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By outfitting your kitchen with a blast chiller, you’ll be able to bring the temperature of your cooked foods from the danger zone quickly, so bacteria doesn’t begin to grow. These settings set blast chillers apart from traditional refrigerators and freezers by cooling down your food in more precise ways. Choose from units of different capacities to best accommodate your needs. For other great food storage products, be sure to check out our freezer paper, day of the week dots, and steam table food pans. Our blast chiller units feature high-quality, advanced settings like quick freeze, soft chill, and hard chill modes for customizable cooling.You’ll also appreciate that many of our blast chillers come with detachable temperature probes, so you can properly measure internal temperatures in your commercial kitchen.

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Each full-size pan can hold about 10 pounds of product, so a good way to size your new unit is to understand how many pounds of food you want to chill at once, divide that by ten, and you’ll know how many pans your new unit needs to accommodate. The largest roll-in equipment will accommodate several racks, chilling thousands of pounds of product. Bottom-mounted compressors are easier to access, but placement near the floor means they might need to be cleaned more frequently. These have the advantage of being easy to access and service, but they add to the horizontal space requirements of the blast chiller because they need to be able to intake and exhaust air for cooling the coils.A blast chiller compressor is generally larger than those on other refrigerated equipment because of the need to bring the temperature down quickly to safe holding levels. A model with a removable rack can make cleaning the inside of the unit easier. Pass thru models have doors on both sides so pans can be put in one side and removed through the other. The largest, multi-rack roll-in blast chiller units can accommodate up to three full racks at once. That’s not just a handy way to prepare for large crowds without a stressful rush, it’s also an important component in ensuring the safety of your foods. It is important not to overload this equipment because doing so can slow down the chilling process, meaning that the food might not reach the desired temperatures in time to avoid the development of foodborne bacteria. Facilities that only need to chill a few pans at a time can save some space with a smaller countertop or undercounter unit. Side-mounted compressors are mounted in the right or left of the equipment. That means they may not be an ideal choice for space-limited kitchens. To prevent costly breakdowns, auto defrost features melt ice that naturally collects on the coil. These can be recalled each time that particular product needs to be chilled. Commercial Chillers Blast Freezer The largest models allow you to roll in pan racks full of pans. This is particularly useful in kitchens where the cook line and the rest of the operation are separated because it allows the cook to put the food into the unit in the hot area, then unload it in a cooler area. Sometimes called a flash freezer or blast freezer, many of these models include a freezer holding feature that will take foods to freezing and store them until you’re ready to remove them.

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The fully insulated door is self-closing to improve thermal efficiency and the sturdy stainless steel construction ensures the compact blast chiller is easy to clean and robust. All you need to do is enter the known value for any given unit, then the table will automatically convert it into the other units. Product reviews are extremely useful for our customers to get real life user feedback on a product before they buy. Just build your basket, enter the amount of finance required and see just how little you can pay.

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These high-performance products will ensure that no food goes to waste due to insufficient cooling. Our huge selection of commercial refrigeration products covers all the bases, ensuring that you can find a good fit for your needs no matter what you need kept cool. We also carry a number of options that can be utilized for more specific applications. When you purchase any of these cooling units, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a quality product that’s built to last and stand up to the demands of a busy kitchen. Commercial Chillers Blast Freezer Refrigerated worktables combine the benefits of temperature regulation for chilled items with the convenience of a work surface. Powerful refrigeration equipment that rapidly brings down the temperature of food. They are also used by bakers to preserve ingredients and finished products. For a bar to be successful it needs to maximize profits and a great way to do that is to have quality commercial bar equipment. Customers choose with their eyes first and there is no better way of grabbing their attention than having stylish, well lit and easily accessible merchandisers. Combining the qualities of a commercial refrigerator with the aesthetic appeal of a display case, refrigerated display cases allow for chilled items to be attractively presented while being maintained at regulated holding temperatures. While many standard units claim their spots as the focal points in the kitchen, there are a variety of essential extras that can further improve workplace efficiency, flow, and safety. Plus, they offered help with set-up without me even asking! Plus, the many styles and sizes allow you to find the perfect match for your kitchen’s unique needs and demands. For example, you’ll find refrigerated work tables for salads, sandwiches, pizzas and more in a variety of sizes and configurations. Other options include chest freezers, soft serve machines, blast chillers, milk coolers and more.

Blast Freezer | Duration 1 Minutes 10 Seconds These manufacturers have made a name for themselves by delivering some of the best performing, highest quality equipment on the market. We offer reach ins in a variety of door hinging styles, finishes and sizes for you to choose from. They allow large quantities of food product to be placed at one time inside of the unit. These types of refrigerators are ideal and convenient for busy kitchens and bakeries. We offer numerous types and styles for you to select. They can be used to store perishables that need to be easily accessed. Undercounter units are perfect for bars as well as kitchens that do not have the space for taller upgright refrigerators and freezers. We carry many sizes and finishes for your perfect fit.

Polar Countertop Blast Chiller | Duration 1 Minutes 34 Seconds Add these worktables in areas where refrigerated or chilled items are prepared regularly and work well in conjunction with a nearby commercial cooking unit. Choose from numerous walk in dimensions and door placement configurations. Ideal for restaurants that need large storage rooms at cooling and freezing temperatures. We offer both indoor and outdoor units as well as your choice between top or side mount refrigeration. In food service blast chillers play a role in preventing food borne illnesses by chilling food down to a point where bacteria cannot thrive. We carry all the equipment to serve up all forms of ice cream from custard to gelato and everything in between. Bar refrigeration is essential to locking in the flavor of beer and drinks. We have everything you need to keep your customers happy. We offer all types of merchandisers from grab and go open air merchandisers to large multiple section upright glass merchandisers that can store up to hundreds of different types of bottles and cans. By reducing the need for separate cooling units, smaller kitchens can benefit from the space savings. Dual temperature and convertible refrigerator/freezer units add an extra layer of versatility to your restaurant, allowing for multiple storage temperatures within a single unit.One compact footprint means more room for other pieces of vital equipment in your commercial kitchen. The quality of the product will have to be evaluated in a few months or years.
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