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Now, the space appears stylish and homespun but 100 percent functional. Ikea’s organization system comes with adjustable shelves, a folding table, drying bars, moveable clothing racks and hampers that create an airy space. Wood-finished cabinetry helps integrate a workspace into the rest of the house when hiding it away is not an option. Plus, storage cabinets above and below the countertop provide the perfect place to store cleaning supplies, extra linens and children’s messy arts and crafts supplies. Compact washer/dryer units make it easy to conceal the laundry room.Wall shelves and between-machine storage bins make for an organized, self-contained utility space. This serene space embraces a soft color palette and feminine cottage-style decor. This sizeable utility room features all the desired amenities with a crisp, clean color palette. It offers plenty of countertop space to complete laundry-related tasks, plus a quiet place for both kids and adults to work. She repainted the walls, replaced the traditional metal shelves and added chic, budget-friendly baskets and storage accessories to make up for the lack of cabinetry. These eye-catching rooms prove that the home’s most common multifunctional space can be both beautiful and efficient.
Diy Laundry Room Countertop Over Washer Dryer From Removeandreplace.Com Glass decanters serve as attractive storage containers for detergent, clothespins and other laundry essentials. The shelved cabinets run horizontal above the washer/dryer unit and provide the perfect place to hold towels and other laundry essentials. By encasing the units below a stone countertop and adding storage cabinets above, the room instantly expands its functionality and efficiency. And for added style with practicality, the vinyl flooring makes pet messes, shoe prints and other accidents a cinch to clean up. A clean table above the front-loading machines makes pre-sorting dirty clothes quick and convenient. In addition, wall-to-wall cabinetry guarantees there’s a place for everything. When the sink and washer are along the same wall, it’s easier and less expensive to run plumbing lines. The glass-fronted cabinets make it easy to find supplies and help make the space a bit more elegant than a standard laundry room. With a sliding door, even a small hallway closet can be converted without impeding traffic. The environment would make laundry feel less like a chore and more like a tranquil getaway. This spacious bathroom dedicates a small nook to the washer and dryer, a folding station and some overhead storage cabinetry. Beautiful and Efficient Designs Idea for Laundry Room Recently, though, larger second-story laundry rooms are becoming more popular. Now, she has a pretty laundry room she actually enjoys doing laundry in (kind of). In this retro utility room, bright-red appliances, colorful artwork and contemporary black cabinetry bring a different feel to the laundry room. In a crisp, clean white finish, the system includes adjustable shelves and a wardrobe valet that effectively uses wall space atop and around the appliances.

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Add a rustic wooden countertop that doubles as a folding and ironing station, or get some much-needed extra storage space with a wall of shelves. Shelves stretch over the washer and dryer and there’s enough space beside them to tuck a bin for sorting. One of the laundry room ideas is to hide the area behind a sliding barn door. The texture of woven grass baskets reflects the bamboo of the roll up shade. Above this are wall cabinets that leave enough space for a clothes rod and hangers. This room has a deep gray beadboard wall hung with two white cabinets connected by a shelf. There are cubbies for wicker baskets to hold separates and enough shelf space for laundry items and a clothes rod. A simple piece of lumber has been set over them and an equally primitive shelf with brackets stretches above them. Beautiful and Efficient Designs Idea for Laundry Room A touch of whimsey is added by a set of keys dangling from one of the cabinet knobs and an old jar full of bright flowers. The wooden plank is not set directly on the machines but lies on bars that echo the bars that hold up the shelf above the work space. These have been installed permanently on the wall over the area used for sorting clothes and a chest of drawers used to hold other laundry items. The apron sink, the paneled wall cabinets and the generous apothecary jars gives this laundry room a kitchen-like feel. The blond wood of the “box” echoes the edges of the long, narrow wall cabinet above the machines, the clothes rod and even the frame of the outsized clock. Laundry items are presented on jars in a tray, and there are sunken lights in the ceiling. This room has wall cabinets of the palest blue that are lighter even than the plastic buckets that contain the staining and cleaning kits. There’s enough space left for the toilet bowl and sink, a tiny stool and a portable drying rack. The whole thing is hidden behind folding, louvered doors that guests probably won’t notice when they’re shut. Use black base cabinets which will contribute to the lightness of the room. Make household chores more appealing by making over the room in which you do them.

