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Are there differences in the porosity of carrara marble? All marble slabs are relatively soft, so they will scratch much more easily than granite, which can be an issue for a kitchen countertop, but not a biggie. You can easily determine how porous a particular marble slab is by performing the water test on a sample off the slab. This is especially true of polished marble since the process to polish marble closes down pores and makes the surface even less absorbent. Meaning all marbles will etch, however, a difference in sensitivity does exist and some green marbles (actually serpentine sold as marble) hardly etch at all or not at all. Typically as long as a person is aware of the particular marble cleaning and marble repair issues with marble countertops in the kitchen and still wants them, a honed or otherwise non-polished surface is recommended. Eventually, you will see etch marks on any marble kitchen countertop. Carrara marble is not really any better or worse for a kitchen countertop. You may notice surface scratches after some use, but typically nothing severe. Now, it’s a natural product of course, so etching can occur more quickly and more severely on one marble vs. There are just too many acidic foods and drinks to keep from etching marble kitchen countertops. Yes, you can hone marble to make etching less noticeable , but it still occurs. Many believe that “honing” the marble slab somehow “prevents” etching. Different marble slab colors can have a differences, but like people when you get down to it there are far more similarities than differences. Compared to granite marble is softer and much easier to scratch. Now, some green “marble” (it’s actually serpentine, but sold as marble because can look similar) has less calcite and is not as prone to etching. Any true marble will etch, but this test is useful if you are interested in a serpentine to check and see how reactive it is. They love the look and only after installation realize what a pain cleaning marble is in the kitchen. Granite and quartz countertops will require far less maintenance and will maintain their “like new” look easily and forever. We expect this expensive showpiece to maintain a pristine “like new” look effortlessly and forever. That’s what you have to swallow and that’s why marble is typically not recommended for the kitchen. Most people quickly realize that marble will etch (dull spots caused by corrosion) in seconds upon contact with any one of hundreds of acidic foods and drinks. People confuse staining with etching, which does occur easily. It is simply impossible to avoid or prevent etching marble in the kitchen. You could have the marble honed, which makes etch marks more difficult to see, but they still show up. However, with honed marble there’s no product to quickly remove etch marks. Sealing won’t help, because as the vinegar eats away the marble the sealer goes with it as will stains, but do you see how this method would also require near constant marble maintenance? And installing marble kitchen countertops in a rental where it’s guaranteed to receive far less attentive care makes even less sense. And what about a satin finish instead of honed for kitchen counters? Marble is marble meaning that every marble slab regardless of color or pattern or name will have similar characteristics with a few exceptions in the brown and green marbles. But if porous enough to take a sealer, then applying an impregnating sealer will control and minimize staining, so stains are rarely a major issue. The main problem with marble countertops in the kitchen is etching. You must simply avoid contact with acidic fo ods, drinks (impossible in a kitchen) and harsh cleaners. It will still etch, but like a honed finish etching just isn’t as noticeable as on a shiny polished finish. Again, not because a honed or satin countertop finish doesn’t etch, but just that you don’t notice many of the minor etch marks. The surface finish can make a small difference, but if you don’t like the idea of constant marble maintenance to keep the surface looking new, then go with granite. In general, all marbles will fall within a range of hardness / softness, but can vary. Yes, etching can be repaired easily enough, but it’s this extra ongoing maintenance that can be a bother for many homeowners. Most marble slabs will etch upon contact with acidic substances. But some marble colors and finishes will hide the etching better, so it theoretically reduces the maintenance needed to keep the marble countertops looking their best. But the real question you should be asking yourself is if it’s a wise decision to install any marble countertops in the kitchen. But nothing will prevent you from repeatedly etching them for as long as you own the tops. So, if you like a lot of extra maintenance and the frustration of unsightly etch marks, then go for it. This is a point of confusion among many marble slab salespeople and consumers. Not because marble is not durable, but simply because most people these days want the marble to remain in like-new condition and that just won’t happen in the kitchen without a lot of constant marble maintenance. You can perform the lemon juice test on samples of stone you are interested in to see how reactive and easily etched they are. But these people are just as naive and uniformed as most people about using marble in the kitchen. We want the marble for a show piece that we also cut tomatoes on. Staining can happen, but is not much an issue, especially with polished marble. It really isn’t that absorbent and often doesn’t even need to be sealed when polished. And once etched, the etched area is much more susceptible to stains and often you get a stain and etch mark in the same spot. You’d most likely need to seal a honed marble kitchen countertop to guard against staining since honed marble is a bit more absorbent than polished. Vinegar is highly acidic and will etch (eat away and destroy the surface) of your marble each and every time you use it. Now if you did this the marble would be much more prone to staining since you are constantly destroying the surface and exposing the marble pores as much as possible. It will keep the surface looking relatively uniform, but it’s eating away your marble and it still won’t look “new”.

