Conclusion: I Just Don’ Like Light Neutral Paint Colors Except White!

After all, the entire condo only had four windows in it, and the two windows in the front of the condo (one in the breakfast room and one in the living room) were both underneath a second-story walkway, so the rooms always felt dark. That’s actually what all of those paint samples are being held up against it the photos above. I see undertones very clearly, and it ruins just about every neutral paint color out there for me. In summary, her approach is we have to pick a neutral with the right undertone to work.
Open Floor Plan Design Photos Of Open Floor Plan Homes | Duration 27 Seconds I also use a favorite rug, textile as a place to start in rooms without tile, counters etc. It can be almost impossible at times to find fabric or a rug to match a certain paint, but you can always have paint matched to the fabric or rug. I spent about three hours looking at each and every fabric swatch that both places had. Just wondering how it goes with the coral/berry-colored buffet in the entry? God put so many shades of green on yhis earth and every flower color goes with it. I see the white walls, dark fireplace, and those striped drapes. I think the walls in a beautiful bright white, striped drapes, pops of color on your chairs, that luscious buffet and all the rest…. I have now painted 2 other rooms this color and will be doing my daughter’s bathroom soon! I obsess over the colors of a wall, but they make such an impact on the room and just a few shades different can change the whole feel of a room! These rooms get a lot of light and this color just looks fantastic. I think my issue is with all medium to light neutral paint colors, with the exception of bright whites. The green one glows, and the other one has red undertones, so neither made the final cut. That color is incredibly popular right now, and has been for at least a couple of years. I painted it on a large sample board, and lived with it and moved it around the room over a two-day period. Maybe green is that for you… the color that everything else goes with, the color that you can build your home around! I think the light green color will be awesome with the kitchen colors.

Interior Design — Elegant & Comfortable Open Concept Main Floor Makeover | Duration 5 Minutes 21 Seconds Something that compliments the tones of floors, countertops – things you cannot afford to change or don’t want to change. Picking a favorite textile in the room works 99% of the time. I took my dining chair fabric with me, and every choice for the room is being based on that fabric. I totally get your use of color and the dislike of neutrals and grays. I tried every gray and also hated the ones that actually look green in certain light. You have to paint up and down or it will show roller marks and it is way too shiny for me. I don’t like dark wall colors, bright primary colors, or pastels. I have had many compliments from people that have come in to work in my house (who have seen a lot of renovations!) tell me how much they love this color.

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It’s very important to read through the descriptions so that you can understand the undertone of each color and how it might work in your home. The home had been a builder spec home in a new development, and the client had re-painted when they moved in but felt the color, which was a very cool blue-gray, wasn’t quite right. I like to tape the loose swatches to the foam core and then move the foam core around the room. We eventually settled on three options for the living area that were all warm grays and then three options for blue-greens in the kitchen and dining area. It’s a warm stony color right in between true gray and beige. This is my top contender for my client’s livin g room because it paired nicely with the stone in her fireplace. It’s another beautiful versatile gray that’s neither too warm (beige) or too cool. I have used most of the colors from the same paint strip and find that they are somewhat changeable with the light, looking cooler or warmer depending on the time of day. On four different walls, it looked like four different colors because of how the room received natural light. Does being on the same swatch mean that colors keep the same undertones? If they are on the same swatch, then they have the same undertone, so it will work. You definitely want to stay away from cool greys with blue undertones and probably even the warmer grays with green undertones. I can’t be sure that they will work though without seeing the tops in person. That will give you a better feel for how the light will effect the color in your space. It’s really hard for me to say without seeing your space, so take this advice with a grain of salt. The room was painted edgecomb gray when we moved in but really pulled a yellow from the floor.