How To Install Laundry Closet Countertop | Duration 4 Minutes 44 Seconds After the makeover, you’re sure to find yourself enjoying your laundry room a lot more often. Instructions painted on the wall inspired by a laundromat gives this space some humor. Again, the washer and dryer are front loading, which allows space above them for shelves that hold attractive wicker baskets and apothecary jars and bowls filled with laundry materials. Metal bins sit on the first shelf while laundry detergents and other bins are on the second shelf within easy reach. The white of the machines, the shelves and wall cabinets with beadboard doors is given warmth by the taupe colored walls, a brown floor that may be made of resilient material and pots of dried flowers in open shelves. Though some folks don’t mind their washer and dryer being exposed, others would rather the area be hidden when not in use. This room has a deep apron sink for hand washing and a rustic wooden countertop that echoes the hardwood floor and the coir rug, the clothes rod on the wall and the shelf mounted on another wall faced with subway tile. One uninspiring laundry center was livened up by a rough hewn shelf lined with identical gray storage boxes. Since the dryer is front loading, why not put a plant and a small lamp on top of it? Again, since the tops of the machines are empty space, the homeowner has installed a gleaming stone shelf. The engineered stone shelf that sits atop the washer and dryer is also gray and is almost a match for the dark gray of the front loading machines’ window gaskets. The floor and wall cabinets in this room have recessed panels and the wall cabinets have grown moldings. The floor, which is or resembles variegated brown and tan marble, makes the room truly elegant. This mostly gray and white laundry room has its washer stacked on its dryer to save space. The cubby between the machines is also simple, and the place where the ceiling meets the walls and where the walls meet each other are faced in knotty pine. To one side, shelves hold wicker baskets filled with freshly laundered linen. This space holds a framed list of laundry room rules and galvanized metal containers, but all is softened by the gold color of the wall and the glow thrown by a corner lamp. There’s enough room for a clothes rod and wooden hangers to receive just washed shirts. The pure white of the laundry bags, chest of drawers, walls and ceiling contrasts beautifully with the speckled black of the floor and the gray, white and black stripes of the rug.The rather severe lines are softened by the intricate pattern of the black and white floor tiles. Even the terra cotta colored floor tiles seem to blur the line between the inside and the outside as do the plants in the wall planters. There’s enough space between the wall cabinet and the ceiling for some storage. The wooden slab over these two front loading machines is made of a sumptuous wood such as teal or rosewood, and the wall cabinets behind it have been fitted with with hidden task lights that illuminate the work space. Rolls of paper towel, wicker baskets and apothecary jars full of clothespins and laundry powder are stored neatly on the shelves. This homeowner has added a glass pendant lantern, a shield-shaped mirror and some chintzy fabrics for the curtains and protective cloths on a shelf and over one of the machines to make this laundry room one of a kind.

Laundry Room Counter Top | Duration 7 Minutes You will fall in love with the black and white hand-painted cement tile. The natural stone countertops give a clean, ethereal look to the room.

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It requires less maintenance than granite and is super easy to clean. So, if the laundry detergent drips, you will be problem free. The corners of slate can be sharp, which is why many homeowners choose to round off the edges of slate countertops. However, it requires a bit more maintenance as granite needs to be sealed at least once a year by a professional. It is more durable and requires less maintenance than granite. This gives you ample space to fold and organize your clothes. You can custom fit your granite, slate or quartz countertops around the sink. You can install a countertop over the machines to serve as a spot to fold and organize your soaps and cleaning supplies. Tile has always been a common choice for a laundry room as they handle moisture better than the other options. A slate floor paired with slate countertops can leave a strong visual impression.The last aspect of the laundry room to consider is color for your walls. Since they are typically smaller spaces, you may not have much room for wall art, but you can play with color to make your laundry room a place that is fun to be in. It goes without saying that your laundry room will get a lot of use, and, consequently, take a lot of abuse. While slate is traditionally gray to blackish in color, you can also find slate with hints of other colors like green or even blue. Nevertheless, granite might not be a better option than slate, but granite is still a worthy option for your laundry room counters. Since it is engineered, you can find quartz in many different pigments to fit your style. I also suggest adding a stainless steel sink in the laundry room if space allows. The popularity of front loader washing machines has opened up a much greater potential for surface area in a laundry room. Being a fan of wooden tiles on the market, they have the look and feel of wood with the durability of tile. Your stone countertop choices will probably be the star of the show but you will want to choose colors that will complement them. I believe the laundry room is almost as important as the kitchen. You may end up spending a lot of time in there and will much prefer a clean, bright, and cheery place to a dark basement cellar.

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Yes, the tile and floors are beautiful but the countertop is what made the space a lot more functional and tidy. The same goes for you – if you can cut a piece of wood then you can build one of the countertops for yourself. Using a rag or foam brush, treat the wood with the wood conditioner according the instructions. When you’re ready to install over your washer/dryer pay careful attention to any laundry hookups and sockets. We just measured the sides and the back of the wall and cut the wood to fit. Once the ledge was in place, each of the 1 x 6 planks were set down and nailed into place.