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It is adjacent to my kitchen, separated by a 6 foot opening. My kitchen has dark wood cabinets and is like an extension of the family room because of the six foot opening between them. By the way, there is very little wall space in the kitchen, just around the window and about 3 feet next to the kitchen door. I have salt and pepper shakers, a spoon rest, towels and a tea pot in yellow with white polka dots, already. What to do about the ceilings in the kitchen if the ceilings in the family room are gray. The ones in the kitchen are yellow with white dots – ceramic. Also, the family room ceiling has white molding on it, too, with a white medallion around the ceiling fan. When you say a light gray for the family room, do you mean a soft, barely there gray? There is beautiful off white bead board with a wide chair rail, about 4 ft high. I want to paint my family room a dark gray with white trim (already has white moldings on walls and ceilings) and accents in rubber-duckie yellow. All the rest is wall to wall cupboards and pantry in dark wood. Very little wall space in there, but wide open ceiling space. There is a natural divide between the two rooms in the form of an arch (square one), but it is one visual space. It’ll help bounce light around and make the space more lively. That’ll integrate the spaces and play off the dark cabinets. Same approach for kitchen ceiling — the white to match the trim. Smaller kitchen need to keep floor which is beige with specs of grey. One window over sink but we have a wooded lot so not a lot of light. I have a north facing master bedroom with two windows side by side on the north-east wall and one window on the north-west wall. I am reluctant to lighten the trim color because it is a very nice dark wood. My entry hall is a yellow gold and the tile floors are a dark green with a gray marble pattern to it.

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The only cons is it doesn’t look quite as nice as real hardwood flooring, but is much more durable. Of course, you get what you pay for, as both look fantastic. Oil-based enamel is much more durable than water based latex paint. It takes almost 24 hours to dry (compared to 1-2 hours for latex), and if the can is left exposed to air for a long time, will develop a “skin”, that will look terrible on the wall. Dried latex paint will come off with solvent and elbow grease. In the kitchen, consider dishes that are dropped will most likely shatter and possibly crack a tile in the process. They are easy to clean and the variety of colors and textures make it easy to find something to match your decore. Price generally varies based on source, color and size of the marble pieces/tiles. On the other hand, you can’t refinish it if it gets gouged, dented or marked. Hardwood flooring is more pricey than laminate flooring, but can be refinished if necessary. Cork flooring is becoming popular, especially for use in kitchens that have an avid cook. Linolium tiling or sheeting can be an option, with color choices not necessarily present in the other above mentioned mediums. Can be gouged if you’re rough enough with it (like dropping something sharp on it). Stone tiles are cut to as uniform thickness as possible, but will not all lay perfectly flush, so if you’re looking for really clean lines, then skip it. Ceramic and marble are both more expensive (marble being very expensive) and difficult to install. However, it is oil-based, so it will give off fumes while applying, and for some time afterward. Oil-based paint will only come off using a solvent (alcohol, xylene, mineral spirits), where latex comes off with water. You will have to fix any mistakes immediately, or plan on repainting. Of course, you might get pits in it over time if it’s abused. Laminate flooring is easy to install, relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain. Price is going to vary based on plank size desired, wood type and overall floor thickness desired (usually comes in one of two thicknesses). It’s easy on the feet and a weee bit more gentle on dropped dishes. In this case, this is a very specialized application that involves a number of different colors of paint in varying quantities dependent on the texture desired. The cost would be relative to the size of the job and the amount of texture/colors/paint types that would be needed to achieve the effect you desire.

