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Thanks to our selection, we are confident that your clients will be more than happy with the countertops in their newly remodeled or newly built home. Additionally, we have skilled craftsmen that miter, laminate and make full custom edges by hand. Finally, we are committed to timely deliveries and precise installations. For this reason, we will deliver your countertops to you when we say we will and install them in a professional, detail-oriented manner. We realize that you don’t want the countertops you install in a newly remodeled or constructed home to put your project behind schedule.

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We use only top quality materials, we employ only the most professional mechanics and provide the best service in the industry. We can also repolish marble vanity tops that are etched and scratched. We excel in installation of stone countertops and tile installation. We focus on our exclusive 1/4” solid wood refacing system, recognized as the industry’s premium standard.Our goal is to provide customers with a beautiful, functional kitchen that will add value to their home, while minimizing the expense and disruption of remodeling and dedicated craftsmen have an average 30 years experience in cabinetmaking and trim carpentry, and are highly skilled in refacing techniques. Our own cabinet shop and finishing facility gives us the ability to offer more custom services and specialty products than other refacing companies, and allows us to more quickly respond to our customers’ needs. Our lifetime warranty assures you’ll be satisfied with your new kitchen. Specializing in residential remodelling and handyman services. We are a one-stop shop for total kitchen remodels using a fantastic tile distributor and installer. All electrical, plumbing, and gas work is performed by licensed contractors. We had to call them back for a few items and they were immediately responsive and had the person on site either the next day or within a few days (schedules permitting on both sides). From day one, we were treated with absolute professionalism, courtesy and respect. This company wants all their customer 100% happy with the end result. Responsive to phone calls prior to the job and efficient and timely when the work started. They asked us if we minded if they worked into the evening to get the job completed. The old counters were removed and taken away and the new counters installed in such a clean proffesional manner that when they left it didn’t even look like we had any work done, it looked as if the granite was always there as custom built with the house. We can add beauty and value to your existing home or new construction project. If you need your granite countertops touched up, surface polished and sealed we can help. We also specialize in exterior paver cleaning, including outdoor sitting areas and pool decks. Our system is crafted specially for each customer’s home by our skilled master carpenters. We place a high regard on integrity and customer satisfaction. I would certainly hire them again and happy to serve as a reference if ever needed. They were professionals and polite plus they cleaned up all the mess as they went. The bottom line is my new kitchen is amazing thanks to them. He was courteous and the girls in the office did a great job of scheduling and keeping me updated. We needed the opening to the attic from the garage ceiling moved and new pull down stairs installed. David was great about explaining what would happen, when and how. They were always friendly, professional and treated us and our home with respect. We were most satisfied with the quality of the service. Minimized the mess as much as possible and cleaned up at the end of each work day. We consented, and in just 3 days, we had a new bathroom! Entire job was finished in about three hours total in the house. I highly reccomend imperial stone to anyone considering installing new countertops.

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His work is second to none and he is always pleasant to work with and even goes the extra mile to find us granite that our clients want. We have used him on several projects and all of them have turned out wonderful. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great team to work with.

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Engineered quartz stone combines the natural quartz with epoxy resin binders to create a virtually indestructible material that does not require sealants.

Lake Norman Home For Sale In The Farms Mooresville Nc | Duration 5 Minutes 12 Seconds Engineered quartz stone products are offered in many colors. Engineered quartz stone will not chip and fracture during everyday use. However, it is still recommended that you the use heat dispersion products such as hot pads. Chopping, cutting and more on quartz will dull knives – cutting boards are recommended. Since it is not technically 100% stone, it is often referred to as “engineered quartz stone”. Resembles natural stone that has a more consistent pattern and color meaning your countertop will look like the sample you picked out. Engineered stone counters are resistant to heat from hot plates of up to 350 degrees. Some of these variations are called “beauty marks” and flowing veins, known as the “movement” of the stone. Visible seams may appear along the front edges and in the top of the countertop due to engineered stone being installed in solid slabs.

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There are many different colors that may compliment your current home decor or may contrast against your current cabinet color. It matches light or even dark cabinets and can easily give your home a new, fresh and bright appearance. A granite countertops color such as this instantly adds a unique look that no other home could duplicate. It has hues of gold and black with scattered quartz crystals over the slab. So when you are ready to install granite countertops, what color do you choose? This granite color also matches well with any color appliances in your kitchen. Every granite slab of this color can vary with different movement, specs of quartz crystals and color pattern.
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