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Our subcontractor and his crew were very careful and covered all of the counters with butcher paper. The next process was to float cement to flatten out the walls. I love the veining and the natural spotting that you find in marble and each tile is different. Marble looks darker when it’s first installed because of the tile mastic.
Tumbled Marble Tile And Mosaic Glass Tile Backsplash | Duration 4 Minutes 34 Seconds Then you’re good to go for a year and if you keep up with sealing yearly then you should have no issues. The best marriage in my opinion of surfaces with the carrara marble tile backsplash and quartz right here! I didn’t want the constant worry about staining and etching. The area above is sort of a butler’s pantry, with dish and glass storage on top and pull out pantry below. Not to match, but colors and style flow nicely and the carrara marble tile backsplash in grey gives a classic elegant appeal. With the angle of the shot above you can see that we installed under-counter lights. Love the way you used marble tiles instead of the plain white ones. But our flooring is probably next on the list because it is unglued at the seams and cracking from age. On the bright side, it does keep our economy going to provide jobs for people. Thinking ahead to selling the next couple of years down the line and homes in our area sell for higher value when updated. The previous tile had to be destroyed to get it off the wall. I ask because if kids (running and dropping things on the floor). I really like how the gray back splash compliments the counters. I think if you added pendants over your island it would detract from the view of your beautiful chandelier in the dining area. I love anything having to do with marble and copper and you’ve tied in all the textures so well in your kitchen – great job! We’ve been thinking about that also hopefully soon we can start our home project.

Marble Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash With Feature Time Lapse | Duration 10 Minutes 28 Seconds The outcome is so nice and it looks very clean and elegant at the same time. I hope that it helps if you’re thinking about a kitchen update of your own in the future! Below is a before shot and while the countertops were outdated the rest of the kitchen was not. The backsplash removal was fast and only took a couple of hours of chipping with hand tools. The cement dried overnight and they came back the next day to install the tile. Using marble on a backsplash however is less problematic and easy to clean. It’s similar to subway tile in size but a completely different look. Honed marble has a flat finish or you can opt for polished marble. It does lighten up after a couple of days and you should wait to seal it for about 3 to 4 weeks to allow it to fully dry. Quartz is not porous and so our countertops needed no drying time and no sealing. I truly love marble and would have liked it on the counters. This house doesn’t have a formal dining room, and it’s important with the open flow for all surfaces to coordinate. My next project is to paint the built-ins in the family room that you see on the other side of the breakfast bar. The window passes through to the pool, patio area for serving when necessary and we extended the sill to hold essentials. I hate seeing them and end up strategically placing something in front to hide them. I bet you smile every morning when you walk into your new kitchen. A friend helped me and we were able to bang it out in a day! Will k eep that tile company in mind, going to talk to the tile people this week. There must be other ideas for updating the look of a room than gutting perfectly useful materials. The post about the countertops explains that they were taken by our fabricator for reuse. I am showing this to hubby as inspiration for our future dream kitchen/home. Your copper accents go wonderfully with the new look! I think a lot of times, they’re for show or people feel they have to have them.

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This stone is translucent in nature and with polished finish it can make any area look radiant and glamorous.

Tile Backsplash Designs Spice Up Your Granite Countertops With Custom Tile Designs. | Duration 2 Minutes 42 Seconds Limestone’s calcite recrystallizes during the process of metamorphism under heat and pressure leading to the formation of marble. It is mined on a large scale with production of quarries as high as several million tons per year. It has a stark white background and dramatic thick gray colored veining. These products vary from tiles, slabs, pavers and mosaics to crushed and dimension stones. Dimension marble stones are made by sawing the raw marble into pieces with some specific dimensions depending on the project type. A backsplash can make or break the spell of your style strategy. Regular tiles are usually used in different patterns for adorning the backsplash area. Marble medallions as center pieces of backsplashes look unique and can create a piece with antique vibes that looks just splendid. But these backsplashes can get scratched, etched and stained easily if not properly cleaned and maintained. These backsplashes can be made as shiny and sparkly as you want with the use of polish but other stone backsplashes get ruined with heavy dosage of polish but they also require resealing after every six months which can add regular burden on your pocket. Floor and countertops of marble are common uses of this lovely natural stone. Add black and white stripped vases and hang chrome utensils for a perfect look. Add a dark brown granite countertop with double under mount basin and light brown cabinets for an attractive look. These tiles look extremely elegant as back splashes for kitchens thanks to their beautiful creamy shade and mocha brown hues and tones. Adding flora elements to the whole setting will further enhance the beauty of the entire place. You can either use marble specific stone cleaning products or make your own cleaner at home using one tablespoon of mild dish soap mixed with warm water but even this mixture should not be used regularly as it can dull the stone. Avoid saving money from cheap stone cleaners as they can ruin the backsplash’s surface which will lead to new applications of either polish or sealer and in worst case scenarios replacement of the stone altogether. It is crucial that you seal your marble backsplash to preserve its lustrous look and keep it safe from the phenomena of scratching, staining and etching. Using a good foam paintbrush, start painting the sealer onto the backsplash tiles. Lastly, buff clean with a soft cloth to remove extra sealer that was not absorbed by the stone. With a little care and maintenance these backsplashes can last for decades. This natural stone has been a favorite of royal families from around the world due to its alluring beauty and striking appearance.

