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Each one of these units sits right on your counter for quick, convenient access during your peak hours. Many of these units also come with fry baskets included, so you can start frying right away. Light-duty units are great for occasional use, while medium-duty models can handle more frequent use. If you need to prepare different foods at the same time, there are fryers with more than one fry pot, so you can independently control the oil temperature and time without any kind of flavor transfer. You can purchase a light, medium, or heavy duty fryer, so you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect product for your small or large business. You can use these small deep fryers to make crispy french fries, chicken strips, onion rings, and fried calamari to serve as appetizers or side dishes. Heavy-duty electric fryers are ideal for those kitchens that constantly and consistently use their fryers throughout the day. If you’ll be frying multiple foods at once, you can also choose a product with 2 fry pots for maximized efficiency. No matter what kind of business you own, countertop fryers are a space- and cost-efficient way to boost both your output and revenue.

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If your primary goal is to save money on your commercial deep fryer, electric models are a good choice.With that being said, gas fryers tend to heat up more quickly and offer more temperature control. We carry both countertop gas fryers and floor gas fryers to perfectly accommodate your commercial kitchen. All of these products come backed by a best price guarantee when you shop with us. Ideal for smaller food operations like food trucks or smaller restaurants and cafe’s where space is limited. We offer split and full pot as well as single and multiple battery units in gas and electirc models. The right fryer accessories can help you be more productive as well as prolong the life of your oil and keep energy cost down. It was a good choice, as it works very fast and efficiently. We’re happy to help you find the perfect floor or countertop deep fryer for your specific space, needs and budget. The two primary categories of commercial deep fryers are gas and electric fryers, both of which come in floor and counter deep fryer units. With both floor electric fryers and countertop electric fryers, you can expect to save some money in operation costs because they don’t require natural gas for power. This makes them the primary choice for fast food fryer applications. Whether gas or electric, you’ll want to consider a counter or tabletop gas fryer if you need something that’s affordable and space-conscious. Learn about tube fryers, open pot fryers, flat bottom fryers and more in our commercial fryer buyer’s guide. Well worth the money and highly recommended for others!

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If you have a lot of hungry customers, you need a deep fryer in your restaurant’s kitchen that can handle a lot of whatever you’re cooking. Within the hour, this restaurant deep fryer can produce 25 pounds of whatever fried food you’re serving. No need to worry about oil over flowing because you just fill it up to the mark and you’re good to go. These features are not only practical they’re an effort to keep your employees safe. For kitchen efficiency, having an easy way to remove the oil easily is a real bonus. There are many quality features to highlight about this countertop commercial deep fryer. Plus, it’s a material that’s easy to clean and with a built-in faucet, oil is removed hassle-free. This fryer heats up and cools down quickly so that you can make as much yummy fried food as possible. But when cooking two different kinds of foods, you may need a separate timer anyway. Electric Deep Fryers Commercial Fryer But perhaps this is to be expected when working with oily foods. Adcraft produces a large selection of commercial food service equipment that can take your restaurant to the next level. From crispy golden waffle fries to perfectly sweet funnel cakes, this fryer won’t let you or your customers down. Most people are unaware you can purchase a commercial deep fryer for your own home kitchen. Appropriate for all home cooks, commercial fryers allow you to step up your game. The best deep fryers allow you to expand your repertoire to include many dishes otherwise impossible to create. This means you can create two items at once, or simply make a considerable amount of a single amount – twice as much, in fact, versus the standard models. Every second or third time – or whenever the oil looks cloudy – is appropriate. All commercial deep fryers fry food, but they are not created equally. Continue reading below to find out the specific details for this electric fryer. The indicator also gives you a running statement on how hot the fryer internal temp is.

Globe Electric Countertop Fryers | Duration 2 Minutes 35 Seconds Not only is this beneficial for safety reasons but prevents food from being overcooked. The warranty is not all-inclusive but does cover parts and factory defects. It holds up well to small bumps, thumps, and everyday usage in a home kitchen. One option would be to make a table with side-by-side temps and place it near the fryer. A dedicated metal plate or wood cutting board could be purchased to use for this. This means it cannot be plugged into a normal outlet, but it isn’t overly expensive to have a special circuit placed in your home by an electrician if desired. If you want to cook like a chef in a professional kitchen, you need to have the same type of equipment they do. It is not so large, however, that it takes up too much room in an ordinary-sized kitchen.

