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Do all kinds of plumbing, heating, gas, and air conditioning. I am known for my fast friendly service and show up on time! Everything works on this one but the drain pump is getting a little weak. Do all kinds of plumbing, heating, gas, air conditioning and ventilation.They were installed incorrectly ( holes reamed out bigger for side mount ). This dishwasher is about 11 years old, we decided to upgrade. I have the lowest rates and am known for my honest and reliable work. Works great, with no issues mechanically, just bought an appliance package, so no need for this one. Reason for selling is that we are replacing all appliances with new because our stove. We recently moved to a house with a built in dishwasher, otherwise we would still be using it.

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Depending on your washing needs or lifestyle, you can choose from various settings on a dishwasher. If you want to keep electricity usage low, “quick wash” options can come in handy. Would you also like to hear about clearance options?

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Feel the warmth and comfort of our fireplaces and see in person our stunning products. You will find that we offer not only superior quality with our fireplaces, but also efficient solutions.

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I love the timer countdown feature and the chime that plays when the dishwasher is finished. The manual is easy to read, you get a dish loading chart with pictures (nice for newbies) and detailed pre-wash, wash, rinse and dry times and temperatures as well as the time it will take to complete each of the six cycles offered. The racks are a high quality, very sturdy and the taupe color rack coating feels soft and thick to protect fine dishes. It is true it does not dry but everything is dry when they come out except for plastic for some reason – but a pass or two with a dish towel takes care of that. This thing making cooking so much easier without the daunting feeling of having to hand wash every thing you are getting dirty. Do not let the ability to dry turn you away from this great product, it does a great job cleaning and the instructions are quite clear and helpful. So make sure you have hot water turned on, let your hot water heater do it’s job and let the dish washer well wash dishes. The hard wood surface on top is also great for using as extra counter top in our fifth wheel. They didn’t work well and were plagued with mechanical problems. It has a funky name, but it works amazingly and the stainless and black model fits right in with my other appliances. This dishwasher is extremely quiet and has cleaned all my dishes perfectly and spotless. I used a coupon which took the price down by a hundred bucks and that was nice. I use a little more soap than reccomended and it is worth noting, this dishwasher can use the all in one tablets. I guess that’s what happens when you are so excited and buy stuff before it comes. After a year of doing dishes by hand, we decided that a portable dishwasher might be a good investment, and are we glad we did. I normally just crack the door open after it is done and leave it open over night. I strongly recommend this to anyone that lives in small house/apartment and is tired of doing the dishes. I have not had any problems with leaking so that is good to note. Sometimes the wheels spin freely and easily, other times the wheels feel locked up and drag making it difficult for this healthy, strong 40 yr old to move. Cleaned dishes nicely; just be sure, like any dishwasher, leave space for all dishes to get adequate water/soap. Used all the various cycles depending on dish items being cleaned. As far as the dishwasher, it’s hard to fit some items like glasses in but we knew it was going to be small so we expected some inconvenience.

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Where would store/hide the counter top washers anyways? Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding. The top of it was useful too, as we hardly had any counter space. However, this wasn’t nearly as annoying as washing dishes by hand, a task both of us absolutely loathe. Keeping that clean was important for the performance of the dishwasher; when it was dirty, so were the dishes. Certainly not more than we would have washing the dishes by hand. One final potential problem is that modern faucets tend not to have the right nozzle for attaching the dishwasher. And then had to put the old one back in because the dishwasher wouldn’t plug in to it. It can’t take more than 1/2 to do the dishes, we are doing pots and pans anyways as they don’t fit or in those counter tops units. The kitchen is long and narrow, so we actually have lots of countertop space, just no way to slot in a dishwasher below. The space it took up on the counter was double what the dish rack took! Barely could hold anything, leaked all the time, and never cleaned the dishes well. Seriously, get a nice foldable dish rack, and just do them by hand. We’d used it a lot before that, though, and then we used its replacement a lot. We liked it better than the little ones because we could do pots in it and just more dishes. Attaching and unattaching the hose to the drain was annoying, and it was also annoying not to be able to use the sink while it was in you. We tested them a few times by leaving the plug in the sink and were impressed by how little water they used. At one point we were having a problem with leakage and traced that to the separate spraying nozzle thing we had on the sink. The dishwasher worked with it there and we liked it, so we left it there for a while, but ultimately it had to go. At one point, we replaced the countertop and installed a more modern faucet.
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