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This little powerhouse has the space for up to two 12″ pizzas … or even a roast. No need to heat up your whole hom … e with your large oven. The roomy interior of this toaster oven and broiler easily fit … s four slices of toast or two personal pizzas. This unit is capable of baking, convection baking, toasting and broiling a wide variety of tast … y meals, snacks and desserts. Enjoy freshly brewed coffee, toast and eggs all while saving you countertop space and e … nergy.Enjoy freshly brewed coffee, toast and eggs all while saving you countertop … space and energy. This countertop oven is able to do just about everything your t … raditional oven does but taking up only a fraction of the space. With its convection baking, it allows for much faster coo … king times as well as more consistent heating for superior results.

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Convection technology provides faster, more even cooking for optimal results. Adjustable broil for low-heat broiling, like cheesy garlic bread or high-heat broiling for meats.
Oster Designed For Life Extra Large Convection Countertop Oven (Tssttvxldg 002) From Walmart.Com | Duration 26 Seconds Large capacity can accommodate casserole dishes and fit an entire frozen pizza.

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From handy countertop microwaves to convenient over-the-range models , there’s a style for every space. The ideal microwave for your home should enhance style, provide convenient features and produce quick and even cooking results. Make sure the one you select fits within the spaces of your kitchen to maximize functionality. They’re budget-friendly, and offer a wide variety of capacity and power range options. They can also eliminate smoke, steam and cooking odors through built-in ventilation systems. This helps keep your countertops clear and is ideal for kitchens short on space. These microwaves pull out like a drawer as opposed to having a door that swings open. Microwaves with a higher wattage cook food more evenly and in less time. For even better cooking results, opt for a convection microwave that combines fast cooking power with the browning and crisping ability of a traditional convection oven. Can Miss Deals Toaster Ovens Convection Oven The low mounting style and automated opening option also make them a great choice for handicapped accessible kitchen spaces. Black microwaves are more discreet and tend to take up less visual space in your kitchen. Consider the types of items you frequently defrost, reheat or cook in your microwave oven and choose one with a capacity to accommodate those items. Small microwaves may offer just 600 watts of power while larger units can provide up to 1, 300 watts. This easy to use model features 10 power settings and 6 pre-programmed cooking settings for popular foods like pizza popcorn.

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Use this digital toaster oven in a dorm, studio, break room or anywhere you need a highly functional appliance that’s ready to complete a multitude of cooking tasks. It features convection technology to evenly distribute heat so that food heats faster. For convenient operation, the oven comes with a manual/digital control panel. Two rack positions let you customize the space, while a see-through door allows you to check on food at a glance. Furthermore, the sleek, modern-looking unit features a stainless finish frame and a user-friendly manual/digital control panel for convenient operation. With substantial interior space, you can easily cook a 12” pizza or even six slices of bread. It comes with a baking and broiler pan that fits perfectly in the oven. The durable glass window gives you a clear view of food throughout the cooking process. Three rack positions bake an entire chicken or finish steaks right under the broiler! The included baking/broiling pan fits perfectly, making it easy to insert and remove food. Because this stainless steel toaster oven is both compact and powerful, it’s an especially good choice for small kitchens or kitchenettes. The large interior of this digital toaster oven can hold up to a 13″ x 9″ pan. Its dual adjustable racks allow you to cook two layers of thin foods, such as personal pizzas, as well as larger items. Houzz 6-slice convection toaster oven with convection technology for faster, more even cooking. This digital toaster oven uses convection technology to distribute heat quickly and evenly for thorough cooking and excellent results. This sleek, modern toaster oven also features an interior light and an easy-to-clean interior and comes with a removable crumb tray and a durable baking pan. Allow the unit to cool thoroughly before putting in or taking off parts. The light-to-dark toast timer allows for easily repeatable variation depending on what you’re making.

Buy Or No Buy. Walmart Toaster Oven $79. | Duration 1 Minutes 48 Seconds Removable crumb tray keeps counters clean and makes it easy to remove crumbs before they burn in the bottom of the oven. Bake/broiler pan don’t worry about finding pans to fit in the oven.
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