Adcraft Df 6l Electric Countertop Fryer, 120v, 1750w, 4.5 Amps, Stainless Steel, 6l | Duration 2 Minutes 46 Seconds Overall, this fryer is recommended for those with a small amount of home cooking experience who are seeking to up their game and wow their families or friends. Whether you own a fish and chips food truck or a bustling grocery store, it’s important to get the best equipment possible. It has copper drains for worry-free oil disposal, lid covers to protect you from splashes, and baskets with plastic handles for safety. You can cook onion rings and flautas at the same time or you can fry up a whole big batch of fries at once with this dual commercial electric fryer. Whatever your restaurant or café fries, this machine can produce. Launched in 2002, this e-retailer provides commercial, home, and business products for both individuals and wholesalers. With a variety of great features, this appliance could easily be the best option for your restaurant business. You won’t need to worry that your food is undercooked or overdone. But, since they’re separate, you can make two different kinds of food all at once. Using strong materials will give this product a long life in your restaurant. Not having a focused approach to their product line may deter you from choosing this brand.These fryers should last a long time, but it’s something to think about. They can be plugged into any regular outlet but you’ll need to make sure your breaker won’t overload. Yescom is a large e-commerce company selling a wide range of quality products. Whether you operate a fast food chain in need of quick results, an upscale restaurant serving a variety of foods, or a small deli making custom treats for your patrons, this commercial-grade fryer is one that deserves careful consideration. Countertop deep fryers allow for the same efficient frying, without taking up the extra space. These nifty countertop appliances can create popular dishes better and quicker than pay frying.

Commercial Restaurant Countertop Deep Fryers Double Tanks 12 Liters Capacity Stainless Steel | Duration 1 Minutes 34 Seconds It’s true that professional chefs undergo schooling, on the job training, and post-graduate training. Although many restaurants use a countertop fryer, they most often use tall standing, industrial restaurant deep fryers. For the inside, use hot soapy water, or a commercial-grade cleaner meant specifically for fryers. Two plugs – one for either tank – makes for a more energy efficient model. While fryers do tend to use a decent amount of electricity (particularly when heating up), this feature will save money comparatively on utilities. This is more energy efficient and conserves more electricity in comparison to other models. Whether you need things to heat up quickly or to fry more food, using a countertop double fryer could be the solution. To find the best commercial deep fryer, you’ll need to look for efficiency, effectiveness, and durability. Whether it’s fries, onion rings, or fish and chips … the more the merrier. Measure out the appropriate oil for your needs with the calibration marks on the tank. From its size, speed, and durability, this could be a great addition to the kitchen in your restaurant or café. Whether you need lots of fries for your burger joint or you’re making doughnuts and churros in your cafe, this fryer is a great option. You can trust that these products will give you quality results and are made to last.To make sure this really is the best fryer for your needs, keep these in mind. Especially if you’d like one for your home, it’s important to know whether the wattage is compatible. Their products have evolved as times have changed, and they now have the widest range of commercial kitchen equipment in the industry. An electric deep fryer gives you the ability to fry foods to restaurant-grade perfection in your own kitchen. Similarly, it allows for an easier, more effective method of cooking many other items. This is a little larger than what would be needed to fit an average-sized turkey in each basket. Unless you made a huge mess or cooked an allergenic food item, the fryer oil used does not need to be changed every time. To clean your fryer, simply use boiling hot water and strong dish soap. Hakka offers a generous one-year warranty on this product, and this plan can be extended for an additional cost. Many work better than others, while some offer features varying models do not. Over-frying food can suck all the moisture from them, causing them to be dry and crumbly. Plus the two baskets keep the tastes of different food separate – use one side as the fish deep fryer, the other for the fries, and you won’t get fishy tasting french fries. Continue reading below to find out what cons are associated with purchasing this model. A commercial fryer is one of those great pieces of equipment that allows top-rated chefs to create masterpieces in a timely, effective method. It is large enough to fit a considerable amount of food, thanks to the large baskets and dual tanks. If you’re in the restaurant business, you know how tough it is to keep up with a never-ending flow of customers and the pressure of presenting them with a perfectly fried treat time and time again. It has two frying tanks for high volume production, thermostats to ensure accurate temperature settings, and a 60-minute built-in timer. Plus, to clean a deep fryer, they made it easy with rotating fryer heads and a stainless-steel finish. The on/off switch lights up to let you know when it’s working, too.