How To Arrange Your Living Room Furniture! | Duration 2 Minutes 26 Seconds To complicate matters its a sunken family room and is open to the rest of the main floor thats already neutral. I have an open kitchen living area and the home has moulding that is now painted white to showcase it. What paint would you recommend that would be stunning? I get a good amount of natural light during the day and then mid-afternoon things start to darken up which makes all the colors change. It was amazing how so many “neutral” grays looked too blue or green on our walls. And sometimes, there is no one perfect color because those fixed elements are so discordant. The floors are light maple and cream carpet (both have pinkish undertones). They have an orange tone with slivers of a warm creamy yellow throughout. The kitchen granite is creme bourdeux and it’s also around the fireplace. My dove white looked yellow, my edgecomb grey looked medium tan and leading the pack is the agreeable grey which is in most of my interior. Do you think agreeable grey is good outside and with antique brick? You should see all the color swatches on my bathroom wall! I have my heart set on a gray paint scheme for our new house, but it is best described as post and beam style with lots of light, natural wood. The fixed finishes were all over the place, and the gray they’d picked was too cool to coordinate with any of them. I also brought drafting tape and a piece of white foam core. Plus, the white of the foam keeps the existing wall color from distorting the color of the swatches. We discussed painting the cabinets ivory to better coordinate with the cottage style the client prefers. The undertone of the color leans more towards yellow-orange than toward green. It’s a wonderful alternative to beige and much more versatile. It doesn’t tend to look sagey, and it works well with all colors of natural wood. It’s a very pale luminous gray with a green undertone, and it looks good with both oak and white trim. Put them up in your room and observe them in the morning and then in the evening.

Our Transitional Decor Living Room & Dining Room Tour | Beingmommywithstyle | Duration 7 Minutes 25 Seconds Would one mesh better with all the gold tones in my wood? Lighting and other finishes can dramatically affect the color. We have golden oak floors and it has a darker warm brown with blackish brick fireplace right smack in the middle of the room. The sofas in the family room and curtains are all taupe/greige so the brick really stands out. Any thoughts would be hugely appreciated and hopely save multiple repaints! I am having a tough time finding a warm gray for my open floor plan house (currently painted an awful gold-beige-green color), and hope you can help me with a question about undertones. Our kitchen cabinets are white and we have a used brick fireplace with grey mortar. We are considering a white, cream or warm gray wall colour. I have 2 windows and good lighting with several can lighting in my ceiling. Our floors are dark wood, all windows are white shutters and kitchen cabinets are white. The carpet is a neutral beige and my furniture is a driftwood color. I do offer a color selection service, which you can check out on my services page. How do you think the revere pewter would work with this? As always, paint some test swatches in various locations…one close to the limestone, one close to the cabinets.

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It is my new favorite color as it changes with the light throughout the day. Unfortunately cannot afford to replace any of it right now but am wondering what paint colors would work?

Connect Rooms With Color Sherwin Williams | Duration 2 Minutes 51 Seconds Trying to finish this last piece of the puzzle over labor day weekend. Would you have any suggestions for the top part of the wall? It’s dark brown and the ceiling is too and is very very dark. I would like to paint one wall as an accent wall and all the other walls a different color. Revere pewter scares me as it seems so gray paired with the chocolate/mahogany furniture. I have a medium toned oak cabinets and well as wain scoting in both. Be sure to sample in your home first before purchasing paint. I think the photo is a better representation of the true color. Move around day and night to see if your lighting works well with it. I have been remodeling using paint color the mo jes we had set aside for remodel went to our son who needed a kidney transplant. I am priced very reasonably and can help with your decorating/ color questions. Just a correction about the wall color in your second photo of the dining room. Always love the context of your posts as well as the gorgeous inspirational photos you provide. I live in a beach community and would like to go beachy if possible. It is a light beige that works well with the beachy blues and greens. I am on my 6th sample and keep finding the gray is either too dark, too light, too brown, etc. Couch is a large sectional in a rich chocolate and dining room furniture is mahogany. The green will also work well with your fireplace which has green undertones. I have olive like furniture with burgundy roses and medium wood trim. Try getting a sample and painting two coats on poster board.