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What you may not realize is, something as simple as redecorating can already be a good investment. If you feel like changing the color of the entire kitchen is too bold a step, or still too costly, you can settle on livening up the look of the cabinets and drawers instead. To further save on your upgrade, if the parts of your kitchen which you want to change color require no other work apart from painting, then you can opt to do the painting yourself. It would be costlier for you to embark on amateur job, then still end up needing it repaired or done professionally after anyway. From ingredients to utensils, there is just so much that belongs in a kitchen, and it works much better if they are all conveniently located in the room. If you already have cabinets, make sure their interior and exteriors are refinished. A creative way to establish a little more space is to remove cabinet doors altogether. Unscrewing the standard doors only takes some tools, time, and effort, and filling and painting the resulting holes is not extensively costly. As good lighting is often recommended to make a room look brighter and larger, décor like a chandelier can bring charm and comfort to the space, whilst also be a surprising touch that increases your home’s overall value and appeal. The last is ideal because the furniture and décor they auction off are high commercial quality, often well taken care of, and can be acquired for steal prices. And with the kitchen arguably being the most visited room of any home, it is the ideal place to improve first, even if on a budget. While standard white makes your kitchen look, well, standard, the right color can even make it the centerpiece of your home. So when you have the resources, the kitchen upgrade you should prioritize is the improvement of your storage. If you need additional space, the strategic installation of additional shelves will also help you make the most of the space. This is particularly clever if you don’t want the installation of glass door fronts cutting into your budget but still want to change the look of your storage. To bring your kitchen to life, you can invest on an additional centerpiece that brings the room to life and makes it an even more memorable room. The leading real estate marketplace offers sellers, buyers, landlords and renters a secure and easy-to-use platform to find or list properties online.


Think about wheeling your bar cart outdoors for your next picnic! Fringe is back in lighting and really nothing beats a great drum shade or chandy! Let’s put up overhead lighting that uplifts our decor! And they have had a good run at being the hot-new-belle of the decorating scene. A really nice open shelf or two that is well put together still looks amazing. They were certainly a friend for a season but now gone! Is it because it is a gorgeous, soft, ballerina pink? The pink trend started about 5 years ago and pink has morphed several times. Just look how well it works for you in your wardrobe? Think red door, white walls, white floors, soft neutral furniture and one red chair. Grays are too cold to be used in such large doses and so many grays are just so unattractive. It is a classic and really has never been very far from hot! I ditch my neutral sofa in the living room for a copper velvet one with fringe! Splurge on one stunning showstopper of a piece donned with a gorgeous and intricate pattern! I think we have seen the backside of the rustic farmhouse movement. I hope you have liked the fun of looking down the road to 2018 trendy decor! Very much overdone, although this type of thing is a best seller for us. The colors are easy to live with and lovely with candlelight and old silver. It’s wonderful to know the trends but it’s even better to know what we love! Instead of a kitchen “white out” try adding color or texture or interest with wall color or wallpaper or backsplashes. I say, let’s hear if for the bar cart if you have a place to put it! I think when something is so overdone and copied the way open shelves have been they start to look a little gimmicky. And a galley kitchen with open shelves is such a classic! Succulents are being replaced by bigger yet still easy to care for plants. So copper and rose gold have been moved out by another metal! I never really bought into the copper or rose gold fad! If you add one color to your decor (and wardrobe) this year make it millennial pink! I might also look for a scarf that celebrates my pink girlie-girl side! High contrasts are not only very popular they are sophisticated and dramatic! Other high contrasts are bits and touches of saturated color accompanied by lots and lots of white. I don’t know if they are my style or if you will see them in my home, but they sure look pretty. Grays seem to have had a fabulous run and will not be completely out of the picture, but soft warm-tone neutrals will be donning our homes in 2018 and beyond. It’s rich and most often seen in deep luxurious hues like emerald greens and cobalt blues and rich coppers. Look for floors, backsplashes, and furniture with intricate details! I truly like both of them, and changing them is not an option at this point. Look for a post this month about how to decorate with some trendy items and without having to redecorate when styles change. Any chance you would know where to purchase the fabric or the pillow? Black and white kitchen and soft taupe greys throughout with thick white mouldings.

