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No mess, no fuss, no brick by brick or stone by stone cementing. Couple that with flexibility, quality and competitive prices, and it’s no surprise that we have a very loyal customer base. Our core focus has always been on product innovation and customer service. We are continuously adapting our product ranges to move with the times and keep us up to date with the latest global trends. Natural stone products are becoming expensive and less environmentally friendly as they are usually imported.Since then the innovation driver of this industrial sector has set several benchmarks by own developments like e. What the product looks like, is only one part of the equation. The company is poised to set new trends in stonework, with careful respect for this time-honoured craft. We love its organic beauty, its natural strength and its timelessness. This has the benefit of eliminating wastage and reducing costs. We manufacture a comprehensive range of flashings and pressings.
Kzn Durban Office | Bamboo Warehouse From Bamboowarehouse.Co.Za | Duration 32 Seconds Together with an assortment of fixings, we hold a range of waterproofing, insulation and sealing materials to suit most applications. These new premises further stimulated growth and we now have a 19 000 m2 factory. We are able to co-ordinate all systems from one site resulting in efficient management and control of the entire process. As the market leader, we are proud to have accomplished this. We have just launched a new brand to represent a new range of engineered concrete products. This new engineered range has a more modern and contemporary feel from our traditional range. Through engineering, we are committed to only supply products that work together and last, as we understand that you buy driveways, patios or paving around your pool – and not merely loose pavers or tiles. And we love to share our passion for stone with our clients. We specialise in construction (in both traditional brick and solid stone masonry). We also offer a comprehensive and professional consultancy service. In addition, we are able to manufacture custom made flashings and box gutters. Cladding Durban Fasteners can be supplied with colour coated heads to match the colour of the roof sheet. Failure to use compliant fasteners will result in the guarantee being voided.

BGR Burger Restaurant by

There’s no bar or alcohol served at the venue, but patrons often bring their own, especially on busy nights, when queues can snake through the restaurant. On my visit, the waiter very gladly allowed me to taste their freshly squeezed lemonade, which he proudly shared was squeezed by himself! It can get busy and noisy sometimes, but that’s no reason to give it a skip. There are but four main burgers from which to choose: a hamburger, a double hamburger, a cheeseburger and a double cheeseburger. Made from exceptionally good meat, ground perfectly, without any flavour-marring additives. The fries are straight-cut and crispily good, though sadly made from imported potatoes. The beef comes either as a plain or cheese burger, while the veg option can be either a herb-loaded patty or a grilled cheese vegetable patty. There’s no limit as to how many you’re allowed and you can pack on as much as you want – the burger still comes perfectly intact with a generous patty and fresh, perfectly sized buns. A stand-out is their freshly squeezed lemonade, but they also offer fresh brewed ice teas. It is equally true at this burger outlet that surpasses most others. The difference being that they’re made with some seriously top notch ingredients, including 100% beef patties and some super good chips – and you can taste the difference.

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Ideal for high rental yield investment, lodge or for student accommodation. It consists of a lovely lounge area, kitchen and dining area. It is in a safe and secure area that has an access gate and an intercom at the front. The unit has a fully fitted kitchen and prepaid electricity. There are loads of built in cupboards in the lounge kitchen and bedroom. The unit comprises one bedroom, one bathroom, one living area and a kitchen. The building itself is secure as well as being very well managed. Open plan lounge, dining and kitchen area with a scullery leading onto a deck, overlooking a sparkling pool; ideal for entertaining. Ample parking with 4 cars in the garage and up to 4 cars in the garden itself.

Property For Sale, Hillcrest, Durban, R 1 395 000 | Duration 1 Minutes 48 Seconds The unit boasts a lovely scenic view of the park and comprises two bedrooms, one bathroom, one living room and a kitchen. In years gone by this home served as a reputable guest house and this is evident by the state of the home and use of space and light. The building comprises of a ground floor with three shops (149 sqm) and a large covered yard (200 sqm). In total there are 12 rooms, 5 bathrooms, 3 shops and a covered ya. There is one undercover parking and lots of visitors parking. There are spectacular views of the sea from both the lounge and bedroom. The bedroom and kitchen have built in cupboards and the bathroom has a bath suite. Sized at seventy square metres, the unit is generous throughout and offers a modern.

