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Now let’s bring your space together and pick your selections! It’s a warmer gray and is between a true gray and a taupe/beige color. The cabinets are painted ivory and there is warm yellow-brown in the backsplash (along with navy blue and beige), so anything too cool doesn’t look right. I find myself going back and forth between blues and yellows to beige’s. The room receives decent light and we’re putting white bookshelves with the tv on the wall. The kitchen has a little hearth area and an eat-in dining room. Grab some samples of each and to see how they look in your lighting. Our carpets and chairs have taupe, grays and a little bit on navy. Should we go with a taupe to compliment or with a blue accent color? Aleutian could work since it is not a super dark blue and it has some gray tones to it as well. Grab some samples of both and test them out first to see how they look. Love love your site and your recommendations – you’ve got a great eye for color! I do think it would be best to do the cabinets and walls a different color. Cabinets are cherry with absolute black granite countertops. I want to keep my living space somewhat light but not too bright. I always suggest trying a large sample in your lighting before taking the plunge, though. It is a perfect “true” white and is a great ceiling color as well. I bought a sample for my bedroom but need something a touch lighter. I would like to find a gray-blue that works with it for my kitchen. Grab some samples to test first, as colors tend to change with lighting at different times of the day. Diy Painted Countertops | Granite | Giani White Diamond | Formica Countertops | Bathroom Makeover | Duration 15 Minutes 29 Seconds And what are your thoughts to also having a different finish to the stripes, say maybe an eggshell or a satin in contrast to the matte/flat? I always recommend trying a sample to be sure before you paint, but for an accent wall, you have the right idea with going 2-3 shades darker than the overall paint color! It provides the depth and warmth we wanted in an otherwise large, light space. Our house is open floor plan with the main living with 20 foot ceilings with a lot of sunlight. We have maple cabinets and a lot of white trim throughout the house. The carpet in one room is a brown/beige/gray and the floor in the other is a light maple. It might even help to open up the conference room and create a soothing environment since blue is not only a cool color that helps spaces feel more spacious, but it is also a color that creates a peaceful feel. Also do you have any ideas for how to paint a tray ceiling with that color/or with other colors mixed in (it goes from a 10 to a 11 to a 12ft). Can you do your cabinets in an off-white or white color? Problem we are having is the house is a naturally dark space so we can’t go to dark and leather furniture is black. I want to make sure we dont darken room with our color choice as there are only two windows. I always suggest getting some paint samples to see how the colors look in your lighting.

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There’s something about this color that puts me in mind of the froth of a cappuccino—the perfect warming pick-me-up. It’s a perfect blend of beige and gray and will complement literally any color palette you choose to introduce in the room. Fades into the background, offering support to the other colors in the room. I think the best option is narrowing down your favorites, maybe your top three, purchasing samples of each so you can see a larger section of the wall in each color, and then seeing how they change throughout the day. The rest of the house walls including right next to the kitchen is a light warm tan. I think all of these options could play well with the warm tans you have in your adjoining rooms. You want the spaces to feel related so there is a smooth flow from kitchen to great room. I have different style bed tables but they also are dark wood. I would like to keep white walls and plan on having wall to wall wool sisal in a natural color carpeting. This is my inspiration photo for you–it incorporates a lot of the elements in your plan–natural fiber flooring, white and navy accents (plus lovely coral accents), dark furniture finishes and light walls. Entire kitchen renovation planning in progress with custom kitchens and hoping to get advice. It’s definitely a warm, creamy white with more of a beige-y undertone.

30 Bathroom Color Schemes You Never Knew You Wanted From Homedit.Com Would this work well or would it look dark and drab in the apt. The contrast of a brighter and more neutral white will probably give you more of the “fresher” feel you crave. Also, if your goal is to really brighten up the space, this would definitely help. I am considering linen white for the cabinets as it’s warm and will be next to the yellow walls. Going for the traditional black/white kitchen with a splash of warmth on the walls. And the ceiling lighter but not really contrasting the walls. A bit warm and not overly crisp, meaning it never looks brand new. Now that the hard part’s over, all that’s left to do is actually paint! I would love to use linen white and silver sage in my house. If you’re thinking about this color combo, there are lots of nice options to consider. You could paint the walls in both rooms silver sage and use linen white for your trim and cabinetry. I love this look — light walls, light upper cabinets, and silvery green lower cabs. What white colors would you suggest for both the walls and trim? They’ve done something a little different here by going lighter with the wall color and slightly darker with the trim. I want to make it chic and classic so got a zebra rug and getting a mirrored vanity. Wanted a warm chic white and was thinking one small wall pale pale pink. This room sounds like it will be very chic and glam! We are leaning towards a creamy white paint on perimeter and espresso stain island. You may very well be right–it could be too white for the look you’re going for. I would like to brighten up the space some and would love to hear your suggestions. If your carpeting is beige, linen white might read as too warm or yellow. One idea for the cabinets would be to keep things all the same shade to heighten the feeling of the walls and make the room seem taller.

