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Marble’s beauty and elegance is unrivaled, but it does have its downfalls. Properly sealing your marble countertop can be done yourself; first, you’ll need to clean it with soap and water and then apply a few coats of an acid-resistant impregnator sealer. This invulnerable material is offered in many different appealing colors and it’s incredibly low maintenance. Because soapstone is non-porous, it’s smooth to the touch and doesn’t need sealing the same way that granite or marble does. Granite has the second highest hardness rating behind diamonds, so needless to say, it won’t scratch—although you don’t want to cut directly on it as it will dull even your best knives. Granite does have its downfalls; it can be expensive and if it’s not sealed properly, it can leave stains that can be impossible to remove. If you love the thought of being able to work directly on your counter without having to worry about staining or scratching that precious marble or granite, this is a great choice. The major negative to wood countertops is that they can be susceptible to water damage and harvest germs if not sealed properly and cleaned regularly. It’s great if you have unique countertop shapes because it’s generally poured in place. If you are thinking about choosing this material, be aware that it can be pricey and time-consuming as it takes about a month for the concrete to fully cure. There are a few downsides to stainless countertops: it will scratch and dent (but some prefer the well-used look) and they can be a bit noisy when placing pots and pans on them. Regardless of your budget or how decor savvy you are, it can be difficult to choose a countertop that fits your lifestyle. Once you’ve nailed down the perfect countertop idea you might be thinking about upgrading those old cabinets at the same time. If you’re looking for a clean and bright look that is also awe-inspiring, this is the material for you. This timeless classic is soft and porous meaning it will easily etch and stain if it’s not properly sealed. The material is hard and durable; it will easily resist stains and erosion, unlike some other natural stone options. Soapstone is soft, pliable and non-porous compared to other choices meaning it won’t crack or stain, but it does scratch easily. The upfront costs can be expensive but it’s comparatively cheaper to maintain over time and it gets more handsome as it ages, gaining a patina that emphasizes the natural streaks in the stone. Granite is also completely heat resistant so feel free to throw your hot pans and skillets on it with abandon. Any wear and tear can easily be sanded away and refinished and the counter will look new again. One interesting upside to stainless is that it’s a reflective surface so if you have a kitchen on the smaller side, this material may help give it a larger look. Our comprehensive list is meant to help you prioritize what’s most important to you and help you gain a better understanding of what daily life would be like with each of these materials.

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However, some homeowners insist on marble for its timeless beauty and luxury. Some types of marble have veins in colors other than grey, such as white, red, and blue. This is the main reason it is often not recommended for high-traffic kitchen countertops. You should avoid cutting directly on the countertop to prevent scratches on the surface of the marble. The acid in the food will etch the surface of the countertop. For this reason, marble is better suited for homes with where cleanliness is a top priority and spills are wiped up immediately. Sealing your countertop can help protect the surface and make it less prone to these marks. When cleaning your countertop, it is important to use products that are specially formulated for marble. While the natural stone industry offers many alternatives, if you have your heart set on marble and are willing to provide the care and maintenance to keep it looking great, marble may be the perfect choice for your kitchen. There really is no substitute to exquisite white colored marble for elegant, luxurious interiors. In addition to enhancing the beauty of your home, it may also increase your property value. Most marble is white with grey veins, ranging from light grey to dark grey. Because it is a softer stone, it is susceptible to scratches. Always use a cutting board to avoid damaging the countertop. This can happen when acidic foods or liquids like red wine and tomato sauce, come into contact with the marble. This can be avoided by keeping acidic foods and liquids away from the marble. When something does spill, make sure to wipe it up immediately. Marble kitchen countertops should be sealed up to four times each year. Traditional kitchen cleaners contain chemicals that can etch the surface of the marble.

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The place where my four year old used a knife to saw into the edge (yes, that really did happen) can be seen as tiny little white spots along the edge of the marble in the image below. and the surface as a whole can show spots or rings when you get down to counter height and look from certain angles. You have to stand directly above even our biggest scratch to see it.