How To Organize A Good And Bad Single Family House | Duration 1 Minutes 43 Seconds I am looking for a color to make the cabinets pop and a neutral color for the adjacent family room. I would need to see photos of your home to help you get the best color for your walls.

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Two swivel chairs covered in a coordinating patterned leather, and an amazing four level swivel table complete the set. The electric recliners are so smooth they seem to open on their own. Remember when reclining furniture was fat, ugly and boring? Our window c ornices, wall sculptures, and mirrors are built by our staff. Colors and patterns flow effortlessly from one room to another. The two tone leather sectional is highlighted with a custom area rug. A client home drawn to scale with the furniture placed properly. Our exclusive rolling curved chaise sectional is surrounded by 2 comfortable swivel chairs, and a custom wall unit. Colorful silk pillows add color to the room and coordinate perfectly with the custom area rug. An extraordinary kitchen off the family room calls for a beautiful coordination of color and texture. Adjustable height counter stools feature a colorful fabric and a metallic blue vinyl. A custom area rug continues the theme of shape and color, and a pair of ottomans in an exclusive metallic fabric completes the setting. Custom sectional with swivel-rocker chairs covered in luxurious fabrics. Custom ottoman in center of room to coordinate with sectional. Elevated styling means the piece is stylish when closed, and incredibly comfortable when the four recliners are open. In the kitchen, sophisticated counter stools in coordinating fabrics and adjustable heights are just the right touch for a very special kitchen. Our children are enjoying their custom bedroom sets, and now we are ready for our home office. Custom hand made mirror coordinates perfectly with custom area rug. We are thankful for all your thoughts, ideas and experience. Perfectly coordinated custom area rug and mirror, curved leather sectional and leather swivel chair. Our most comfortable curved sectional is featured twice in this room, covered in the softest of two-tone leathers. The dining chairs feature a coordinate with the same metallic vinyl. One of our newest fabrics in blue, taupe and silver upholstery on the chair tops and seats. Two-tone leather highlights the frame and silk pillows add color. Portugal, the lacquer finish and wood trim combination is exquisite. Channeled back leather sectional includes power recliners oversized chaise and extreme comfort! Featuring supple leathers, fashionable fabrics, dramatic styling and complete customization, our brand new styles are beautiful.

