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We had a little friend visiting our house one time and he set a red popsicle on our counters. He loves to cook but he really didn’t want to feel like he had to be cautious about beets or foods that could etch when cooking. Not only did we love it, but the 2cm was going to be in stock so we didn’t have to wait and could select our favorite slabs. We ended up choosing a high end granite that looked gorgeous with our cherry cabinet, and we do love it, however we would have chosen a very light, whitish marble looking granite like yours had the quartz not been more expensive than the granite. Especially that gorgeous long expanse of beautiful quartz! Do you place a plastic guard in it to keep it from marking up? We use it sometimes, it definitely helps keep stuff off the bottom of the sink! I asked the installer about it, but they just said because of the light color the seam would be more noticeable than dark counters. We, too, put in quartz counter tops (and even in our boathouse) and luv them…they still look as nice as when we installed them. They did a great job on them except i feel like one at the sink is slightly looking yellow or my eyes are playing tricks on me. Perhaps sharing our own decision making process will help alleviate your concerns or give you some new ideas, now or down the road!
Granite Countertops Seattle | Seattle Granite | Duration 57 Seconds Concrete was out once we decided on concrete looking floors. Because it’s such a small kitchen, we felt like a streamlined look of consistent counters would look the best. I had them in a bathroom in one of our homes and thought they were so beautiful! We never forgot that visit because forevermore our counter had an etched and pink stain to help us remember it! But not everyone has the same tolerance, so it’s really a personal decision. I like to limit our household stress levels, ha, so we agreed to stick with quartz. It is a super strong composite stone material and can be so lovely, too. We didn’t feel our counters should compete, so anything with a marble look felt wrong. We also wanted a more “grayed” look, nothing too shiny, not too stark and not too yellow. The best way to get the counters to fit and have a seamless look was to have a thinner countertop (rather than needing to cut down cabinets to a less than standard height). I dreamed of my countertops not only fitting seamlessly under the window, but also of a long expanse of uninterrupted counter space all the way around the corner of the kitchen. I hate the grout lines even though they are thin, just never feel like they are really clean. I also recently had marble-looking quartz installed in my kitchen but was surprised at how noticeable the seam was. I have a small seam at my cooktop and then a small seam at the sink. Can you tell us if its cast iron/fireclay and who makes it? I love this look and have been scouring the internet for big name brands but none really carry this style and color combo.

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We strive to be responsive, accommodating, and fully responsible for our work. He manages the site superintendents, project managers, and estimators. His favorite part about his job is keeping trades within the clients’ budgets and meeting the clients’ high-quality expectations. Ian’s favorite part about what he does is learning about the diverse projects that are happening and getting to know the team. His favorite part of his job is taking a concept and turning it into reality through hard work. He makes sure that quality is being controlled so that clients are receiving the best product possible. The end product also gives him a sense of pride, as he has contributed to the ever-changing cityscape. Brian’s expertise lies in custom wood working, along with kitchen and bath installation. We believe in challenging the status quo to find a better way to provide value for our customers. We look forward to opportunities for future collaborations! He enjoys site and field work, value engineering, operations management and lean processes, as well as business development. He helps guide the client from the start to finish of a project. Ken has 12 years of experience in custom homes and remodeling and he enjoys the outdoors, fishing, and traveling. His favorite part of the job is that every day is different; there are always new challenges that require thinking outside of the box. Mike loves spending time with his kids and playing a round or two of golf in his free time. He started off working in the family kitchen and countertop business at 14 years old and has been in the industry for over 45 years, where he’s gained valuable knowledge and expertise along the way. He has been the lead installer on two national award-winning kitchens and one bathroom. He has been working full-time in the construction industry for ten years, and enjoys being able to walk through a project from the beginning and watch it develop to the finish line.

Granite Countertops In Seattle | … | Duration 29 Seconds His favorite part of his job is being able to fix things for the tenants.

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You add 3/4″ for drawer faces and doors, that comes out to 24 3/4″. I normally have the counter top field cut (notched) by the granite installer. I haven’t received the range yet, but have my new cabinets, new tile floor is installed, and will have granite countertops installed. I visited a number of kithchen showrooms and have seen that the deeper granite counter is in fact the norm. I hadn’t considered how it would affect the range appearance. Perhaps the range will just appear recessed an inch and a small radius cut on the abutting granite counter.

Granite Countertops In Seattle | … From Dailymotion | Duration 28 Seconds The range can be pulled forward, however if that is done you will see more of the side of the range than just the door. If your counter tops are pre cut prior to deliverly, you may want to let them know you want it recessed as the depth will change also. There was a gap in the back between the oven and counter because of the oven’s ‘lip’. We will have new cabinets, flooring and granite countertops. We’ve always had one inch overhangs on our previous countertops and do not care for the idea of the front of the granite being flush with the drawer front face. I was thinking we could have the countertop fabricator notch the edge of the countertop to accommodate the slide in range and still provide the overhang over the cabinets. Any advice on how to address this problem would be most appreciated. The finished product is to look like it is built in and belongs there, as in the pic. You should have a 1/4″ overhang for the counter top to the drawer face. I had assumed the countertop depth would be 25″ which covers the base cabinet and door/drawer fronts and leaves a 1/4″ extra as someone else replied, this was my past expierience with plastic laminate countertops. This extends the countertop well past door/drawer front (1″-1 1/4″) to a roughly even depth with the knobs and pulls.Cutting a notch in the top in my opinion looks better, than the range sitting out further. To clarify, this noise is happening when all of the “burners” are off.

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This passion leads to choosing to work with only the best craftmen in their industry. Making an informed choice tends to lead to customer happiness as you will be able to chose the materials that work best for your lifestyle. I value honesty in myself and strive to educate my customers in how the product actually performs.

Granite Countertops A Choice Of Luxury Kitchen In Seattle, Wa From Vimeo | Duration 1 Minutes 11 Seconds Make smart choices at the beginning and it will be hassle free for the rest of its life.
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