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We support the juicing community in promoting the great health benefits of cold pressed juice. We develop and manufacture a whole range of commercial cold press juicers to suit all budgets. We can supply commercial juicing equipment to any size business from start up to factory level.

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Whether it be green juice or good old fruit shakes, households and consumers have become more accustomed to absorbing nutrients through healthy drinks.Aside from providing our bodies with nutrients that improve the immune system, juicing also helps with calorie reduction that will not deprive you from the vitamins and minerals your body need to function normally. In addition, it also allows us to form healthier habits and makes us more conscious about our food intake. Here, we have compiled seven commercial cold press juicer reviews that can help you decide on what to purchase for your home or business. These are among the best commercial cold press juicers in the market today, so it’s just a matter of picking what suits your needs and preferences best. Its added winding capacity increases the starting torque while allowing the motor to run cooler. Also, the ease of use, assembly and disassembly on this machine really helps customers become more accustomed to juicing, especially when used at home.
Fs 8.5 Countertop Cold Press Juicer | Duration 3 Minutes 28 Seconds This high-performing model is reliable and efficient and can definitely last for years in a household or business. The outstanding build and impressive motor is enough to sway any customer into purchasing this juicer. This masticating juicer uses high-quality anti-oxidative materials. The slow juicing process assures that you get the most nutrients in your juice while giving you maximum yield of up to 90% as well, depending on your ingredients. Those who want their dose of nutrients from produce will find that this juicer makes it very convenient for them to do so. When making commercial cold press juicer comparisons, masticating juicers are usually more expensive than the centrifugal ones. This low speed juicer beats some of the more powerful juicers in that regard. However, some users noted that this juicer gets a bit noisy during the first two minutes of the juicing process. But overall, customers are satisfied with this item, making it worth the investment. It’s built with a high-quality stainless steel case that also has anti-corrosion materials. It yields up to eight ounces of juice from five oranges and is ideal for both domestic and commercial use. BIO Press Commercial Cold Pres Juicer If you’re making commercial cold press juicer comparisons, this is obviously a more specialized model, so don’t expect it to be as versatile as other juicers. According to customer reviews, it’s very easy to use and clean up. It’s compact at 19 inches tall and 12 inches wide, although it is on the heavier side, weighing at 61 lbs. They mentioned that it’s able to separate the fibers from fruit and vegetable ingredients perfectly. However, some also mentioned that it seems to be better for juicing fruits than vegetables. Overall, if you’re willing to invest in a high-quality and powerful juicer, this model is a veritable option. Juices produced from this machine can be stored for up to 72 hours without degradation. It’s able to grind coffee and spices, extrude pasta, make nut butters and baby food and mince herbs and garlic as well. While this model has a very few limitations, it seemed to be a minor issue to users that it had a very narrow feed chute that you had to cut or slice some ingredients and jam them down to make them fit. It has a spout for easier dispensing of juice into glasses or serving containers. Similarly, it yields very dry pulp, which makes users feel that it indeed maximizes the ingredients used for the juices. However, some have addressed the issue that they sometimes smell something burning or heard some rattling on some occasions when they use this machine, but this didn’t seem to indicate any problems with the juicer itself. It has a wide chute to accommodate larger ingredients as well. BIO Press Commercial Cold Pres Juicer In addition, even those who use this at home say that it’s great for domestic use. However, some lamented that it’s costly to maintain this product should the need arise, because of the expensive parts replacements. People have become more and more health-conscious and they look for ways to incorporate more nutrients into their diets. Also, it helps us get stronger bones and a healthier skin complexion and in a whole increase our energy level. A lot of homemakers produce high volumes of juices for friends and loved ones, and a lot of establishments are offering green juices to appeal to more health-conscious customers, so getting to know more about these machines will help a lot in decision-making. It also has a handful of warranties in place, including five years on parts and three years on the motor. It’s durable and powerful and produces maximum yield no matter the volume. It’s also versatile and can be used to make nut butters, sherbets, baby food and the like. With different warranties in place, it’s also easy to have this juicer maintained, so that should be the least of any buyer’s worries. It also has a three-inch wide mouth feed chute that helps cut prep time. Besides that, this machine is also sturdy and is built with durable parts that will make it last long in any kitchen or juice bar. This high-capacity juicer can squeeze 20-22 oranges per minute. It also has outstanding stainless steel juicing components, with 16 interchangeable blades that come with two cutter plate configurations, a pulp ejection tube for easy clean-up, and a safety interlock switch for protection during operation. Some lamented that it’s very heavy and also a bit of a chore to clean up. It also has an auto-pulp ejection feature to enable continuous use. It also yields low foam which makes it easier to enjoy fresh-tasting juices. They also love that it’s lightweight, easy to stow away, and barely makes noise. All in all, though, this juicer is one of the more affordable yet efficient machines out there that one can buy for domestic or commercial use. It also has a stainless steel blade and basket, an oversized chute for easy ingredient feeding, as well as an auto-pulp ejection feature which comes with a bin at the back of the machine. Also, customers love the taste of the juices this machine produces. Those looking for high-volume juicers at affordable prices will definitely love this model. It has an aluminum frame and stainless steel juicing components. Also, it has a removable pulp collector that allows continuous use. Ease of use and clean-up of this juicer were also plus points for these customers. With that steep price tag, one can hope that this juicer lasts them for years to come – and it just might.
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