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With a solid black core, these compact laminate worktops are incredibly durable and completely waterproof. This attractive stone-look is a fantastic option for a contemporary kitchen and this is enhanced by the 12mm thickness of these slimline surfaces. Their solid construction and impermeable nature makes them suitable for use with undermounted sinks and features such as drainage grooves, unlike traditional laminate surfaces. This makes them a fantastic choice for even the busiest of kitchens. Our large stock holding – over 20, 000 worktops are held in stock at any time across various locations – and sheer purchasing power dictates that the prices we can provide direct to the public and trade are extremely competitive.

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So whether you are looking for a marble or granite worktop for your kitchen, make sure we are your first and only choice! Our worktops are highly durable, as well as being waterproof, heat and stain resistant, meaning they last longer than others on the market. To find out more about our company and how we can help, why not give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your requirements? We are a family run company that specialises in granite and natural stone worktops made to the highest of standards for quality prices. As a family run company, we firmly believe in offering our customers a first class service to go along with our quality products. We ensure that all of our worktops are made to the highest of standards and are fitted promptly by our friendly team.


We have already written about that in general, here and here, as part of wider trends, and in focussing on specific ranges. The reasons for making marble look quartz worktops are historical, social and technical. A marble slab for pastry work or a thick marble butcher’s block were good ways to keep food cool. Marble is a relatively soft stone, in comparison with industrial granites, and could be worked relatively easily for home use. It would have had some pretensions to lower middle class splendour. Visitors would have been ushered into the only “public” room in the house – the majority would never even see the stairs, let alone get as far as the kitchen. But as the kitchen gradually became more and more a space into which people were invited, so how it looked became ever more important.

Annual Marble Run Tournament 2013 # 4/16 Will Harry Potter Go Through To The 2nd Round With Ron? | Duration 4 Minutes 58 Seconds As the role of the kitchen within the home changed, so did the technology we use to cut stone. It took a while, but eventually, cutting and polishing granite and other igneous rocks became feasible at a reasonable price. The first quart stones on the market had a granular, sandy look. Good marble-look quartz worktops are a fair approximation to the real stone, but will not fizz and dissolve when you spill something on them. Specifically, and with increasing rapidity over the last three or so years, that growth has been in the demand for of the marble-look quartz worktops. Marble is seen as luxurious and expensive, and the expectation is that a man-made product will undercut that very nicely. Although some natural stones are astronomically expensive and others are just “highly priced”, many marbles are quite reasonably priced in comparison with natural granites and quartz. Victorian butcher’s blocks and pastry slabs changed appearance and even shape as they were eroded by use and cleaning processes. I remember a stained-glass screen across the top of the hall, just past the front room door, from which a curtain would have hung. The idea of “the kitchen as the heart of the home” came much later. And the idea of open-plan, kitchen-diners would have been equally appalling. How can we have a marble worktop that looks great and goes on looking great after a decade of lemons, vinegar and general wear and tear? This rather misleading name doesn’t refer to the naturally occurring mineral, but to the engineered, plastic-glued “stone” which is now such a dominant player in the kitchen worktop market. They will wipe clean and go on wiping clean, year after year.

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From the very start, our ideas were clear: give everyone the opportunity of creating the house of their dreams. More than a physical place, the home we dream about is a space for our soul, a place in which to live the most intimate and genuine dimension of our life. A no frills and professional environment in which to strengthen one’s culinary skills, or a warmer and more natural kitchen? With products of quality, close to the most contemporary styles, to be used in any environment.


Miele cannot be held liable for non- compliance with these instructions.

Can Heat Crack Granite? Granite Shorts Ep.2 | Duration 5 Minutes 12 Seconds Heat and moisture can build up behind a closed furniture panel and cause subsequent damage to the cooktop, the housing unit and the floor. There is a danger of burning until the residual heat indicators go out. Do not leave the cooktop unattended whilst it is being used. If the pan only partially covers the cooking zone, the handle could become very hot. If the cooktop is built in over a pyrolytic oven, the cooktop should not be used whilst the pyrolytic process is being carried out, as this could trigger the overheating protection mechanism on the cooktop (see relevant section). Connect the dongle to the cooktop (see the installation instructions for the dongle). Fit the wall units and rangehood before fitting the cooktop to avoid damaging the cooktop. See the rangehood manufacturer’s operating and installation instructions for details. Older children may only use the appliance when its operation has been clearly explained to them and they are able to use it safely, recognising the dangers of misuse. Due to the high temperatures radiated, objects left near the cooktop when it is in use could catch fire. Ensure that you always place the pan in the middle of the cooking zone. The steam could reach the electrical components and cause a short circuit. Thi s will decrease or cease altogether when the power setting is reduced. A smaller pan uses less energy than a larger pan with very little in it. If a cooking zone is still hot, the residual whilst it is being used. Your cooktop is equipped with a system lock to prevent it being switched on by mistake. The zone displays and a cooktop must be connected to the mains tone sounds. There may be a wall at the rear or a tall between the underside of the cooktop unit or wall on one side (right or left),…

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Are granite countertops really cut from a single piece of stone? What is the best online marketing strategy for a granite countertop business? What will happen to all the granite countertops in the future?