How To Frame A Wall 16 Inch On Center (Cc) | Duration 6 Minutes 4 Seconds If you are facing a similar issue in your basement kitchen, this might be something to consider. I am doing dark wood floors, black granite counter tops and off white cabinets. Any thoughts on whether this would be the best “off white” for my cabinets? I want to paint baseboards same color as walls with just different sheen.

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Notice how the color leans more green with very little blue coming through. Notice that the color in this light has a tad more blue to it. Is it safe to introduce it back ina bedroom/hallway or more for open areas? I love them both, but have had trouble finding many coordinating colors in bedding and towels other than darker grays. I live at the ocean and wanted something subtle that would enhance the view of the mid atlantic ocean and not detract from it. The kitchen floods with afternoon sun and can get quite hot, hence the cooler tones. Do you have any recommendations as to what accents to add to make our bathroom look more spa like even with the brown? My recently purchased home has an abundance of warm colors in my wood (cherry cabinets, red oak hardwood floors and oak trim in the adjoining family room). And the blues really “pop-ed” the warm wood colors and drew attention to the them rather than slightly muting them. It will probably lean a tad more green than blue, which would be perfect! The master bath will have plenty of natural light, and the laundry area, not as much. My hubby on the other hand wants a warm color, edgecomb to be exact. A lack of natural light will cause a color to lean warmer (green/yellow) and darker.

How To Clean Grout (Easy Household Cleaning Ideas That Save Time & Money) Clean My Space | Duration 4 Minutes 37 Seconds Thinking to give seasalt for living room with open kitchen and my cabinets are brown. Isn’t it funny how the same color can look so dramatically different in each room. Sea salt is the best color out there for a girl who’s a little afraid of color but still wants some color. Salt is the perfect color for those who want to dip their toes in wall color but not dive in. So many people do not test and don’t realize the impact of lighting on color. He always, always does bright white on the ceilings & it’s a classic look. If your bathroom has extended ceiling height, like mine our 9 feet, then go for it. My walls are currently sea salt, which we love and will keep this color. I love the way this room will change from warm to bright to warm again throughout the day. Everyone typically picks fun colors for the exterior? Our countertops are dark brown, and our tile is tan. The eat-in area has a large sliding door with no window covering so that area gets ample natural light. Think it’d be beautiful with white cabinets, but did not like the result with my warm tones. I would sample it on a poster board to just to make sure it’s exactly what you envision. I did my sun room and laundry in seal salt a few years back and still love it.

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I think that’s kinda cool for such an easy and cheap floor solution! I wanted to put all the details in one place (instead of scattered over several posts) to make it easier for you to start your project. Yes it is extra work, but it is worth it to know exactly how the floor will look. I cannot pinpoint the exact reason why it works for some and not for others, all things being equal.