Globe’S Countertop Fryer | Duration 31 Seconds When the temperature gets too high it can obviously be unsafe and potentially ruin the machine as well. This deep fryer for sale comes with two lid covers to prevent any splashing oil. This product is made with rotating heads so that you can clean in what is usually a hidden area of the machine. They also have separate plugs to save energy when you’re only using one side. Plus, the heavy-duty copper faucet style drain releases the oil effectively. You’ll find everything you need for your home or business and you can buy their products as an individual or as a wholesaler. Fried chicken, wings, eggplant parmesan … all will turn out better with a fryer. A dual tank enables cooking more things at one time while keeping the flavors separate. But one of the big keys to their success has to do with their equipment. Since these new countertop models are smaller, they are also more affordable. This is much more efficient and quicker than using one tank for large meals. Simply wipe the outside with a rag dipped in watered-down degreaser. Do not use traditional countertop degreasers on the inside of your fryer for safety reasons. You don’t have to heat up both sides to use only one, like in older models. With a large capacity and limited yet useful features, this dual tank fryer makes the perfect addition for any home cook, even those just learning how to cook. Each operates one side, which means you do not have to heat up both if you aren’t going to use them.

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The actual likely culprit is the thermostat is “stacking” – temperatures climb each time the burners cycle on until finally it shuts off on high limit. Replacing high limit and thermostat are probably not worth it since you can buy new for only a few hundred dollars more. Are you saying only the front is getting hot and not the back? Either soot in the burner tubes or a restriction/blockage of the exhaust. flue. A restricted flue is usually grease or sometimes food that got down in there. At the same time, when turning on gas equipment this does naturally happen to a small extent, so without much more info it is vague to diagnose. I relight the pilot light and go to restart by turning the knob and it goes out. You need to test the hi limit, the thermopile, and the combination safety valve to find the culprit.Unless you already have a voltage meter that is that sensitive, it’s going to be much cheaper to change out the thermopile and see if that fixes your problem. No matter how much you try to patch those holes, more are going to form as metal fatigue gets worse and worse. Secondly, your hi limit is also shot and needs to be replaced as well. Oil in the fryer should never, ever boil, and if it is, then you’re running the risk of a serious fire. We use real potatoes and the starch and small bits would sit in a hot frier for about 4 to 5 hours without a sound. We set it to 350 and in about 10 minutes or less the whole thing goes out. Also a year ago or so we replaced the thermopile although we really didn’t need to, we just didn’t know about the reset button. Test oil temperature with a probe to ensure the burners are not overheating the fryer oil. If the temperatures are fine and millivoltage levels are good from the thermopile, the problem is likely a failing high limit. If you replace the thermostat and that doesn’t do the trick, you’ll have to replace that. Its the component that the thermopile screws into it normaly has a large nut or hex head to it. The pilot stays lit and fryer works fine most of the time, but recently it appears to cut off for no apparent reason.

Paneltech 3600w 20l Commercial Countertop Stainless Steel Dual Tank Electric Deep Fryer | Duration 45 Seconds I dont see the reason to purchase a new fryer at this rate, is there anyway to stop the leak ? On the leaking problem, it sounds like the stainless steel portion of the tank is slowly cracking due to metal fatigue (from constant heating and cooling). Read the post above for some instructions on testing your high limit. Today, we tried to turn it on but its pilot does not stay lit. The high limit is not shot since its obviously doing its job. Is there adjustments, maintenance or blockage in heating tubes? Get a good flashlight and look into the burner tubes (the fire chamber, as you called them). On any gas appliance, air is drawn throughthe front to mix with the fuel, is burned and exhausts out the back and up. Also make sure you check your burner orifices as well for any obstructions. That requires a pretty sensitive instrument that’s going to cost you some money. Those holes are a result of stress fractures in the stainless steel that form over years of superheating and cooling. For some reason, in the afternoon around 1 or 2pm the fryer would go crazy bubbling and boiling violently, like there was air coming from the bottom of the fryer. The fryer has been on all morning and only this happens in the afternoon. Running a fryer without the hi limit is extremely dangerous! All of a sudden these small bits would surface suddenly and all at once. Our friers are working properly and the temperatures remain proper. Everytime the fryer goes out we have to hit the reset switch and then go through the process of lighting it again. If millivoltage levels are around 200 or lower its not enough to engage the burner valve. If millivolts are low, check the pilot flame for proper impingement around the top of the thermopile. Remove the top screw where it says “pilot adjustment” and get a smaller flat head screwdriver to loosen the screw inside.Also, check the vent at the appliance regulator on the combination gas valve for debris / oil clogs. If the “reset switch” you’re referring to is the high limit reset, you likely need a new thermostat. Turn off the gas remove the thermopile unscrew the the magneto and replace it. The flame is so small that it could not ignite the thermopile. You can hear the flames go out as if they are being blown out. Its been operating for atleast a few years with these leaks which are about 2 fl ounces in a 24hr period. The problem with fryer tanks once they begin to leak is that the extreme temperatures involved make it almost impossible to patch a hole once it starts.That leaking oil is a fire hazard and it sounds like it’s about time to replace your fryer.
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