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When it comes to your kitchen, you need your worktop to be more than something nice to look at, you need it to be durable and long-lasting. Carrara marble worktops are very popular, and this brand of marble is a top choice for many people when it comes to renovating their kitchen space. When installed correctly by a highly trained professional, marble worktops are very durable and will last for a long time. Marble worktops are also heat resistant, so no worries when it comes to putting hot pans or dishes onto the surface. This will mean cutting is more involved, and installation too. You are better going for a brand name when it comes to fixing your kitchen with a new worktop, regardless of the material you choose, because this means you have more options when it comes to warranty, and you usually have a better customer service experience as a result. If you are going for marble for your next kitchen worktop, then you will surely have a luxurious finish to your new kitchen décor. Bathrooms, kitchens, even hallways, marble is a versatile and stylish material to go for when it comes to decorating your home. Let’s take a closer look at the costs and benefits of this particular product. A naturally cool material, marble is ideal for baking, because flour doesn’t stick to it, and your ingredients remain cool. You will buy your material per square foot, so obviously, the more you need, the higher the cost.

Will The Marble Go Through The Book And Into The Goal? From Vimeo | Duration 29 Seconds Carrara are a great make of marble worktops, and their testimonials from previous customers really speak for themselves.

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Our 28mm marble bathroom worktop is easy to clean using a soft cloth and warm, soapy water. Our large stock holding – over 20, 000 worktops are held in stock at any time across various locations – and sheer purchasing power dictates that the prices we can provide direct to the public and trade are extremely competitive. This marble bathroom laminate worktop has been chosen for its low price and high quality, and is manufactured to very high standards by bonding a core of moisture-resistant composite wooden particle board to a decorative laminate top layer via the application of pressure and heat. These bathroom worktops are 28mm thick, making them easy to cut on site if required. The back edge will need to be finished with a silicone sealant once fitted.

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Here’s everything (else) you need to know about marble worktops and their faux equivalents. Liquids like red wine and oil will seep deep into the rock and are difficult to get out. It’s also easily damaged by acidic liquids, like lemon juice or vinegar, which leave a dull, pitted surface. Clean marble using hot soapy water and a soft cloth, buffing dry to avoid water marks. Pastry chefs love it because the cool surface is great for working dough – the marble absorbs heat, so the dough doesn’t overheat. Its porosity is one of the downsides of marble, making it susceptible to staining. However, over time it will create its own unique patina, so is a great choice if you can overlook the imperfections. Polished marble has a highly reflective, glossy surface which shows off the vibrancy of the stone and repels moisture better, so its less likely to stain, but will scratch more easily.

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There is nothing particularly expensive in the repertoire of cleaning materials for marble, and it can be as easy as soap, water, and a soft cloth! Absorbed water can lead to damage or cracking at a later date, so it’s always a good idea to try and minimise this as much as possible, whilst also ensuring that you seal your worktop or your tiles at least annually, if not more frequently. Apply this by filling up a spray bottle and simply spraying it onto your marble.

How To Prepare Your Kitchen For Templating Granite Shorts Ep.10 Www.Marble.Com | Duration 4 Minutes 3 Seconds Provided you avoid anything harsh, you mop up spillages immediately, and you avoid chemical cleaners, there is nothing particularly difficult involved in cleaning and maintaining marble. Providing that protective layer between the environment and the marble surface is imperative to keep your worktops or tiles looking fantastic for as long as possible. Marble looks fantastic, and provided you look after it properly, and give it due care and attention, it will certainly last you for a long time to come. Alternatively, warm, soapy water will do the job effectively. This leaves a protective layer between the surface and the environment, and stops anything getting too close which could cause damage. Yes, you do need to look after marble, but when you make an investment in any part of your house, you should look after it carefully. There are many sealing sprays on the market which can do the job without major upset or worry, but this is certainly a part of marble maintenance which shouldn’t be avoided. When you spend money, you should protect the item you’re spending cash on!