How To Paint Your House The Fast Way! (Part 1) | Duration 4 Minutes 53 Seconds But remember you will be working in a larger area than your sample. Once the stain has dried though, you have a few choices when applying poly. If you have never applied poly before, a brush is the easiest way to control the amount. In my case, that involved removing the carpet, pad, and staples. Go ahead and tape off your baseboards if you really don’t want to do any touch up work. It is probably faster to tear a bunch of paper, wad it up into garbage bags, then start. Get out your roll of paper and start tearing-keeping the pieces with straight edges separate from the ones torn from the middle of the roll. The smaller the pieces, the more wrinkly/leathery/vein-y the final result will be. I like to overlap the pieces by a few inches, obviously it will help with durability but it also looks more natural in my opinion. Heat helps the glue dry, so if you feel like getting out a space heater you can (pictured in the bathroom above). This is great for any oil based product, but helpful for latex paint too! It may take a few tries to get it to go, as the block and pad end up being more angled then you might think. You really do not want to apply stain with a heavy hand. This will make it easier to blend the edges with the bulky mop pad without jamming your baseboard or wall. Using long mop like movements, brush the stain on the floor in large sections. This is sometimes easier said than done, so just plan carefully. Cover your roller tray with a garbage bag and pour in your poly of choice. Stay away from the walls, you can cut this area in with a brush later. I sanded my stair treads and landing, and these areas are really smooth and lovely. To really finish the look, install quarter round or shoe molding. I have a large dog and she can scratch the floor if she gets really crazy. I use the hard floor attachment on my vaccuum often, but sweeping will work too. Using polyurethane only, brush it on the floor then lay the paper and brush more on top- do not saturate/dunk the paper. Some people have tried adding color to the poly in the form of paint or stain. This leaves an attractive raised nub feature that absorbs more stain than the flat area around it and thus is darker. I have done this technique using 3 inch kraft paper to create about 2 3/4 inch “planks”. If you have cement/concrete subfloor, or are applying it over an existing floor, these instructions as written may not work. I get a lot of people asking for help after they’ve done the whole room because the paper isn’t sticking, the stain isn’t even, or the poly is cloudy. I see mostly positive results and comments from people trying this in their home…but there are a few of you who report fails on several different levels. If you are not sure you could deal with a few imperfections or worst case, a total fail- you may want to think about it a little longer. Before you rip up your flooring, get a piece of scrap plywood (or something similar to your subfloor), and practice the technique from start to finish, including several coats of poly. I do not recommend applying stain by hand in any way unless you can reach wall to wall (a hallway or staircase). The only way to find the right amount and application method is to test it in advance. With that said, if you’re ready to make a change, let’s get started! I also sanded down any high spots (our subfloor had areas with plaster/glue or something on them), filled any deep nail holes, hammered in any loose nails, and filled any gaps between boards. Once your floor is filled, sanded, and vacuumed (or swept), you’re ready for the paper. I like my pieces to be anywhere from 6″-12″ in diameter, but it really depends on the look you want. As you tear, crumple the pieces into balls and toss into a bag or pile. I don’t like to mix a lot at a time because you may need to stop or take a break, and you won’t want the glue to dry up and go to waste. As soon as you dunk the paper, you want to start submerging it and squeezing it out. Don’t be afraid to brush glue mix on top of the pieces to help them lay flat and remove wrinkles. Once the paper dries, inspect it for areas where the paper might have come up around an edge or wrinkled. If you want to use water based stain, test it on some scrap paper first before proceeding. Here’s a neat tip to keep your roller trays in good shape: slide them into a small garbage bag and tape to secure. The extension pole screws into a threaded hole on the wood block. It’s not a 90 degree joint, so just look closely at the threads and try to line up the pole. The stain pad makes staining a pretty quick process, so you can really cut in a fairly large area (like a whole wall or closet). It is much better to need to dip your brush more often than to have a puddle of stain you need to disperse. When cutting in, be sure to “pull” the stain out a good bit from the wall, about 6″ or so. Once you’ve laid down most of the stain from the pad (a few long straight mop strokes), you’ll have enough stain on the pad left to swirl around the edges and blend. I like to move it around until most of the stain looks like it’s absorbed into the paper and not just sitting on top, feathering out the edges as necessary. I do not suggest doing this in humid weather unless you have at least 2 days to let the stain dry. I used a water based poly because it is a quick dry and less smelly. Using the extension pole again, attach the foam mop head to the wood block. Dip the mop head in the poly, blot out the excess, then apply it in long strokes on the floor. The truth of the matter is that it does make a difference in how the floor feels under foot. But of course- these areas are also not covered with rugs and furniture. If you want perfectly polished looking smooth floors, definitely sand with 220 grit-maybe not between each coat but definitely after the first and before the last. I would say no matter how small the area, you’ll need at least 3 days without stain and 4 with stain. Some of my readers have suggested other methods which may work for your application. Remember that dirt particles wear away the finish on any hard surface floor. If you have to use the poly only method, you cannot apply stain over the poly-it must be mixed in for the initial paper application. Be sure you’re using like with like though, as in water based with water based or oil based with oil based. It is still in the process of drying, but there are air bubbles. I scratch out the bubble with my fingernail to tear open the paper. So far after nearly 7 months not one believes its not real hardwood floor.