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I started with making the glass fronted kitchen cabinets look more appealing. Staging or just making your home look more fresh and modern using what you already own comes down to three things. Try to make the rooms on each floor flow easily into one another. Take away a few things from time to time in each of your spaces. I know there are lot of other parameters in deciding the cost factor. My biggest concern is people who may be allergic, the litter boxes (just that they even exist) and how to keep our pets safe while strangers walk around. Cats are harder to deal with then dogs as you can simply take the dog for a walk when the showing is taking place. I would get an honest opinion from your real estate agent or someone who does not live in your house – to walk in and see if they can smell the cat litter box. If you can put them in a crate in your garage while buyers are looking at the house is the best way to handle the situation. If it can be carried to a garage for the showings – do that. Nobody’s buying much here but the deals are great for building right now! It’s just so easy to bring home all the little ones! She had me remove almost all the furniture in the house except 2-3 pieces per room. You were lucky to sell your house 2 years ago before the plummeting prices of homes on the market today. I loved these tips and am excited about learning more! I have some really bad dents in the carpet upstairs where we moved furniture. The before and after shots of that living room perfectly display what staging can do. Some give me a big budget, others no budget at all except for my fee. To sell a house, you need to do as much as you can to make the house desirable to a wide array of buyers. The homeowner had very colorful dishes that where just begging to be shown off. I only buy the absolute necessities – and each home is different in what it needs. This is done by picking a few colors and implementing them in each room. You can also place a white cloth over the dents and use the steam from a steam iron to remove the dents. I have in mind of selling my house so wanted to ask about the hourly fees and how many hours would you suggest approx. In large metro areas the cost would be higher than in smaller towns. What do we do with them and their belongings when the house is being shown? If it is possible, it is best to remove them from the house when a showing is taking place. Cats and their litter box smells are a huge turn off to buyers. If they can – you will be have to be vigilant in keeping it clean. This way the cats won’t escape if a buyer stands with the door open or doesn’t like to deal with cats. Tactfully telling someone that their decorating style is making the house unsellable is an impossible situation to be in. Sorry to hear about your bad biz experience – it’s too bad that you had to be the one to sell out. I am having a giveaway this weekend, you should come check it out! I am still working on bigger statement pieces for my own home. If you look close at the photo of them you can see one has a bit of rust on it. She kept large scale artwork and accessories and brought in some pieces from her own stash. I think this is the type of staging/redecorating the majority of homeowners can afford and accomplish. This is the most economical for the homeowner who can take on the task themselves – they just need ideas and a list with specifics.

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Despite my temptation to paint the walls, we have decided to keep the h ouse as original as possible since it still has all of the original wood (excluding the cherry kitchen installed 15 yrs ago). I would then cover the window seat with the stripe fabric, and put a roman shade instead of the curtains, with the idea of leaving up and letting as much natural light in the room. I would get more tailored end tables and much larger lamps to go on them. Maybe new lamps on the end tables and new sconces with small shades on either side of the beautiful art. Jewel tones like gold, greens or blue would offer a subtle contrast to the warm wood. Maybe floral fabric in the painting’s colors on the window seat and a couple pillows wouldn’t be too girly for your husband. You have a beautiful space to start, so a few changes may be all you need. I think a cream colored leather sofa might be too stark against the wood. Green is a more dominant color in the painting and it is complimentary to red. Even though a darker color, it will brighten the room with color and contrast. I want to brighten the room and considered that sofa because it’s slightly used so a good deal with the cornices. I would stay with neutral colours in the blue and off whites range and then accent with pattern or accent colours with pillows or trim on the curtains. Maybe simply slipcover your current furniture and call it a day. Less is more in your room, because your walls are the focal point. A modern side table or interesting lamp will update the overall look that will still stay true to the rooms original character. I applied polyurethane to the walls, which made a big difference! I would have very little on the tables, as the books etc are enough for the room. I know you are trying to lighten up – consider a tan or golden leather instead. Not too modern, maybe a little mid century nod with the arabesque shapes. It is hard to tell in the pic whether emerald green or olive green would be best. If you keep the rug you will do well with a blue or whitish chesterfield. You can look at ottomans and pillows in this color as a great contrast to the burgandy. Keep large investment seating pieces in a solid fabric so they’ll endure and continue to be timeless. Use your fabric for roman blinds and a same yellow or a deep pink window seat.


If not lanterns, then something big and white and amazing! My absolute first choice in white flowers are tulips! We all want a light, clean and fresh looking kitchen and white accents will give us the look we love! Food even looks prettier and they go with everything! My sister’s mother-in-law, who is quite wealthy and could afford any kind of dishes, always said she picked white dishes because they were so versatile and could be mixed in with any other dishes she had. It’s just a clean, crisp, classic look that won’t go out of style and you don’t have to spend a ton of money. I think one of my favorite things about white is it goes with every season as well. The juxtapostion of the two, antique and modern with the bright white to keep it light work really well. Our home often feels like a hotel, filled with family and friends. White is a classic and also ver y popular right now so using white to brighten up a kitchen seems only natural! Even if you don’t have a white kitchen these white accents will work! How about taking a terracotta pot and painting it white? White flowers will brighten you kitchen and your day! White is the perfect accent color to brighten up a kitchen! Here’s some clever ways to create a radiant and fresh kitchen! I too use white dishes and then add colored or patterend soup bowls and salad plates to accent for different times of year. My cabinets aren’t white, they’re a rich oak and still in good condition. However this contrasts with natural oak shelving, a traditional terracotta tiled floor, fireplace, chandelier and antique walnut table. My front door is always open to friends… old & new!