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So it’s really important to not make it an after thought! The cheapest will always be laminate & the most expensive will be natural stone such as granite or marble. Maintenance – if you don’t have the time or know-how to be maintaining your worktops every so often then going for something which doesn’t need any is probably the best option. Budget – kitchens are the most expensive room to replace so trying to cut corners & go with more affordable options to keep within budget is obviously something that many do & as you can see from my worktops materials post here, luckily technology means that you can go in at different price points. As with everything, you get what you pay for & sometimes cheaper options may not last which is then counter effective if you have to replace (so essentially paying double) in a few years when you could have spent the same on something a bit more durable/hardwearing. Real wood work surfaces need yearly sanding, oiling or staining to keep it looking great & making sure that no stains appear as well as stop it from absorbing any nasty bacteria. Thin surfaces can look cheap but too chunky can end up taking over & looking ‘too much’ for the space.

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When you go for granite, and you pay the cost for the stone and the installation, you know that you’re not going to have to repeat the process for a good few years to come, which makes it a very cost effective option to go for too. Granite is also very hard to stain as long as you seal it properly from time to time, and that again means that it is going to last you for a long time to come. This isn’t a major problem however, as it means at least your room is always going to be clean and hygienic! As you can see, there are many more pros than cons in choosing a white granite worktop ! We manufacture, deliver and install bespoke stone work surfaces at unbeatable price. Everything in life has advantages and disadvantages, but you are probably wondering whether going for such a bright and high maintenance colours as white is a risky choice to opt for. Let’s check out the pros and cons of choosing a white granite worktop , and see if you feel any differently at the end of our discussion. Granite is very hard and durable, as a naturally occurring stone, excavated from the ground. Granite is also heat resistant, so whether you choose the stone for your bathroom or kitchen, you know that hot pans or hot hair styling tools are not going to cause a problem. The cost is a slight downside, but when compared to other stone work surfaces, granite it not the most expensive.

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So kitchen worktops need to be resilient, able to withstand life in the hardest working room in the house. Given that the material now typically extends through upstands, splashbacks, over large island units and to the floor via waterfall ends, the selected surface plays the star role in the overall look of the finished space. The aim, then, is simple; to pick a robust and long lasting, functional and easy to maintain worktop material that is also beautiful and able to transform any kitchen space from so-so in to jaw dropper. Red wine, lemon juice and turmeric are all everyday items that are going to cause problems for your marble tops and even some harsher cleaning products do more harm than good. Its porous nature can also make it a haven for bacteria, although a good twice yearly sealing can help reduce this chance. Not only is it scratch resistant but it is also virtually non-porous. Daily cleaning requires little more than a mild detergent and a clean damp cloth. Advances in quartz technology has also seen the development of finishes with unique textural movement and patinas capturing the look and feel of surfaces such as poured plasters or raw concretes, idea for industrial or urban themed interiors. Given that it’s going to get messy, easy cleaning is also an important consideration. Trends come and go, although there are some perennial favourites when it comes to kitchen countertops. Once damaged, it can be expensive and sometimes impossible to fix. However, as a natural product quarried from the earth, its strength and structural integrity can vary, with some slabs more susceptible to damage than others due to hidden fissures and flaws. High quality surfaces use around 93 per cent natural quartz, one of nature’s hardest materials, which makes the finished countertop extremely durable. Therefore staining issues associa ted with natural granite, marble and concrete tops are not an issue.

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The chipboard centre is covered across the top and front edge with a patterned layer and clear overlay, which are sealed together with heat and high pressure to form a smooth and durable work surface. Laminate worktops are favoured for being very low maintenance, and can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water. Matching edge trim and installation instructions are provided, and coordinating worktop upstands, splashbacks and additional edging strips can also be purchased separately if required. Our large stock holding – over 20, 000 worktops are held in stock at any time across various locations – and sheer purchasing power dictates that the prices we can provide direct to the public and trade are extremely competitive. As well as worktop jigs we also sell a variety of router jigs suitable for making bespoke alterations to work surfaces, doors, and more besides. This is a brand new way of producing laminate worktops, creating a clearer, stronger surface that looks more impressive when new and looks new for longer. This manufacturing technique produces an attractive finish that is resistant to water and stains – ideal for use within the family home. These can be viewed by entering your postcode on the shopping cart page. If you subsequently choose to purchase our worktops, the cost of your sample pack will be refunded against the cost. In the unlikely event that an item is not as expected, or if you change your mind once you have received the goods, we offer a convenient returns service. If required, we can provide a collection service (at your cost), or alternatively you can return the goods to our warehouse.


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