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The most frequent question we get asked is why is your epoxy coating better than so and so? A few minutes on this page can save you a lot of time and money. You’ll see that most epoxy companies don’t even have specifications for their product! It tells you right away how resistant that coating is to vehicle and foot traffic. As you go higher in mg loss rating the lower in quality you go.These are critical must know factors if you are putting down an epoxy floor and expecting it to last 15-20 years. Why spend additional dollars on something that will only delay failure by a year or two? If you do nothing else know what the abrasion loss rating of an epoxy paint is before you buy it! As you can see from the chart below our epoxies have extremely hard finished surfaces when fully cured. During adhesion testing with elcometer pull tester, top layer of concrete slab pulled off with no delamination of our epoxies! A small difference here equates to a huge difference in the life expectancy of your floor.
Plain And Simple Countertop Price Chart From Countertopinvestigator.Com And of course thinner coatings with higher mg loss ratings will wear through exponentially faster! A harder coating will resist damage from everday mishaps such as dropped tools, parts, toys etc. Anything under 100 inch lbs cannot resist dropped tools or parts. Aside from sticking to your floor and not wearing off an epoxy has to look good! Putting a clear epoxy over a colored epoxy makes no sense! Meaning how long the coating will stay looking new or in the case of poorly rated coatings how quick they will dull and wear out! Every additional mg of loss in the abrasion rating makes a huge difference in the longevity of your floor. The difference between an 4mg, 8mg or even 20mg abrasion loss and a 24 mg loss is exponential. Once you hit 25mg you are in regular floor enamel territory which begs the question of why spend extra money on an epoxy? The three most important factors when considering an epoxy is the adhesion rating or how strong a bond it makes with your floor, second is the abrasion rating or how hard it is to wear off once you are driving a vehicle over it and or working on it, third is the impact rating, how much of an impact can it take without chipping off. Just because a company calls a product a topcoat doesn’t mean it is one or is worth your additional dollars. For reference purposes an epoxy must have an abrasion loss rating of 10 or less to be industrial grade. Where as the lower the mg loss number the better resistance an epoxy has to losing it’s shine and actually wearing off. The 4 mg side will last three times as long as the 8 mg side if they were coated at the same thickness, if the 4mg side is 50% thicker it would last 6 times as long as the 8mg side. Below is a picture worth a thousand words in regards to abrasion wear. Our epoxies have just about double the impact resistance than our closest competitor! It means you’ll have a newer looking floor a lot longer without chips and scratches in it! Our epoxies score highest for shine and gloss, they have a real high gloss finish! Which means when you roller on our epoxies they cover your floor with a deep rich looking color that has highest gloss finish possible! A topcoat must have a better abrasion rating than the epoxy it’s covering or it’s simply not a topcoat and makes no sense.

Best Small Microwaves 2019 by toptenreviews.com

This microwave cooked our test foods properly and comes with a budget-friendly price tag. We figured a unit as small and inexpensive would be toward the bottom of the pack. It struggled a bit on popcorn, leaving more unpopped kernels than all but two competitors. This ties for the smallest unit we compared, but we were still able to fit a large dinner plate, bowl and glass, so you know at least you can reheat all different types of leftovers. The smaller ones like this take up very little counter-space; it takes much less space on a countertop than the largest models we compared. This unit did a good job on most tests – cooking quickly and evenly for the most part. We spread the same amount of pizza rolls evenly across a tray and cooked them on the same settings in each microwave, and this one cooked them perfectly. That was the best result we saw during our heat consistency test. We used the potato button to cook potatoes of the same size in each unit, and this one came out with a hard spot in the middle. As you get used to your microwave you learn how well the settings work for everything. The bottom line is that this microwave did well overall and it costs less than 80 bucks. The five years of coverage on the magnetron (the most expensive component) trumps the standard one-year coverage on most models. This microwave has been on the market long enough that we have tested it twice and it performed well in both rounds of testing. The potato button produced an ideal result – it came out fluffy and tender. Preset buttons for this microwave include popcorn, pizza and potato. That means you will always have to press at least two buttons to get a cycle started. Many of the microwaves we tested left lots of unpopped kernels or lots of over-popped (burned) kernels. This one had a small difference in temperature, so you don’t have to fear the cold spots. We were still able to fit a fairly large bowl, dinner plate and dinner cup without a problem. Our side-by-side comparison chart gives you a quick look at features you want, and helps you make a more informed purchasing decision. Price is not an indicator of quality necessarily, in this type of appliance. After all, there is no reason to have a popcorn or potato button if they leave you with burnt kernels or uncooked potatoes.

