bringing in natural stone tile is the first step in creating a timeless look. Carrara marble has a rich white or grayish-blue look that is unparalleled with unique veining that gives the benefit of added artistic flair and the camouflaging of any wear and tear that may occur. With unique veining that comes from the natural wonders of this earth, marble can be the gorgeous fashion statement that endures for years to come.

How To Decorate To Offset A Pink Tile Floor by

With a few simple decorating tricks, you can offset the look of your pink floor so other features take center stage. If you create too strong a contrast between the floor and wall, you’ll only draw attention to the pink. If you’re decorating around dark pink tile, go with a deeper neutral like tan, taupe or chocolate. You can identify the right shades by looking at the colors that are beside pink on the color wheel. When you’re choosing colors or patterns for your rugs, go with neutral options that match the color intensity of the pink tile so you don’t create a strong contrast between the two. By creating a bold focal point for the room, your guests will be less likely to notice the tile. Hang a decorative overhead light fixture like a chandelier in the center of the room to take attention away from the tile. Adding crown molding to the top of the wall is another way to draw attention upward. Removing and replacing tile is usually a costly project, so it may not be an option if you’re on a tight budget. You can diminish the effect of this assertive color by any of a number of strategies, including using neutral or analogous colors near it, covering it up or drawing attention away from it.

Gray Blue Bathroom Design | Pictures Of Modern House Designs Gives Idea To Make Your Home | Duration 2 Minutes 46 Seconds Keep the depth of the tile’s pink shade in mind when choosing a shade, though. Pair light pink tile with a pale neutral like cream, ivory or beige. You can incorporate other neutrals in varying depths for furniture and accessories to further tone down the pink. These shades, known as analogous colors, don’t contrast with pink so they create a harmonious look when used together. If you can’t find an option that covers as much of the floor as you’d like, arrange your furniture so the pieces hide the remaining pink tile. When you’re trying to divert attention from your floor, a feature that draws the eye upward is an ideal option. You can also hang a series of pedant lights in bold colors or shapes to create a focal point for the room.

What Colors Go With A Peach Flower Granite Floor? by

Because the granite features a mixture of shades, though, you actually have quite a few color options, which means you can customize your room for the ideal look. If your granite floor is in a small room like a bathroom or hallway, though, stick to light neutrals to help make the space feel larger. If white is too stark, however, try a softer neutral like ivory, cream or beige. If you want to bring out the brown or tan tones in the granite, opt for a chocolate brown shade for the walls or furniture. Paint the walls in a small space a light pink like blush, or hang blush curtains in a room with neutral walls and peach flower granite flooring. For a richer, bolder look, pair your peach flower granite with warm red tones. The pink tones in the granite are variations of red shades, so if you consult the color wheel, green is an ideal complementary color. In a larger room, a mid-tone green shade like sage works well for the walls, furniture and accessories. The only trick to decorating around a peach flower granite floor is choosing colors for the surrounding walls, furniture and accessories. White is a classic option for the walls when you want a bright, open feeling for the room. For the walls and furniture, colors like dove gray, tan and taupe can also coordinate well with peach flower granite. For an elegant, modern look, paint the walls surrounding your peach flower granite a charcoal shade. If you’re decorating a larger space, a dark pink shade like mauve can work well for the walls, furniture and accessories. Because peach flower granite typically has warm undertones, that means pairing it with cool shades. Choose a light green shade like mint for a bathroom, hallway or other small space. You can also try pairing the peach flower granite floor with blue shades, like sky blue, robin’s egg and blue gray.


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