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Cleaning The Master Bedroom


Cleaning The “Master” Bedroom by

The lack of clutter makes the room not only visually-restful, but a breeze to clean. The formula works extremely well, leaving both mirrors and windows sparkling clean. If done correctly, there will be no smudges or streaks on the mirror, and you won’t need paper towels or newspaper to produce the shine you want. I quickly dust the two dressers, the pair of night tables, and the bed-posts with a micro-fiber cloth. Dressers and tables that are overflowing with knick-knacks, family pictures, or stray socks are time-consuming to clean. I use the upholstery attachment to dust my sofa and window hangings. The formula works wonders on the 187-year-old wood floors in this room. A spray bottle of alcohol is quick and easy and everything dries fast! Be careful with the overspray from your glass cleaning solution onto that beautiful mantle below, the ammonia in could damage it. He also has about the same cleaning/straightening threshold for the house as me…things start to bug us at about the same time. I did the rest for years until the kids were big enough to help. I use a feather duster for the surfaces with photos and once a month or so do a better dust off with a cloth. At the end of the year anything on a backwards hanger goes to charity. I use alcohol for almost all of my daily ‘wipe downs’, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Speaking of window cleaners, your formula calls for ammonia. I had never thought to do that until it was pointed out to me. This will take you all of 60 seconds if your bed is simply-dressed. I start at the corner nearest the door, and work clock-wise ’round the room. It’s composed of 45% water, 45% rubbing alcohol, and 10% ammonia. In between swipes, wipe the squeegee’s rubber blade on a piece of damp terry cloth. I always have a box of “safety” razors in my cleaning-bucket. Should build-up occur, simply remove the oil with mineral spirits. Wipe not only the top and front of a piece, but its sides and legs, too. If your lamps have fabric shades, you can dust them with your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment. I also have multiple vacuum cleaners and mops tucked away on different levels of the house that allow me to whip one out and clean without a lot of dragging around. This bathroom has marble counters and floors so it is important to keep chemicals off of it. Also, 70% alcohol is a great germicidal so it serves a dual purpose on all the bathroom surfaces. Fortunately for me, my other half does the vast majority of the house cleaning. Do you have any posts on cleaning other rooms of the house? He vacuums better than me, folds clothes nicer than me and is generally extremely neat. It’s pretty quick with the three of us working efficiently together. When you’re inside looking out those spots are obvious but nearly impossible to find when you’re outside. Once the spot is dealt with, the dry erase marks are not match to a paper towel. It only takes minutes to squirt on one or the other and wipe down the counter, fixtures, then toilet every other day or even every day as time/energy permits. But it’s the high-fat dishes that are always the most popular!


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