The Ultimate Laundry Room Makeover! | Duration 4 Minutes 35 Seconds In fact, there’s a full half inch difference between the first piece of wood that was installed and the last piece! It’s just another piece of 1 x 2, attached to the back ledge with another 1 x 6 attached to it so that the countertop boards were fully supported. We had also talked about building a box underneath it that would in effect be a stacked storage cube but that would also act as a support. Sharing ways to decorate, craft and cook your way to a beautiful home on a modest budget! We’ve had enough experience with sanding, staining and cutting wood to know that building a basic countertop would be a quick and easy project. We purchased 3 1 xv2 boards in total, but figure out how much you need based on the length and depth of your wall niche. This makes a huge difference when it comes to staining and the stain will penetrate evenly. If you have time for a third, that will really make sure that the wood is protected from any moisture. We cut and measured each piece individually, since walls on older houses are rarely perfect. If your countertop rests directly on your washer/dryer you may not need this step. I know our walls took a bit of a beating when we were maneuvering planks in and out to make them a perfect fit! You can find out more or switch them off if you prefer.

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I also like the fact that they are made of stainless steel wire so won’t rust. My plans are for wire shelves above the basin and washer (no dryer), and a small full height cupboard against one wall where the hot water system used to be. They really didn’t give me any room to work with as the washer/dryer barely fits in the closet. But outside is the family room (not large, but convenient) where ironing and such will be done.

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Look for modular storage systems that have a variety of shelves, racks and hampers that can be fitted to your space. Build the cabinet with a hinged countertop so the appliances can be removed in case repairs are needed. It’ll provide additional storage for infrequently used items. Is your laundry room directly below a bathroom or closet? If your laundry area is in a basement, it should be easy to see if you can cut through the floor. You’ll probably have to call in a plumber and an electrician to run the required utilities, but it may be worth the price with the space you’ll save. For extra storage, consider building recessed shelves into a wall. Or install a cabinet-mounted ironing board that swivels out and folds up out of sight.Clothing racks can serve the same purpose and some are even mounted on wheels which will allow you to roll them from room to room for putting away clothes effortlessly. It’s your chance to go wild and crazy and use lots of fun colors or a bold theme. Take your laundry-related storage to the ceiling by installing cabinets or shelving over your washer and dryer. Elevated storage keeps potentially dangerous cleaning supplies out of reach of young children, and it is also practical if your laundry space is in a basement that is prone to flood. This works well if you have a front-loading washer, but can still be done with a top-loader. If you have a top-loading washer, make sure you have enough head room for a hinged countertop and you’ll want to use a hinge with locking side arms that can stay open. Install shelving around the perimeter of the room mounted 12 to 18 inches from the ceiling. Use utility baskets that slide onto shelving to hold items such as extra paper towels, toilet paper and trash bags. Laundry chute with a white towel hanging out the side of the unit next to a window during the day time. A conveniently located laundry chute coming from the floor above can help alleviate mounds of clothes lying on the floor in the bedroom or overloaded in hampers. If you’re lucky, you have a little extra room on the sides of the appliances for wall shelves or a narrow storage bin. Built in wall storage for laundry items, towels, wicker baskets, shelves.

Diy Pinterest Inspired Laundry Counter From An Old Bookshelf! | Duration 5 Minutes 41 Seconds You may only be able to go a few inches deep, but it may be adequate enough to hold towels, detergents and laundry supplies. To conserve space, attach the ironing board to the back of the door so it flips down when in use then back up when you’re finished.