How To Clean Granite Countertops | Duration 2 Minutes 35 Seconds We went back and forth too many times, but ultimately went for it. I will also add that you can always have your fabricator back to regime to get out any imperfections. Unlike other materials, you can choose color and look of your countertop. I love the gray lower cabinets and the colorful rug, along with the marble. That is pretty much the secret to anything we have taking care of it, we scotch guard a nice piece of furniture. You just put some on a rag and wipe it on… so easy (but smelly! Carrara marble in our new kitchen and it is both my favorite and least favorite thing. We had polished marble in our bathroom at our last house, and it definitely showed the etching and water spots more distinctly. It still won’t be perfect; honed does show the spots, but they are not as distinct. The main difference is that, the marble age beautiful and get the marks that make you remember the good moments you have around your kitchen with family and friend and the other not. I also like the way the veining is positioned, you did not install box to box, you spread the veined tile well with non-veined. You are right, having these marble countertops may require a little maintenance but it may be worth it. With the spalshback since it is close to the stovetop, do you have problem with that area staining with oil? Can you also tell me what if any placemats have you used without damage to your counters? We haven’t actually used any placemats on these counters as we don’t have an eating counter in this kitchen. We have recently purchased a townhome in pre construction phase and we will be soon in the process of choosing our upgrades and finishes. We use a lot of spices and cook food like curries a lot. I think no matter what, choose a good sealer and be sure to reseal when appropriate (set a reminder in your computer or planner so you don’t forget). Because of a lot of the preconceived notions we had about marble, we thought we’d have to settle on a granite or quartz that resembled it. We picked out our slab a couple days ago and we couldn’t be happier! The beauty, warmth, and character of a natural stone gets me every time. We have honed carerra in our kitchen, countertops and backsplash.

The Truth About Countertop Seams | Duration 3 Minutes 47 Seconds The scratches, chips and water stains don’t bother me (too much). We couldn’t afford the high end looks of marble or granite, so we went this rout. Some of the bonuses are, you can do it yourself, inexpensive, and you can change it for another style and color at anytime without spending allot of money. In process of deciding on counter tops in near future! After that, he said that every six months or so would be plenty. I will say, though, that the etching is less obvious on honed marble than polished. My countertop coordinator told me today to not listen to anyone but myself! Unfortunately the internet is flooded by blogs sponsored by the quartz industry that invest very heavily in marketing to sell a product that is very much inferior than any natural stone and cons is never show or explain to home owner. After reading your post on honed vs polished marble, we think that polished marble would suit us better as it is less prone to stains. After reading your article on the pros and cons, and your personal experience with marble, we decided to go ahead with the real thing.

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However, the options for counters are varied—you may choose from granite countertops, marble countertops and natural stone of other varieties. Granite is usually a good choice for kitchens because of its durability. It also tends to be harder to stain, as the stone is naturally non-absorbent. Granite is a low-maintenance stone and can be cleaned easily with granite cleaning solution and a dishrag. Marble countertops offer an elegant beauty, with slabs in a wide variety of colors. While it is a natural stone, marble sometimes doesn’t have the durability one might expect; it may scratch or chip from everyday use. For cleaning purposes, it’s recommended that you use only a marble cleaning solution. Before you decide on either granite countertops or marble countertops, speak to a natural stone installer to learn more about each kind of stone. It’s scratch-resistant and withstands heat as well, allowing you to set down hot pots without worrying about damaging your counter. If you do choose to seal your countertops for extra protection, professional sealing is generally recommended. It is heat resistant as well and doesn’t yellow when exposed to heat for long periods of time. Marble also is more porous and sometimes is damaged from contact with acidic liquids or harsh cleaners.

