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Most of our clear acrylic brochure holder displays are as attractive as they are portable and lightweight. We manufacturer wall mounted racks to display literature on your walls. Wall mount magazine racks made from solid wood or clear acrylic would look great in any professional office setting. Promote your business whether you’re inside a retail mall or out on the trade show floor. We sell a wide variety of floor-standing literature stands as well as tri-fold display boards for tabletop presentations.Brochure pocket accessories can be attached to the boards that give the show exhibitor more ways for marketing their business. Contact our friendly, expertly trained customer servieces representatives today. Acrylic brochure displays are great for saving room on the floor and tables. These injection-molded units are super easy to install and come in multi-pocket variations ranging from 6 to 24 individual pockets. Not your elementary school versions made from cheap cardboard, our display boards are professional products that feature velcro-receptive fabric in a number of attractive colors. Explore our site directory for detailed descriptions of all of our different lines of literature displays.
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Some of these single pocket leaflet racks are dual purpose units that work both ways. Pamphlets, leaflets, and flyers are printed with vibrant graphics for enticing potential clients. Choose the style that will successfully target your clients. This style of pamphlet display is very popular among trade show vendors. What kinds of materials are used to manufacture the tri-fold literature displays? These literature dispensers provide an excellent cost benefit for businesses with limited budgets. Cardboard brochure pockets are another great buy for those looking to save. Black and silver metal holders for brochures are popular with those that require a portable solution. Wood pamphlet pockets are a safe bet when that warm, traditional touch is needed. These dispensers are primarily used for real estate listings. The outdoor flyer boxes feature a lid that provides protection against the elements. Our unique inventory features a wide range of holders in other styles as well. These multi-pocket racks for flyers are great for visitor centers, business lobbies, and other high traffic areas. Most are floor-standing systems but there are many hanging racks as well. Browse the substantial selection of leaflet displays that best suits your application. Easy-access literature holders provide a practical solution for organizing publications or periodicals. For this reason, affordable literature holders help increase brand recognition while expanding clientele. Why have literature scattered on a table or counter when you could easily raise it up to consumer eye level? Molded plastic and acrylic brochure holders are some of the most popular styles our customers buy. These offer exceptional durability — yet won’t break the bank. Last but not least are our weatherproof, outdoor literature boxes. No one should pay to replace their valuable flyers, pamphlets, and brochures when they can be protected so easily. Installing a pamphlet holder helps convert curious shoppers into returning customers! The variety of brochure slots enables passersby to browse a whole selection of tri-fold publications or printed materials.

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Printed tri-fold brochures, half fold or bi-fold pamphlets and digests as well as flyers and magazines are the most common literature sizes that are effectively used for distribution in countertop or tabletop brochure stands and brochure display stands. Cardboard brochure displays and holders are commonly utilized for short-run promotions such as live events, concerts, seminars and conventions. These acrylic brochure displays, sometimes called brochure display stands or brochure racks, are stronger than the cheap cardboard brochure holders and showcase a clear view of your brochures and magazines. If you want to combine your literature and brochures together, you can select countertop or floor standing single pocket, multi-pocket, combination or multi-tiered brochure display styles. Plastic or acrylic brochure holders and displays present a professional representation of your brochures and literature. Many of our wholesale brochure holders are as attractive as they are lightweight and portable.

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Each plastic brochure holder is intended to house standard 4″x9″ flyers. This plastic brochure holder, also known as a flyer rack, keeps countertops and desks free from clutter.

4 Inch X 9 Inch Cear Plastic Countertop Literature Holder | Duration 29 Seconds This plastic brochure holder has a support stand attached to the back for increased stability. This plastic brochure holder is offered in a more upscale acrylic version for high-end environments. Most retail and commercial businesses like to offer patrons various take-home literature options in their establishment. Realtors, travel agents and banks are just a few of the businesses that typically purchase this pamphlet pocket. Buy this flyer display as an economical and effective means of keeping counters and desktops looking neat and organized. This clear pocket has low cut-out front for easy access to the literature. Although this is a quality literature stand it should be purchased for price point consideration only. Purchase this plastic brochure holder in bulk for even lower per-unit pricing. Thank you for taking the time to leave such a nice review! I would like to contribute it to your blog – feel free to publish it.
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