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Cellar Design Corner Wine Rack

Our selections are stylish and tasteful, traditional or modern. Whether you know exactly what you need – or need some guidance – we’re your complete resource for wine storage, display, accessories and more. We have many dealers across the country, just ask us to recommend someone

DESSERTS Wine Glas Storage

Mix the condensed milk, lemon juice and cottage cheese and spoon over the fruit layer. Place a cake disc back into the stacking ring and fill up the stacking ring with ice-cream. Place the cake stacks back in the freezer, or leave overnight to get really hard. To make your meringue, place the egg wh

Refrigeration Wine Storage

So both white and red wines can be served at the temperature that brings out the very best in their taste. But that is what excessive heat and unstable temperatures cause in wine. But invisible ultraviolet light penetrates even dark glass – not to mention the glass doors of many wine cooling units