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Now comes the tricky part – choosing the details that give it a complete look. The working surface has to be high quality to endure food prep, grease, hot pans, and appliances without breaking in two. They are both natural stones, but each with a different composition. Granite is made of quartz and feldspar and has tiny specs that give it a beautiful, high-end look. Both materials are easy to maintain, and you do not need a lot of scrubbing or harsh cleaning products. In general, granite is simpler to maintain than marble, but both surfaces must be sealed well after installation. On the other hand, granite durability varies based on quality. Before installation, the workers will have a template and measurements of your kitchen to cut the slabs to fit. Both materials are durable, look stunning, and do not stain easily. Seeing the kitchen in its fully renovated glory is a happy moment for every homeowner. Marble is typically made of calcite and has an elegant, luxurious feel and unique veins. Granite is slightly cheaper than marble, but the end price depends on the manufacturer, stone quality, and the installation complexity. You also have to wipe down any water or acidic spills immediately to avoid damage.

Best 15 Kitchen Countertops | Duration 2 Minutes 11 Seconds For exampl e, natural marble is highly porous and is unsuitable for use without a sealant and protective finish. Real dark igneous granite does not need any sealing and is non-porous, but other granite types may require sealing. It is best to leave this bit to the professionals to prevent damages, scratching, and injuries. Both materials are heavy, so do not attempt to lift or install them without any help. Our tips will help you pick the best option for you and weigh the pros and cons of both materials quality and price-wise.

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Let’s take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of marble countertops and see if the opening premise holds up. No two slabs are alike, so you’ll be assured of having a unique countertop for your home. It’s become popular for fireplace surrounds because it won’t yellow due to the heat and can withstand the occasional spark on its surface. These concerns are severe enough that some marble countertop manufacturers won’t warranty their counters if they are installed in the kitchen. It’s more porous than granite, so it more readily absorbs liquids. Even in the bathroom, be cautious with things like nail polish, liquid makeup or remover that can stain the tops. However, if it is not done properly or often enough, staining is a “not if, but when” proposition. These are the primary reasons some manufacturers won’t warranty marble countertops if used in kitchens and many countertop installers won’t install them. In the bathroom, a styling tool won’t mar it unless left on it hot for some time. Marble can and should be sealed when installed and again every few years. The second reason to be concerned about marble kitchen counters is that the material isn’t sturdy enough for the kitchen. Heavy pots or mugs may chip the marble or even break off a corner. There are too many complaints from homeowners when their marble kitchen countertops stain, scratch, chip or crack. They offer beauty and good longevity when they are treated with the care they require.

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Marble is a crystallized limestone so it can be polished to a mirror finish to give gorgeous look to your home and kitchen. If it is properly maintained then it can be stay in same condition as it was initially fabricated. This is the reason why marble countertop slabs is taken as primary choice by home owners. If you love the clean and sparkling countertops then marble countertops are just right for you. Despite its expensive looks, marble is relatively cheaper than a lot of other countertop materials. Its unique shades and styles come from the impurities of the original rock. It has a clean bright look which imparts a sophisticated and everlasting aura. Honed marble countertops with a matte finish are more kitchen-friendly. Its naturally cool temperature is good for keeping ay workplace’s temperature controlled. It’s warm and unique look will remain timeless with minimal caution and will add much more value to any place. If you are looking to beautify your place then marble countertops are the thing for you. A sealer is soaked by the marble and protects it from liquids and other things from getting absorbed. By using mild washes, you can keep your marble countertop as new ever! This helps stones resist spills and dirt that can result to staining and etching. The samples are just the part of the granite the showrooms wants you to see……. These surfaces will be the most visible areas of the kitchen and also the most used parts of your home….. The material i s heat resistant that does not catches fire easily. The items can be fixed directly over marble countertops slabs and it is also easy to clean this material. Marble is basically a metamorphic rock, resulting from extreme pressure and heat to limestone or dolomite rock for many years. Marble countertops come in a variety of color and patterns like mosaics, octagon, etc. With little maintenance, one can be a proud owner of timeless beauty. To protect it from stains, scratches and harmful chemicals, sealing is needed on a regular basis. The thumb rule is not to clean with anything you cannot clean your hands with. Our professionals always guide you to purchase the best natural stone; we will never suggest you to buy a marble countertop for your kitchen because we know that when compared to granite, marble should not be suggested because it is much more prone to staining as compared to granite….. If you love the clean and sparkling countertops then marble countertops are just right for you…….


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