Quartz Countertops Cost Calculator From Vimeo | Duration 1 Minutes 25 Seconds We also created a sort of heat map by covering the trays of each microwave with marshmallows and letting them start to brown. Since even the smallest ones we tested fit everything, we did not give much of a scoring advantage to the bigger ones. Microwaves that cooked food completely and evenly got higher scores than those that left cold spots or burned spots. We were pleasantly surprised by how much the smaller units could fit so we generally recommend getting the smallest one that makes sense for your household. That being said, we were pleasantly surprised by how much overall power didn’t really speed cooking, or at least not by much, so you can still get a smaller unit with less power and expect to be totally satisfied. That coupled with a long warranty and reasonable price make this a great value. In our testing, it produced an evenly-cooked finished product. When we cooked a tray of pizza rolls, there was a fair amount of difference between the temperatures on one end of the tray and those on the other. It is probably not going to be the best for preparing large dishes of food. This occupies the smallest amount of counter space of any we tested. It will not be able to prepare large quantities of food easily.The temperature at one end of the tray was only three degrees different from the temperature at the other end. Giving it another minute would have probably solved the problem, but it was still a bit disappointing since other units cooked the potato to perfection on the first try. When we popped the same kind of popcorn in each unit using the popcorn buttons, this one tied for the most unpopped kernels. This microwave lacks a sensor cooking feature, which some competitors offer, which senses temperature and humidity and then adjusts cooking times accordingly. Its turntable is big enough to comfortably fit a standard-sized dinner plate or a large mixing bowl, allowing you to heat large amounts of leftovers at once. If you’re like many people you may not want to think too much about how to cook with your microwave, and this microwave has a reheat button that uses sensors to determine when the food is done.

Cost Of Granite Countertops | Duration 2 Minutes 37 Seconds However, it lacks a quick-cook function and a 30-second key to add time as you cook. The reheat function has sensors that will heat your food to the right temperature. This unit was a little more expensive than most others and has a weak warranty, but it did a good job on the food and has a stylish stainless steel look that might be worth the bigger investment. It also did well with the pizza rolls, leaving only a slight difference in temperature from one end of the tray to the other. There were plenty that had obvious hot spots in our marshmallow test. We also cooked a plate of pizza rolls and recorded temperature differences from one side to the other. This is almost the smallest microwave we tested, so you may not want it if you regularly cook for more than one person. It also has less overall power than most units we tested at 900 watts. The weak warranty likely will be noticeable – it’s only a year of coverage for everything. We reached out to manufacturers with questions we had along the way. Depending on how much you paid for the unit initially that might be worth it. We noted whether the programmed buttons prepare their proclaimed food properly. We also gauged how evenly each microwave can cook by measuring temperatures at one end of a plate of cooked pizza rolls and the other.Manufacturers tell you the cubic feet, but how do you translate that to your dinnerware and mixing bowls? We fired up each microwave and tested them on commonly-prepared items like popcorn, pizza rolls and potatoes.

Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Wood Pellet Grill by bbqguys.com

With the simple temperature selection system, the grill can be set to temperatures as low as 160 degrees for smoking and up to 500 degrees for the perfect sear. A continuous fan insures that your grill stays evenly heated and smoky, so every bit of food is perfectly cooked. Simply pull open the trap door with the side knob and empty the ash cup underneath the grill. With the digital temperature display, simple temperature settings, and an exclusive ash clean out system, this grill will have you spending less time needing to monitor your grill and more time enjoying the outdoors and a delicious meal. Once you have chosen your desired temperature, the digital display can be toggled between showing the grill temperature and internal food temperature, which is monitored by the included stainless steel meat probe. The automatic auger dispenses pellets as needed from the high capacity hopper, which holds up to 18 pounds of pellets at once. This grill also features a pair of large, heavy-duty wheels for easy rolling, a pellet clean out door so you can keep your unused pellets protected and dry between uses, and a powder coated steel side shelf.
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