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It is because this post consists of my seven best choices of wall paint color to pair with white kitchen cabinets. The second main reason is that white paint, especially bright white paint can create a clean look in the kitchen area. In my opinion, clean look in the kitchen area is much better. Besides, it also represents hygienic and good quality foods. This way, you can always see the clean look in the cooking area. If space is limited, it is no longer a secret that white wall paint is used in creating the more-spacious visual effect. For some people, white can look too bright for cooking and does not meet their taste. In such situation, light gray can be an excellent alternative to consider since commonly this type of wall paint also can create a clean look just like what white wall paint can do. This is apparently to the fact that even the brightest light gray color is still less bright than white color. Here, we can also see that the light gray kitchen wall color can create a clean look that is needed in the kitchen are less brightly. This color factually still belongs to the gray category, but it usually has a strong beige undertone. However, you should not be worried that the whole room will look hot because it will not. Another great thing about choosing greige as the wall color of your kitchen is because right now there are more and more options of greige paint offered by various brands, including the most popular brands. I can imagine if the kitchen wall is also painted in white, which means that the whole kitchen is decorated in white color, neutral and clean look from the white color is the only thing we can see. By adding the greige color, the kitchen area gains warm look, which also at the same time makes the room cozier. Something like this is compatible with the white color of the kitchen as well as all of the stainless-steel appliances placed in there. Of course, it does not mean that the combination will result in the same clean and warm look as when you choose greige for the wall paint. Of course, this is a suitable choice to pick when you want the cozy and relaxing atmosphere to exist in your cooking area. It is because the color is not only used on the wall but also in some other interior elements including backsplash and floor. The neutral colors meant here are not only white from the cabinets but also black from countertops and stools. I believe that a cheerful atmosphere created by yellow wall color like this is perfect for a kitchen are that at the same time also functions as an alternative dining space. Just in case that you are wondering about why the cheerful atmosphere is suitable for an alternative dining space as told previously, it is because such atmosphere is very suitable to boost passion and spirit. However, this problem seems to be solved already using glass windows and doors that enable natural light to enter the room adequately and makes the kitchen to feel more open and airy. This is proven by the existence of 4 barstools, which seems to be paired with the island that at the same time also functions as a table. Even both colors contrast to one another they can complement each other nicely. Adequate lighting from artificial or/and the natural source is still needed here. It seems that the cause is the soft characteristic that the paint color has. If that is the case, you should take advantage of the white color of the cabinets. My first main reason is that, apparently, white is the most compatible color to be paired with the white color of the kitchen cabinets. If the kitchen cabinets you own has off-white shade, warmer shade of white, or more cooling shade of why all of them can still be paired with white wall nicely. This can be bright and bright white, bright and warm white, or bright and cool white. Even kitchen is cooking space, which means some mess caused by cooking activities can result in every time we cook, it does not mean that clean look is a wrong choice to pick for the space right? For me, this look creates a particular kind of excitement that can support quality cooking time. Certainly, when you choose a clean look for the kitchen by the combination between white kitchen cabinets and white wall paint (and possibly white countertops too), there is a responsibility to keep the kitchen area clean. Especially for the area where there is a higher chance for the mess to result, such as the wall space near the stove or the one near the kitchen sink, it is recommended for you to install a backsplash. Besides, usually, the backsplash is more accessible to clean so it will never be a problem. However, this reason in particular since it is applicable only in small kitchen space. Moreover, the white paint is about to be paired with white-colored cabinets. This is especially when the white tone is bright or clean white. The beige undertone of greige wall color radiates a quite visible warm look, which also affects the atmosphere in the kitchen area. Besides, the white kitchen cabinets also give enough domination to the kitchen by its neutral color. I think it is a good thing because in small space like this white color always works properly in avoiding the room from looking smaller. Since greige still belongs to a gray category, of course, it also still provides a clean look to the kitchen area. Instead of clean and warm look, beige wall paint that is paired with white cabinets will create soft, warm look. Besides, although the use of beige in kitchen wall is no longer strange, you need to know that this will result in something good. Although so, as you can see in the picture above, the kitchen space does not look too warm because of it. Not to forget there are also stainless-steel appliances, which color can be said to be neutral too. Usually, it is marked by the existence of chairs or stools that are paired with a kitchen island or even a set of dining table and chairs, which overall size is usually not too big. Having breakfast to start each day in this spot then is a good idea, right? Thankfully, space has a plus point, which is none other but the cheerful atmosphere from the combination of white cabinets and yellow wall. Well, the use of this yellow wall paint does not seem to be helpful in making the kitchen space looks more spacious. Of course, when it comes to a darker blue color category like this, there are quite a lot of shades you can consider. It is true that the kitchen already has white cabinets you cannot hope that the cabinets alone can beat the dark look resulted from the use of the dark blue wall paint. Chocolate brown and any other brown color can create a cozy look in any interior space. However, the cozy look is not the onl y thing can be obtained from this shade of brown. The example of how this chocolate brown paint color looks in kitchen space can be seen in the picture below. Is there any of the seven choices of color that you think to be suitable for pairing with your white cabinets or do you have your favorite? It means you can match your white kitchen cabinets with any wall color of your choice if you want to. Since white is the neutral color, it is easy to pair it with any color.