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This sale will also have a group of quality custom made modern canes. A complete wood working shop for the serious builder or the hobbyist. We reserve the right to hold a purchase if paid by check if the buyer is not known by us or does not have the acceptable credentials. Drivers license from all buyers will be copied that day and an affidavit of non felony conviction form from those who are not known to us. I will receive the guns back about two days before the auction. After the catalogue section of the auction we will sell over 200 other items straight out of the first floor of the house. He started with us about 15 years ago at the ripe age of 84 and continued to his recent passing at 99. The owner is moving and has contracted us to sell many nice items and antiques. Property will be sold separate and then regrouped and offered as a whole with a 5% increase. I personally knew each one of these world class collectors for over forty years each. You will see more photos just before the auction date. Be here if you are looking for nice items for your collection. The firearms are possessed by the estate, and the sales of firearms are made by the estate. The eight bedroom home is furnished impeccably with antiques. The first 226 lots will be by catalogue then we will sell over 200 more. We will add many more photos the week of the auction as we get the home shaped up. She has packed up many great items to move and decided to downsize. All of this was stored in climate control so all products are in fine condition. He purchased from every major collection that we have sold in the past 10 years.


Rob’s enthusiasm and attention to detail is the key to his success. An incredible property with the most magnificent views! This property is truly unique and must be experienced to be appreciated. The main residence is a magnificently built brick ranch with 5700 sq ft of top of the line finishes certain to impress the discriminating buyer. Stunning architecture with numerous vaulted ceilings and ceiling heights up to 21 ft. Main floor cherry den and formal dining area with tray ceiling. In-ground pool (steel walls and updated piping and cover) with flagstone surround and wrought iron look fencing. The residence features over 6000sf finished with the most beautiful views from almost every room. Spacious gourmet kitchen with large granite island and 2 refrigerators open to the family room with wet bar. Some systematic (front field east of creek) and some random tiling. Incredible views from the gourmet kitchen and impressive great room. Large detached garage 1550 sf workshop/man cave and 200 amp service. The 7 year old residence is approx 3500 square feet above grade plus an additional 2000 sf finshed is finshed in the lower level and features an oversized 3 car garage. The lower level is fully finished with a second kitchen, games room and bedroom and bathroom perfect set up for an in-law suite. Rob’s business is built on complete customer satisfaction and relies on repeat and referral business. Lots backing onto woods and wood lot access to all homes in the enclave. Call today for an impressive list of included high end upgrades! Norway spruce 30 ft in height span the length of the farm creating windbreaks and increased yields for crops. The 2 storey double red brick century home is in excellent condition. Extraordinary private setting with winding laneway to the main residence, barn with loft conversion and separate workshop. The lower level is fully finished including second kitchen, 3pc bath and walkout to rear gardens. The barn features a 2 bedroom second residence, large living/dining room, kitchen, full bath with 4 stall stable and office below. Updates include 50 year architectural shingles on main residence and barn in 2010, two new hi-efficiency gas furnaces and central air unit in 2010 and new septic system in 2008. Extraordinary barn/shop 2600 sq ft includes 900 sq ft finished with loft. Inviting great room with oversize gas fireplace surrounded by large windows giving you beautiful vista views. Home has severance possibilities from the farm if purchaser desires. Immaculate residence with stone exterior and great curb appeal. Immaculate and well appointed ranch style home with fully finished lower level above grade. Lower level would make a wonderful in-law suite with separate entrance. Gorgeous main floor master suite with 6 piece ensuite and walk-in closet/dressing room. Gorgeous executive two storey family home with 5 bedrooms and 4 baths set well back from the road and nestled by the forest. In-floor radiant heating in the shop and lower level of house. Enjoy energy efficient geothermal heating/cooling just 4 years young.

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The bed covers over the wasted space when most models put the bed in the slide and make the rear closet in a awkward spot. Integrated corian sinks in vanity and gallery and scored corian backsplash in gallery. Bedroom has queen bed, corian counter top on night stands and a 32″ flat screen tv and bedroom dvd player. We will never sell, share, or spam your mobile number. The bed is placed in the back so you don’t have to climb up on the rear engine to get to a rear closet. Luxury you ve dreamed about at the absolute very best deal under the sun! Awning fabric upgraded and replaced over all four slideouts. High output two burner kitchen aid cooktop with flush mount covers. Dinette area has two upholstered chairs, two folding chairs, legless corian dinette with extra leaf. Bathroom has ceramic flooring, china toilet, granicoat shower with clear glass doors, tinted sky light. Lighted exterior storage compartments, pass through storage in basement.


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