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This is also a great way of infusing a bit more texture, color, and personality into the space. You just cannot go wrong by choosing a black, white, and gray color palette for your laundry room! Disco ball in the laundry room with a chalkboard accent wall? A bright floral rug and some decorative baskets in coordinating colors might be all you need to spruce up your space. If you have access to a vinyl cutting machine, cut some vinyl to dress up your machines in a way that makes you smile! I love how this blogger created floating shelves between her cabinets to instantly boost her storage space and add warmth to her laundry room. Stackable machines are a great way to take advantage of vertical space. Besides providing additional storage, they add texture and warmth to an otherwise stark space. Baskets hanging on the wall can provide excellent storage for loose socks, laundry supplies, or other necessities. Add a countertop and shelving to create your custom laundry room storage solution. While laundry rooms are welcome to be any color of your choosing, a blue laundry room is most likely to leave you feeling at peace. My mother in law’s is the hall from her house into the garage. Thank you for including our folding nook…that definitely doesn’t look like that right now! It needs to be functional of course, but what about beautiful? Let’s face it, laundry is not a task that most of us look forward to but having a pretty space to work in certainly lightens the load! If you don’t always want to look at your washer and dryer, consider hiding them behind a simple tension rod and curtain. If your laundry machines are tucked away in a closet-sized space, the addition of a sliding door can hide your machines while providing character to the room.This next small space laundry room has several fun ideas to steal! If there is an awkward space above your cabinets, take advantage of it with decorative baskets. Propping your machines up on a custom-built laundry pedestal is a great way to create basket storage. If you don’t have a folding station in your laundry room, think outside the box! For added storage, create a customized cubby above your laundry machines to store your necessary supplies or stash clothes. Consider hanging an old ladder from the ceiling to create a drying rack, or to hang clothing once ironed. If you have a large family, housing several clothing baskets on casters within the laundry room is a great way to keep laundered clothing organized.Closets in laundry rooms can be converted into creative folding stations. There is scientific evidence to prove that the majority of people report feeling calm and serene when surrounded by the color blue. Thanks for including my laundry room in the roundup! I had seen all the awesome blogger laundry rooms out there, but there were several that were new to me.

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Basements, mud rooms, garages and utility closets have been the pre-eminent locale for washers and dryers for decades. Beautiful and Efficient Designs Idea for Laundry Room More recently, rooms dedicated specifically to doing laundry and housing the machines have made their way into the mainstream, but even then, they often remained very functional and utilitarian rooms. Now, these whisper quiet and stylish machines no longer have to be relegated to the dark dinginess of a basement or the oily mess of a garage, which also means you do not need to relegate yourself to those areas either to fulfill this never-ending and often thankless task. While some people have the space to devote an entire room to just housing their appliances, others need to combine spaces or incorporate a laundry area into rooms used for other functions. Smaller units are now able to combine both a washer and dryer into one machine, which also makes creating a smart laundry area in a small space a snap. We’ve also provided some great ideas for laundry room storage, laundry room shelving and laundry room organization to help you make the very best use of your space. Overhead cabinetry provides storage space for large items that are infrequently used and a small area provides space for folding, ironing or laundry prep. Dark hardwood floors with a modern floral rug combine old world charm with a modern flair. The stone flooring and natural basketry provides a nice counterpoint to the clean, modern lines of the oversized washer and dryer, while the light cabinetry and dark wood walls blend together in a fantastic mix of elements. With a divided desk area that can be used for sewing, scrapbooking or other craft projects on one side and studying or running a home business on the other, this quiet oasis is perfect for a beach house or other property where space is at a premium. A folding rack cleverly built into a shelf with hooks provides additional drying space that can be retracted and folded away neatly when not in use. Sleek white laundry room cabinets are paired with oversized handles that blend well with the overall 70’s vibe. Shiny, sleek modern handles on the laundry room cabinets provide a nice accent, while a scattered stone backsplash adds warmth and another slight touch of whimsy. A built in cabinet around the washer and dryer units provides counter space for folding, laundry prep or spot ironing. Laminate glass fronted cabinets provide unique and sophisticated laundry storage ideas, while a modern molded chair provides a quiet nook to read, rest or relax while waiting for the laundry to finish. Visitors, guests or just a family member needing a quiet space to retreat for a moment can find rest and respite in this cool, calm luxuriously futuristic space. In this luxurious space, dark woods polished to a high shine are paired with rich granite and sleek glass that take laundry room decor to a whole new level. A center island provides a massive workspace for sorting, staging and prepping. Cabinetry over and around the washer provide additional storage space for laundry items and other seldom used household items, making laundry room organization a breeze. A woven basket and rug of natural textures complete the look that is a throwback to a time of washboards, washtubs and lye soap. Circular tiles in primary colors offset the vast expanses of stark white, while stainless steel bins and receptacles provide a nice contrast to woven baskets which keep the space from feeling antiseptic or sterile. A dark wood ladder that can be used for hanging or drying provides warmth to the utilitarian grey tones of the room, while providing a high degree of functionality at the same time. A large window provides plenty of sunlight to bring life and vibrance to the stark white tiles and give the impression that a look out the window might reveal a horse and buggy standing at the ready. Traditionally, the noise and utilitarian look of washers and dryers have by necessity relegated them to the farthest away and most utilitarian places in the home. But the utilitarian location of these time-saving machines can often take a drudging task and make it even more dreary. Washers and dryers are now making their way into the kitchen, into master bedrooms and even on the upper levels of homes and feature prominently on overall home decor. Here are 50 great laundry room ideas that can help you think, plan, dream and envision the kind of space you want that will fit into almost any floorpan, no matter the size of space you live in.
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