Bathroom Vanity And Counertop Restoration

Rustoleum countertop coating similar to the transformations kit, is a durable solution to change the counter top color, while the cabinet pulls add an elegant touch. If you’re tired of looking at that old vanity, you can fix it up today without breaking the bank.

Can An Under Mount Corian Sink Be Replaced Without Replacing The Countertops? by

Can an under-mount corian sink be replaced without replacing the countertops?
How To Update Your Laminate Countertops Without Replacing Them | Duration 3 Minutes 1 Seconds Corian is a softer counter surface, so many times the corian sink is molded into it. If it is just glued on, a contractor may be able to pry it off, from underneath. I personally suggest replacing your counter and sink, and shopping around for a good granite store/contractor. Want to replace a kitchen countertop without replacing the cabinets? If it’s molded into it, you probably can’t remove it too easily. So hopefully it was made to be a separate peice, and was just glued on, and then your next dilemma is finding a new sink to fit that existing hole or getting the contractor to cut a new hole and polish it down.

DIY Updates For Your Laminate Countertops Without Replacing Them! by

Some people are lucky enough to mince garlic atop custom countertops that match the style of their dreams; others may chop leafy greens on unsightly surfaces straight from the 80s (or worse). This is a big trend lately, and the modern look works successfully in both contemporary and traditional kitchens. The change shown here isn’t vastly different in color, but it is pretty dramatic in the look of a high-end finish. Make sure you choose a tile with bullnose options (rounded edges) for the sides of the countertop. Formica is a popular countertop choice; unfortunately, after some time, laminate surfaces often fall into the less-than-ideal category.


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