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I was just thinking to decorate as if that’s the look she is going for. Then once she picks two or three colors, paint them on a white piece of cardboard and tack them to the walls. Pick a color that is maybe in another room in the house- or a variation of it. See if you can slowly convince your friend to change the backsplash to white or light grey over time (when it is all clean and you’ve lived in it for a while). If there is white trim in the room, give it a fresh coat of paint. Also, if that is a pantry to the left with a curtain, replace the curtain with a long roman bamboo shade either in the color of the cabinets or a white. I like the suggestion above to run a sheet of stainless beside and behind the stove, but am afraid it would add an unnecessary element to work around. There is also dark, kind of speckled granite or marble on the counters and backsplash that can’t be changed. It’s a very old beautiful house but hasn’t been updated much. De-clutter, clean, clean, clean and embrace the country pine and go with that style. Not only does it change the texture of the room but how you look and or feel when in that room! Have a jpg photo (web appropriate size) on your hard drive (or media card). See what she likes- we are helping to choose paint for someone that is resistant to change. Keep the wall color light and neutral, perhaps a cream but not too far away from the floor color or you are introducing another element to deal with. A good pot rack on the back wall above the stove would also add interest and storage, but would need to be properly mountd into the studs, which might not be to your friends liking.

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The floor is vinyl and has dark blue, grays, tans flecks in the pattern. There is no dividing wall for the space, it’s open to the kitchen. We are thinking of making the kitchen a chocolate, mocha brown. We are thinking warm, inviting, etc., but we don’t want it to feel small either.

Dark Brown Granite Countertops With White Cabinets Kitchen Cabinets | Duration 3 Minutes 7 Seconds Have you thought instead of trying a lighter shade of the gray in your floor? Next time it’s gray outside have a look at how well the evergreens and anything in a vivid colour stand out against the gray, it’s amazing! The white shows all the cooking grease and my son’s finger tips on the ceiling from him jumping up in the air and touching the ceiling. What color are other rooms that are visible from the kitchen? Pick out colors that appeal to you and put a dozen or more paint color samples on the wall. I have medium orangish tone oak cabinets and off white walls. It’s awful and looks terrible with the darker orangish tone oak cabinets. The living room which you can see from the kitchen is a medium sage green. I have a neutral/beigey colored wallpaper, it’s textured and is very decent. I also am looking to purchase a new kitchen table, what color would look best with each decor? You might consider an orangy-grey, a warm grey with an orange cast would warm the room, but a grey with a green cast might also work. Perhaps sage for the walls and a cherry wood for the floor? I am not much into bright colors and consider my style casual. My countertops have black and brown with some cream colors in it. My appliances are black with oak cabinets, beige countertops, and a dark blue floor. Now, for some reason, aqua is so popular right now you might get way too many of those. I saw some beautiful one that were made of quilting material sewn in squares. You could also use the tan as you already have four colors – blue, tan, oak, gray. Perhaps curtains the colors of the cabinets or a light tan with ribbon the same or nearly the same as the counters. The sink, dishwasher, stove, and microwave are on one side and the laundry closet and refrigerator are on the opposite wall. The cabinets are natural oak and the counters are black and dark blue fleck. You can buy gray paint with chocolate undertones, that makes for a ‘warmer’ feeling gray than one with blue undertones. The ceilings are pine as well as the wall by the refrigerator. The other choice that would accomplish this would be to paint the walls slightly lighter than the cabinets to make it appear as all one. Flat paint is like a chalkboard and will absorb grease and steam from cooking in the air. The beauty of natural wood is that it will go with just about any color. Every day as you look at them some will become less attractive and others will stand out. I just tried painting them light gold and they came out mustard. Your kitchen floor looks identical to the one that we had installed before we sold our 3-bedroom house. The black top table sounds nice too, but it will show all the stains and food “drippings”! I bought a “peanut butter like” color for the walls, and 2 shades lighter for the trim. The cabinets are oak and the flooring is a different shade of brown. The work tops and cupboards are oak and the tiles are black and cream. I can’t seem to find a color for the that would go with this combination. Of course, if you want something completely different, a very definite bright orange that picks up the orange of the cabinets might work. The cabinets are a light to medium oak and the flooring is wood a pecan shade. There is a half wall separating the kitchen and the family room. Pecan wood, black appliances would look good with a pale peach or soft blue or green. I have a laundry room right off the kitchen with white cabinets, light gray countertops, the same flooring and it was just painted butter churn yellow. The light coming through the blue and yellow was so cheerful. It would look best is you used tints (color plus white) or shades (color plus black) of colors you already have.

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You can benefit from the effects of bright and dark colors as well as any piece in your kitchen to help make a beautiful and modern kitchen. A shade of gray is a great alternative to the all-white kitchen while maintaining a neutral space. Here are some of the best colors for gray kitchen cabinets!


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