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Our Favorite Designer Bathrooms

Each spouse has his or her own space with two large, white painted vanities, double medicine cabinets and framed mirrors. A vintage bathtub and other timeworn treasures fit the old-fashioned home. This stunning floor-to-ceiling shower enclosure embodies the trend; it features dramatic chartreuse and

Landscape Rock Boulder Material Supply

We take the time to understand your vision and make it a reality so you can think happy thoughts of us for years and years to come.We do things on purpose with a purpose and that’s you! By knowing what you want the most and what our company does best we can then focus on where those two meet. Ofte


By cutting out the middlemen and purchasing our natural stones directly, we pass the savings along to our customers. One of the biggest reasons is that it creates a fresh and bright look. You want a unified, beautiful and functional home that will be inviting. Sine 1996, we’ve been providing premi

2019 Cabinets And Countertops Cost

Or perhaps you want to invest in sturdy, updated quality custom cabinets and settle for a tasteful but inexpensive laminate countertop. This digital scrapbooking lets you put together your ideas about colors and styles. Then, once you choose cabinet installation professionals, they can help you figu

Marble Man

Professional stone polishing or honing will leave your marble and stone surfaces feeling clean and looking fresh and new. Chipped, cracked and stained marble, limestone, granite and other stone surfaces can dramatically decrease the appeal of an area. Many natural stone surfaces such as marble, gran

Difference Between Granite And Marble

After that, they are as different from one another as chalk from cheese is. Granite as a stone is hard, resistant and does not get scratched or harmed easily. They are ideally used for kitchen platforms as they are hard, resistant and do not require a lot of polishing and maintenance. These results

10 Rooms: Choosing The Right Grey..

Our great room has a high ceiling paneled in pine, a timberframe, and yellow light from stained glass windows (formerly a church sanctuary). My other thought is to use grey with a light/ice blue color? It gets decent natural light but it doesn’t reach the whole room. I thought with my mix of neut

Granite Wet Saw

Professional, precision cutting of granite, marble, stone and other materials. How To Cut Granite With A Circular Saw by homeguides.sfgate.comWhile the most common way to cut granite down is with a tile wet saw or a specialty rail saw for large slabs, you can also use a circular saw as long as you u

Armina Stone

We’d be happy to offer a free in-home estimate or consultation with no obligation to purchase; however, we strongly recommend you visit our showroom before setting up the in-home estimate. Now you have ability to see your vision come to life is the first step in their journey to a new kitchen. Wit

How To Fix Granite Countertop Damage

Whether it granite countertop damage happens from regular wear and tear or as the result of poor handling during installation, chips or cracks should always be repaired. The type of kit you should purchase depends on the type and severity of damage to your kitchen countertops. If your counters are o

Hard Water Stain Removal On Granite

I have some hard water stains on my counter tops and want to know the best way to remove them. If it soaks into the granite within a minute, you’ll need to reseal your granite countertops. That away, you’ll never have to worry about having hard water stains really ever again! If it soaks into t

Design Marble Granite Stone Is Forever

We are a full service company with modern processing facility to serve all of your stone needs. Our experienced craftsmen and installers will bring your projects to life. We will custom cut to your specifications for any residential or commercial application. We have an outstanding selection of natu

Cheapest Granite Countertops

Compromising on granite tiles or modular granite stone slabs is a good idea for someone running on a low-budget, but the look will surely suffer. It has black as its background color and streaks of blue, silver, green and gray run all around its surface. The best thing about this stone is that it is

How To Install Granite Countertops

Reinforce the structure and avoid damage by adding a layer of plywood under the granite. Trace the countertop and cut away any excess paper or cardboard to make an exact template of the surface. Take your time doing this to ensure that you get precise measurements. Adjust your template to add the ad

Granite Countertops

We have the perfect granite countertop for your project whether your granite countertop needs are for your kitchen, bathroom, or other surface. Our premium surface granite selection offers over 250 color patterns. Countertop Shopping Red Flags by tithoftile.comWhy has the kitchen become the most val

Marble Tile Westchester NY

It is also susceptible to certain kinds of stains and damage. These slabs contain natural features which form a symphony of colors across the surface of the piece. While it is impossible to perfectly reassemble these pieces, an installation of a single material will feature pieces that tend to match

Italgranite LLC

Any room in your home can benefit from a stunning, new countertop. It’s not easy to install a 1 1/4″ thick granite or marble countertop, that’s why we don’t trust a third party to handle the installation. That’s why if anything goes wrong, we’ll fix it at no cost to you. If you invest in

Granite Tile Recommendations?

He could give you some tips or suggestions as far as advantages and disadvantages to this type of countertop. These ladies are so right about it being properly installed. It is uneven, so that when you put down a cutting board to chop something, the cutting board doesn’t stay flat and makes a ton

Natural Vs. Man Made

They risk confusing the consumer by referencing attributes of their products without mentioning the drawbacks. Initially, they may visually appear to be satisfactory, particularly from a distance. These man-made substitutes are concocted in a laboratory from low cost raw materials and presented to t

Is My Counter Granite Or Quartz?

Quartz is absolutely impervious, cleans with a wipe, extremely strong and chip free. The sealer is applied and allowed to dry thoroughly then the surface is buffed to restore the luster (shine). I have had it now for 5 years and have no reservations about recommending it as a first choice to anyone.

10 Great Ways To Use Furniture Polish

Pledge ® takes care of and protects the things you love most. But furniture polish will not only reduce static, which attracts dust, but it gives the dark plastic and rubber surfaces a nice conditioned look! Furniture polish is great for keeping the your vehicle spot free and shining. In fact, we

How To Fix A Discolored Granite Counter

I have a spot on my granite countertop that looks like the finish has been removed. You can see the outline of the mesh bag they were in, and the small area is rough to the touch. Ted said there was an acid reaction between the citrus and calcium carbonate that makes up the surface of the counter

Woodworker Express

It is suggested that a standard cabinet hinge be used but this isn’t a feasible option either since this product doesn’t come with any sort of a limit stop to keep the thing from hitting the floor when you open it. Whats even more dissappoiting is that revashelf doesn’t even have any sort of l