Time Lapse Marble Tile Backsplash Install | Duration 11 Minutes 59 Seconds It is a common type of marble which is in an affordable price range. Its eye-catching color makes it perfect for a statement worthy foyer, countertop, backsplash and even a fireplace. This marble is perfect for flooring as it adds warmth to the area where it is installed. Marble has different applications depending on its finished product type. They are used in making pillars and accents for buildings, in construction of monuments, for making sculptures and other projects. Marble backsplashes look chic and elegant and have a huge variety of patterns and styles in which you can insta ll them. You can install marble backsplashes in a number of ways. Mosaics and medallion inlaid marble backsplashes can bring artistic feel in your kitchen. Marble backsplashes are environment friendly material and are free from any type of chemical processing but they are costly as compared to other materials due to their luxury status. Add rose gold or chrome colored kitchen stove and exhaust fan hood with white cabinets and window sills for an immaculate look. Use these tiles in a vertical brick pattern as shown in the image. Installation of these tiles in your kitchen paired with pure white cabinets will look divine as shown in the picture. Usage of different shaped tiles in simple patterns can create the perfect backsplash for your bathroom. Place dainty looking decorative glass or ceramic containers to complete the look. Gray cabinets and drawers with glass knobs complement the white marble tiles. The black marble backsplash with a golden tap over an undermount sink and gold rimmed vanity looks outstandingly stylish. Their maintenance can keep them in tip top shape for a long time.

Ceramic Tile And Marble Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash | Duration 52 Seconds Cleaning products at your local store cannot be used for them as they might contain acidic ingredients or chemicals that can etch your backsplash’s surface. Ammonia and bleach are also in the banned list when it comes to marble product cleaning. Always use soft non- abrasive cloth for drying your backsplash’s surface. So it is better to investment on good cleaners rather than on restoration projects. Once the tiles are free from all types of grime, grease and dust, let them dry or wipe them using a dry cloth. Open the windows of your kitchen or bathroom at this stage so that the fumes of the sealer are eliminated. Work from the top to the bottom of the backsplash in broad brush strokes to avoid dripping of the sealer. Once the sealer has been applied, let it sit on the stone’s surface for 10 minutes or as instructed on the sealer’s bottle for penetration of the sealer into the stone’s structure. Using a light hand rub the cloth in a circular motion till the tiles are dry.

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No mess, quick install, don’t have to seal any grout, and overall a simple process. The most tedious part is overlapping the grout lines, you do have to be a perfectionist and patient for this part or the tiles will look off. Applying to the wall takes caution and patience to get it right but it is beautiful in the end. Be warned– it’s a tiny bit translucent, so the line on the part where you overlap sometimes shows through. You can see that it’s not quite real if you look up close, but from normal working distance it’s lovely. I watched a lot of install videos and purchased a cutting mat, a good box cutter, and a straight edge. We laid out the entire area to line up squares and match grout lines before cutting. I have a guillotine paper cutter that was great to make long straight cuts. We also took the advice of other users and cut out the “overlap here” squares. But those small deviations can only be seen if you zoom in the picture.

Tumbled Marble Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash | Duration 6 Minutes 6 Seconds If you cut off the “overlap here” part of the tiles it’s an easy fix, though.


You can rest assured that we have exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t forget that we don’t just offer beautiful choices for a kitchen backsplash! It adds an air of elegance hard to find with other materials. Browse our site and allow us to make your kitchen backsplash breathe new life into your home, no matter whether your tastes are modern, contemporary, or traditional. With subtle grays and beiges swirled around neutral creams, you find a versatile coloring that matches any décor. Marble tile is reminiscent of old-world charm, bringing together the timeless color scheme of white and gray swirled together to create a beautiful blend of simplicity. From unique patterns combined with colorful accents of more traditional swaths of wide horizontal limestone tiles, you won’t be disappointed with the elegance and beauty that limestone can bring to your kitchen.


No matter what direction you plan on taking your kitchen in, these marble backsplash ideas will help. When mixed into a mosaic, you can find glittering glass and metal to accompany the more traditional marble backsplash ideas. Don’t let cleaning your marble backsplash tile intimidate you. They are versatile and beautiful, wonderful choices for future flexibility. Take a look at the wonderful options we have featured here for more inspiration. Made of elegant white and gray swirls, you won’t regret this elegant addition to your kitchen anytime soon. Browse through our endless gallery of beautiful images to find the inspiration you need. Choose from clean lines or a contemporary blend of shapes and patterns. They tend to be rather water resistant, and they will be a long-term fixture in your home for years to come. You can restore their simple beauty with a few swipes of a damp rag.


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