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Thoroughly rinse the surface with clean water to remove residue. Prolonged exposure will result in discoloring or other types of damage. Excessive localized heat may damage the surface or cause hairline cracks to appear. Should your surface accidently be exposed to any of these damaging products, rinse immediately with water to neutralize the effect. In most cases, soap and water or a mild detergent is all that is required to maintain its luster.To avoid dulling the surface’s shine, make sure to use a nonabrasive cleaner. Do not use products that contain trichloroethane or methylene chloride, such as paint removers or strippers.

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Countertop Edge Profiles | Duration 4 Minutes 52 Seconds They are highly resistant to stains, non-porous, and scratch resistant and almost maintenance free, retaining their beauty without sealants or waxes. You can choose from aggregates which range from fine to coarse-grained and select solid colors or color blends for varied visual texture. Caesarstone quartz surfaces are the best combination of nature and technology. Caesarstone has four times the flexural strength and double the impact resistance of granite. These slabs are cured, trimmed to the desired thickness, and polished to an amazing durable shine.

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Going through all those photos did not make me feel better. The truth is that the trees block your view of the cabin until you are almost upon it. From an architectural standpoint, the pass-thru space to the right of the front door isn’t just for visual architectural trickery. All points of entry are basically air locks (meaning there is another door just inside the exterior building envelope ) in an attempt to minimize the bugs that make their way into the house. Only two of those columns are required structurally, but the rest do have a purpose … to store, stack, and protect the firewood. Quartz Edge Profile Caesarstone Also, if you look closely, there is a door just to the left of this picture (there is a sheet of paper taped to the window warning of certain death if you walk in without taking off your shoes or putting on blue booties ). We covered the stairwell wall in 41″ square sheets of 1/8″ plate steel to provide some visual interest, but the objective was to protect the wall from guests hauling stuff up and down stairs and possibly marring the wall. Even looking at the images above – there aren’t any lights on, and this is what you get. I particularly like the window between the upper and lower windows, as well as the fact that there is an operable sliding window behind the sink. There is the joy and elation you feel for witnessing a project come to life that you have poured your heart and soul into … and then the void that comes when you realize that the time has come for this project to no longer be an on-going part of your life. At some point, prior to the end of the summer, the driveway will be graded and gravel will be placed for the trafficable surface. This space was left open to make sure that the visitors walking up to the front door could see all the way through to the lake beyond, it creates a covered terrace so that you can be outside and protected from the elements, and it helps channel the breeze off the lake through this area … which is important because the mosquitoes up here in the summertime are no joke. What you can see in this image is the 3/4″ piece of sandblasted plate steel at the entry. If you put the lights right next to the doors … you bring the bugs right next to the doors making it far more likely that some will try and sneak in on you. Plenty of room for a picnic table and seating around the fireplace. I wanted them spaced irregularly, have some that are slightly off vertical, and include columns that are of varying diameters, with the idea that they will visually disappear into the tree trunks of the woods beyond. The lack of trees in this area creates a natural funnel through which the lake breeze can make it through to the terrace. The steps down from the covered terrace are oversized and elongated edge-to-edge to the terrace so that they can act as “stadium seating” for people watching the lake, sitting out in the evening looking at stars, or watching the kids play in the yard. Quartz Edge Profile Caesarstone While there clearly needs to be a front door, few people will actually use it – the door under the covered terrace will be the point of all activity coming and going once people actually arrive on site. It acts as an orienting device, helps delineate the main living area, and controls the arrival point to a 36′ wide panorama of the view towards the lake that is unveiled when someone arrives upon landing at the top of the stairs. We could have gone with larger non-operational windows, but this cabin does not have a forced air system (no air-conditioning), so we had to rely on arranging the windows throughout the house so that on warm days, the owner’s can slide a few units open and create a cross breeze. This is the kitchen – pretty straightforward, efficient, and clean. It provides just the right amount of color to the space and plays nicely with the gray tile we used. It’s a remarkable view and this is why the main living spaces are elevated to the upper floor. Therefore, anything you read on this site is not a substitute for actually working with me.

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We carry only premium quality kitchen cabinets, quartz, granite, and quartzite in stock. We do not install cabinets but we will recommend a contractor for you. Always go with a real fabricator with proper licenses and insurance. Improper cutting and fabrication of granite and quartz can cause serious health issues! We also have a large slab yard onsite that you can walk around and pick the best color and stone. The most delicate veins, along with glossy feel, give this stone its unique features. This marble-look quartz is ideal for busy kitchens, as well as for residential and commercial properties. Call us at 973-302-2075 or fill out the form today to set up an appointment. Do not go with contractors or freelancer shops who does the granite or quartz cut on their driveway, yard or garage. Your perfect counter won’t need any waxes or sealants to keep its beauty for years to come.
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