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You should feel relaxed as soon as you walk through the door and be rejuvenated by the beauty around you. However, painting them the same color as the walls will help them to blend in and almost disappear. As you look down a hallway with several doors, all the doors won’t jump out at you if they blend in with the walls. It’s a fresh, clean look that allows your furniture and accessories to take center stage. Your eye doesn’t know where to stop, so the space seems so much larger. The rest of the elements have been kept light and fresh to make the room cozy and inviting. If the molding had been painted in a contrasting color, it would have changed the mood of this room entirely and probably would have made it seem too busy for the style of the room as it is. This allows the beams to stand out against the white ceiling and become a focal point in the room. Had the window trim or shelving been painted in a contrasting color, it would have looked too busy and not very restful to the eye. And when you get ready to paint, remember the right tools can make the job easier. I have a main entrance, a garage entrance and a slider and a window. The trim around the doors is brown sort of like a picture frame going around the doors and the wall. It really is a personal choice and depends on the look you want. Would painting the trim to match the doors make the space look more balanced? Would chantilly lace walls work with super white trim and cabinets? The most important thing to remember when decorating with white on white is to make sure the undertones are the same. What is best to use semi gloss or a satin/eggshell to paint the trim? If you keep the crown and trim around the cabinet the same color as the cabinet, it works as one cohesive unit. Then the rest of the crown and trim in the room could match what is in the rest of the house. Everything in the same white would look beautiful, just as it would if you did a slight contrast on the walls. And vary your finishes – satin on the walls, semi-gloss on the trim and flat on the ceiling. My contractor says that white is best on the ceiling to hide any drywall imperfections. The main living area is an open concept style with lots of floor to ceiling windows – 10′ ceilings. As long as you use a flat paint on the ceiling, it should hide the drywall imperfections. Remember to use flat on ceilings, and semi-gloss on the trim and doors. White trim and molding doesn’t make a room look cold if you bring in warmth through color and texture. If the natural wood is working in the room, then you can leave them as is, even if the rest of the trim is another color. If your trim is a version of white, painting the doors in the same color would brighten them up and completely change the look. And if you have a room with low ceilings, painting baseboards and crown molding will make the room seem taller. If you want to keep it fresh, but not have your doors and trim stand out, paint everything white. Warm things up by adding lots of natural textures and bringing in pops of color. This room receives plenty of light, the wood tones are light, and so is the area rug. The light carpet really helps to brighten the space, too, as does the natural light through the window. Your focus isn’t on the built-in, but rather what it is showcasing. Having the wood on the walls the same color as the beams keeps the walls from taking the attention away from the beams. If the window trim had been painted white or any color other than the wall color, it would have visually broken up the rhythm in the room. Give it a shot; you can always paint over it if you change your mind later! And we want to not only inspire you, but teach you how you can turn that inspiration into a reality. If you’d like your front door to stand out more, you could stain it a slightly darker color than the others. I will have to leave the trim and exterior house color but need help for garage doors, shutters, front door and all other doors. If you don’t want the trim around the doors to stand out, paint it off-white to match the doors. Chantilly lace too stark for a wall color throughout the whole house? Be sure to test your paint color choices in the room they’ll be used, so you can see how the light affects it throughout the day. My contractor wants to use a standard ceiling white? I want to paint the trim a white in the living room and other areas of my house. If we paint everything the same color do you still recommend. You should definitely test both paints in the space before you make your final decision. Or if you like the way the navy trim and crown looks with the wallpaper, you could leave it as is. As for whether or not to do it all in the same white, that choice is really yours to make. My question is what colour to paint the doors, baseboards and ceiling? There are slanted beams on the ceiling that are painted white. The beams and the fireplace don’t have to be the same color; the choice is yours. If you’re considering painting the fireplace white, you can still make the room warm and inviting. It’s really a matter of personal taste and the look you want for the room. Or you could opt to paint them to match the existing trim color. Think about the look you want for the room first and go from there.

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The whole space felt choppy because there were multiple rugs in an open plan layout. As soon as we rolled it up, my client commented on how much more tranquil the room felt and how much easier it was going to be to clean the floor after meals. Try to refrain from using area rugs in every room, especially if they are patterned. If your dining room is used daily avoid having a rug under the table. Use a rug to define your living room conversation area and, if it is patterned, be sure rugs in adjacent areas are solid and color-coordinated. Plus, the living room and dining room, although open to one another, will each look more distinct. Her furniture and accessories were stylish and would need only a little rearrangement to make her rooms look more cohesive. All three were visible from every angle and all three were busy-looking. Stick with solid doormats that won’t clash with patterned rugs. By using a rug in the living room, only, the whole space will feel bigger, less choppy and more peaceful.

