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What most people want is something that is quick, easy, safe and small enough to store and not take up too much room when using. An induction burner uses electromagnetic field which reacts with the metal in the pan making it vibrate and produce heat. The burner only heats up from residual heat from the pan and doesn’t heat up at all unless the metal touches the surface. Most pans that work with induction cookers are magnetic so it’s easy to check the pans you own with a simple fridge magnet, if it sticks to the pan it should work on an induction hot plate. The most expensive doesn’t always mean the best so it’s worth checking the features.This induction cooktop has a maximum power level of 1800 watts and 15 optional power levels from 200w up to1800w. You also have the option of using a timer which might be useful if you’re worried about forgetting that you have something cooking as it will automatically turn off at the end of the time. There is an auto-detect for pans, so it won’t start heating till the pan is on the surface and will stop when it is taken off. It also has a warning system if you get high or low voltage. This cooktop has a maximum wattage of 1500 with 3 different power options, 600w, 900w and 1500w. This cooker even has a memory function to you can program in your own cooking times for stuff you make often.It’s an oblong shape with the controls at the front edge of the top, so important not to use a pan that is too large and would go over that control. You have auto-pan detection so you don’t have to worry if you have switched on then got distracted with something else as it won’t do anything without a pan present and it will automatically turn off after 60 seconds if there is no pan detected. This induction cooktop has 13 different power settings from 100w up to a maximum 1650w so no problem finding a working level if you don’t need the exact temperature. When you switch it on you have to press the lock button to unlock the controls before you can use it so you can’t press it on by accident and it still won’t work if you don’t place a pan on the top. The maximum wattage is 1800, although it doesn’t offer different watt settings it does offer 8 different quick use buttons which are set to the standard temperature required for each function. There is also an automatic shut off timer of 2 hours which will come into play unless you override it with the timing function. Today we’re going to be looking at the best portable induction cooktop 2018 , which can be used in any place that you need to cook food as long as you have access to electricity. You might be looking for something that is flexible enough to use indoors and outdoors in the garden for parties and barbecues. It may be that you are a student looking for something small and safe to use in your dorm. It only heats the pan itself and not the burner making it much more efficient. Although you need specific types of pans to work on induction, these pans will work on any other type of burner. You might have simple low, medium or high power modes but the more you have the more control you get. Safety features – safety features can include automatic shut off when a pan is removed from the cooking surface, child locks and internal temperature gauges so that it doesn’t overheat. The cooking circle is 8 inches in diameter so you want your pan bases around that size for the best even heating. It has a maximum wattage of 1800 with 10 power increments from 200w to 1800w for a better level of control. You also have a timer so you can set it and forget it if you’re cooking something like soup which might take a while. It has a default of 900w which will probably be your go to level for most cooking. You can also use the timer if you like to step away from the cooking and not forget about it. Although the pan will get hot it still good to know that the surrounding area stays cool to the touch. There is a child lock button that you can use to stop inquisitive fingers touching where they shouldn’t and it will stop when the pan is removed. Hopefully we’ve covered that for you above and given you an idea of what you can get at different price ranges.

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It features two coil burners, though one is meant for cooking and other is better for use as a food warmer. Its cooking surface stays cool to the touch and is a breeze to wipe clean. It features two 900-watt burners that heat up very quickly and a stylish stainless steel housing. Its controls are prominent and straightforward, which makes it a cinch for anybody to use, and it offers a convenient delay start feature. You’ll be amazed at how quickly it heats up, so you can start cooking without much downtime. It helps you prepare high-quality meals in record time, while also being super energy-efficient by splitting the wattage used between the two burners. Even in the home kitchen organization is key: knowing where each spice is when you need it, having the knives and other tools cleaned and ready, and knowing where each ingredient of your recipe is stored, all help make great foods. Along with organization, cooking a great meal means using great ingredients, and often these ingredients can be prepped well ahead of the actual cooking and serving. All you need to to do is make sure you have the right vessels for proper food storage and transport and the right utensils for cooking once at your location. Put those cuts of meat in bags to marinate overnight and not only will they be ready to cook the next day, they will be even more delicious. If you’re working in a restaurant or in your own home’s gourmet kitchen with the five burner stove and a double oven, all this planning may be overkill. Remember, you can make gourmet fare anywhere, as long as you do it with care and planning. You need one that offers the same heat levels and control as that you would find in a regular kitchen.

Ivation 1800 Watt Portable Induction Countertop Cooktop Burner | Duration 1 Minutes 51 Seconds However, the right portable cooktop for the serious chef might actually be a double unit. If you need your cooktop to accommodate a larger skillet or pot, then a single burner option might be the better choice. Thus the popularity of single burner portable cooktops at omelet stations, for example. Several single burner portable cooktops have the option to be used as induction stoves or as electric stoves, which is a great convenience if not all your cookware is conduction ready. It can serve as the primary stove for those who live in smaller homes or apartments, or for those on the road in a camper or setting up a temporary kitchen at a campsite or cabin. The mobility of a portable cooktop allows you to prepare myriad foodstuffs requiring disparate cooking techniques all in one place, even if that place is outdoors. They give you the convenience of one or more burners without taking up much valuable counter space and can serve as an extra burner for preparing a large meal or as a warmer for buffets. Unfortunately, its temperature jumps 50 degrees with each increment, so it’s not ideal for precision cooking.

Best Portable Countertop Burner | Duration 3 Minutes 48 Seconds It features one small and one large burner, so you can cook multiple items at one time, and automatically turns off thirty seconds after pans are removed from it. Plus, it has a countdown timer that works from as many as 170 minutes. Great cooking often comes down to superlative organization . With a bit of ingenuity and a lot of proper planning, you can create masterful meals almost anywhere. And make sure you reverse engineer your meals, planning to start cooking with whatever ingredients need the longest time over the heat. If you’re trying to prepare a meal on a single or double burner portable cooktop, then without great planning, your feast will fizzle. Most double burner portable cooktops feature plates that are under eight inches in diameter. Many single burner cooktops can handle larger pots and pans, and are perfect for the chef focused on single items. These units can also be good for keeping large pots of sauces or soups at an even simmer for long periods of time. Thus it’s worth considering a portable induction cooktop to help keep your cooking efficient when space is at a premium. But more often than not, the portable cooktop shows its true value when your primary stove is out of commission .With a portable cooktop, if you have power, you have a fully functional stove (albeit a smaller one than that to which you’re likely accustomed). Plugging in a portable cooktop outside next to your grill can create a fully functional outdoor kitchen that will be the envy of the neighbors. A portable cooktop can also be used as an effective warming plate: set your cooktop on a low setting and you can use it to keep a batch of soup or stock simmering for hours, ready to be served to guests or used in that stew you cook for an entire afternoon.
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