Caesarstone Kitchen Of The Year 2015 Episode 7 | Duration 5 Minutes 1 Seconds Finding one which has retained most of the characteristics is a rare find. The apartment offers one bedroom, one bathroom, living area and a kitchen. The living area provides space for lounge and dining and is separate from the kitchen.

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Lots of cupboards allows you to pack everything away which makes the it look tidy and helps with the longevity of your appliances. Compromise with your family but make sure that the renovators know exactly what you are prepared to settle for and make sure that you choose all the finishing touches yourself so that you will not be disappointed with the renovations once they are complete. When you make the choice to remodel your kitchen it is a big project to begin, but with the right professional contractors and the ability to listen to sound advice you will have the modern kitchen you want as quickly as possible. Make sure you have a good idea on what kitchen cabinets you want and where you want them. Make sure that you know what you want and discuss it with other people who are expected to spend a large quantity of time in the kitchen so that it can be the place where everyone in the family wants to spend time. When you’re remodelling you are changing the layout completely to suite your specific needs, this is where a team of specialist kitchen renovators is important because they will be able to advise you on the most affordable way to achieve the plan you want. Durban can still have the modern and updated kitchen without having to have the solid granite counter top or the solid gold door handles, if you choose a countertop that is the granite look and have gold plated door handles your kitchen will still look beautiful! We are also able to help you find the right finishing touches that are not as expensive as their original counterparts but still last as long as the originals. Ons het twee keer gebruik gemaak van hierdie mense en wil net weer se baie dankie vir die teelwerk in die kombuis en badkamer. Also thanks on dealing with our long overdue bathroom leaks :).

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However, synthetic surfaces are plastic, and not nearly as durable as natural stones. Synthetic surface countertops are seamless, the sink can be integrated, edges can be built to look thicker, and backsplashes are moulded with the surface.

Caesarstone Kitchen Of The Year 2016 Episode 9 Of 10 | Duration 5 Minutes 16 Seconds If you intend using chemicals on the surface, we recommend that you confirm with your fabricator that the surface type is resistant to the chemicals. You will not be able to cut or chop on the surface at all, and will have to use a chopping board instead. We recommend that dark colours are not used in applications where the surface is exposed to heavy use and contact. You will not be able to place hot pots directly on the surface or in the sink. Also, if you install a built in synthetic surface sink you should not pour boiling liquids into it without turning on the cold tap first. However, consider the cost implication before relying on this. After you have made a list of your favourite colours the next step will be to visit the show rooms to see examples of the plastic slabs in person. Unfortunately, due to the material being composed of plastic it can scratch very easily and can be damaged by heat. Granite and engineered stone are far superior for use in the kitchen. It is prone to scratching and vulnerable to damage from heat. If the surface is damaged it can be repaired and re-polished. If these come in contact with the surface, quickly wash off with water to avoid damage. Temperature changes with direct sunlight cause expansion and contraction which cause warping and delimitation on seams.This makes it perfectly suited for kitchen areas where food is prepared. Periodic re-polishing will need to be done to ensure the surfaces ongoing hygiene and cleanability. Synthetic surfaces are an inert, non-toxic, hypoallergenic material. The colour and pattern of the surface is highly uniform, every inch of the surface is basically the same. Seeing the examples in person is a critical step in the process and will ensure that you make the right choice for your project. The non-porous surface also makes it highly stain resistant. Synthetic surfaces are better suited for use in the bathroom.

Cast Concrete Counter Tops by

The countertops are then left to cure/dry and once this has been reached the countertops have to be ground to remove the surface “skin” with progressively finer diamond polishing stones. Industrial epoxy and urethane sealers are relatively expensive and it may require two coats. Counter-tops are made of cement, lightweight aggregates, special reinforcement and a combination of additives. Concrete counter-tops are handcrafted and are typically priced at a premium to ceasarstone, granite, marble and other natural stones. Countertops are cast on site where a formwork is built according to the client’s particular needs and anchored to the wall using specialist mortars. This achieves three important objectives; – a smooth glass-like finish, durability and exposing the aggregate which truly reflects its beauty. Countertops are always sealed although the type of sealer, method and number of coats of sealer is unique to each installation. While this adds to the cost, the quality is superior and the only maintenance that will be required is to apply a good water-based liquid wax or beeswax every six months to a year.

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