Bathtub Shower Reglazing And Tub Repair Resurfacing

It’s always worth a professional opinion to save you from wasting money and valuable resources. We can make your tub sparkle and your showers shine like new with 100’s of color options. You’ve decided to just say “no” to living with beat-up, damaged, deteriorating bathroom or kitchen fixtures and “no” to purchasing new and expensive ones saving room in our local landfill. Replacing your tubs, showers, and counters can cost thousands, but you can save time and up to 75% on having your fixture resurfaced to look and feel new.

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Want to bring the beauty and strength of quartz into your home? Ask us any questions you have and we’ll get back to you with the answers you need. Are you ready to transform your old kitchen countertops? Looking for something that’s easy to install but will last a lifetime?

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Diy Black & White Marble Countertop Resurfacing With Epoxy Resin | Duration 34 Minutes 48 Seconds Every year more people are discovering the benefits of kitchen countertop reglazing. We also do vanity countertop resurfacing and bathtub refinishing.

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Scratches and chips can be fixed with compounds specifically formulated for this purpose. It’s best left to an expert if you want the finished surface to look nice and smooth. At least 3 coats of polyurethane coating should be applied, resulting in a durable, like-new surface. Let’s face it; the kitchen may be the focal point of your home. Refinishing gives your counters, and your kitchen or bath, new life for a fraction of the cost of replacement. The very top surface might be damaged, or maybe the color gives your kitchen or bath a dated feel. Grease, oil and dirt should be cleaned with specialized cleaners. However, countertop refinishing isn’t really something most people can successfully do themselves. If you want the end result to be smooth, shiny and streak-free, you really need a professional for your countertop resurfacing project.

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In most cases we find that only a small portion of counters will actually need to be repaired. Remember it is important to care for your refinishing properly once complete! Old, ugly surfaces are repaired and then restored by applying a new finish using hi-tech acrylic coatings. Not only do we spray countertops in standard colors, but we specialize in custom colors too! This process is much more affordable when compared to the costs of having to completely replace the entire counter top. This eliminates the traditional method of having to replace the entire counter top! Then, after the material cures, we return to tape off and spray the requested color trim. Usually requested when a customer wants to bring life back to their white tile. Our highly trained technicians can provide you with a quote for your project and in many cases can get started the same day. As a result, this will give you the look and luxurious feel of a brand new surface without the cost!
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