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The above photo was what it ended up looking like after some time. I wanted to be different than every other house in the neighborhood…no shocker there! I had read so many mixed reviews about soapstone maintenance and durability. I remember reading more cons than pros about this stone that feels smooth and soft like a bar of soap. Surely, my soapstone wouldn’t scratch because we would take excellent care of it! Soapstone is just so soft and anything will scratch or engrave it. One time, we had a large gathering of friends over and what does everyone do when crammed into a room? They would see my sink or scratches all over my countertop and asked what happened. In our kitchen we have it on a large slab that divides the living room and the southern exposure sun beats down on it all day. Also, our bar island gets full sun exposure and it hasn’t yellowed either. I redid our kitchen last year before we put our house on the market. New “carrara” looking quartz stones are coming on to the scene too which is a great compromise! I mentioned that our kitchen has gone through two big changes in the six years we’ve owned it. When we were building this home, the standard option that our builder provided was granite. I visited even had a soapstone kitchen sink that they actually used in their showroom kitchen. I had read that mineral oil can be used to shine up soapstone and give it that black, lustrous look. I had actually used mineral oil on this day to try to make it look better before the party. I needed to just deal with it since we had paid so much more than what granite would be. I had read and heard too many stories about it’s maintenance. I didn’t want to put myself or my family through the stress of another “high maintenance” surface. Quartz, however won’t work for us at all because of the resin in it that will yellow next to the bright sunlight that will pour into our kitchen directly onto the countertops. Not trying to sway you from quartzite or granite but thought you may be interested in knowing it’s been great in our home. Your beach cottage is my inspiration for some changes–can you tell me what white paint you used on the walls? I have it in bright spaces like my living room and kitchen to darker spaces that don’t get much light like my bathrooms.

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I cant believe the difference from the before and after photos! For ghe cabinet doors underneath, did you have to purchase new doors or did you retrofit the ones that were there? I love this table and how it looks especially when you show the full view of everything. You inspired me to build a cubby built in in my back hallway and my husband is loving our new look with all things gray! I went over it twice–the first time there wasn’t enough coverage. Your kitchen and your entire home are beautiful! The kitchen looks beautiful and you are inspiring me to start on our very large kitchen by myself. Ive been on this page several times never realizing it was the same house! I have a stained wood color on mine currently and wondered if you guys sanded them down before painting? It was great before we had kids, but it doesn’t really work well when both kids are doing homework or crafts. I thought the old color looked a little “blah” once the marble was installed. We have just finished painting our 2 story family room today! I miss it or do you plan a post on your diy stove hood? Also do you use a sealer/wax after using the semi gloss paint? Why did you change from the wrought iron to the nickel hardware? Once we chose that later down the road we liked the idea of a little more “sparkle” on the cabinets to coordinate with the new faucet (plus we felt like they would show up better on the darker cabinetry). I can get a picture of how my house will look once we start the painting process next week before move in!


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