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Remember, there is a place for greenery, but it has to be done right. I don’t like these together because they don’t make any sense at all. Then, if one day you are tired of the fishing or golfing look, you simple change the accessories and you’re done. But even if you can’t see the dirt, it’s still there! It’s hard enough getting out of bed on a cold winter morning. Work out a pleasing arrangement on the floor first, then transfer that to the wall! I was wondering if you would do as article about decorating a book shelf or shelves at the lower end of a counter. I have also hung framed pictures from the shelves so that they block parts of more than one shelf at a time. It sounds like it would be a nice finishing detail to your room…go for it! Keep in mind how the shape and scale of the piece you add in the corner relates to the size and shape of your fireplace. I understand the idea of a grouping of ceramic vases, but if they don’t really co-ordinate very well and they don’t do anything for the room – except make it look cluttered- take them away, or at least some of them! The subject matter isn’t the same, the colors aren’t the same and the styles don’t match either. Today the trend is to find other items of interest to display and fill open areas, or just leave some spaces bare to minimize clutter. I too have a black thumb, but my whole family is still living! I stopped using them years ago, but some people think they are hiding dirt and wee. Yes, add as much fuzzy cloth to your bathroom as you can! If you are saying it is horizontal, it should be fine as long as the couch isn’t too long. It won’t compete with furnishings or artwork because it is a touch of nature. If it is too far away from the seating area, then a cabinet would make more sense. Don’t make them equal in size or shape – they need to be different to work well together.

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Detail of the 18th-century chinoiserie panels covering the walls of the dining room. From past to present we are witness to a singular style and clarity of vision, a passion for quality, a fascination with the rare and unusual. It is a lesson in knowing oneself completely, of being immune to fleeting trends and fashions. With its romantic silvery light, what a magical place to dine, day or night! Gau illustrated in his watercolor paintings all of the splendor, brilliance, and opulence of the imperial palace’s interior. The light and airy conservatory is a welcome relief from the formality of the rest of the mansion, and contains five of the original marble pieces not auctioned with most of the estate’s furnishings in 1962. A vaporous mist appears to shroud the garden in reverent nostalgia. The greens are greener, the days longer, and the light stronger. The entrance hall merges garden and interior into one light-filled gallery highlighting exceptional items of furniture and art selected and arranged with the eye of an artist and curator.

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You can put up a large shelf that can be used for your bedroom area and your living area. Keep my saufit a cranberry color but want to use a light sage green on the walls? I was wondering what would be the best way to paint them? The dining room has brick red walls with dark wood furniture. Also, this move is putting us on the ‘eat beans’ budget; therefore, cannot afford drapes. Have you heard of anyone painting over damask with fabric paint? I tried green to match a white / green/ pink shower curtain but it looks terrible. We have a 3 year old new home with 12/13ft ceilings. It is so heavy that neither of us can manage to get it out of storage in our basement, up the stairs, set it up etc. Which would be more appropriate – the light color or the darker color below the chari rail? The kitchen has an open floor plan with a large bar seperating it from the living room. Im worried that the dark cabinets along with a black granite countertop will make it too dark. I originally put in a stainless silver “satin” finish faucet, but it never really matched just right, as the sink was always a tad lighter, but a darker silver finish would have been too dark. I have more time now to think about fixing some things that have been bugging me. The house is very open and we have installed blinds on the lower windows and are looking to install blinds on the upper windows because of the sun. There are 4 sets, two on the back wall on either side of a fireplace and two on the outside walls to either side. The windows are lined up one over the other so this is an option. We would like to construct a built in dresser/wardrobe along that wall. I also have plain burgundy pillows to go on each – 4 for sofa and 2 for loveseat. I am going to re-do the cabs in a darker stain, and wanted a suggestion on what to do with the oak chair rail and wainscoting. Any tips for a way to hide the eyesore without blocking out all the light? There’s a cut out from the living room that you can see into the kitchen. There is not an option but to live with the support pole, do you have any idea of what can be done with this pole to make it more attractive in the space? However, the wall divider does not necessarily have to be a screen. Any ideas for indoor arrangements that provide light and visual appeal in a small space? There are 2 doors, and a set of cabinets over the washer that has to also be painted. Our dining room and living room are wide open to each other. My question is how can i give the illision that my wall(s) are painted but im on a small budget and it would have to be an inexspensive way to do so. It has lovely damask draperies with swags and jaboted, but the colors of the stripes do not go. My husband refuses to purchase a taller tree – he has good reasons. I want to use a biege color and a complimenting contrast color. I was wondering if one can affix curtain rods close to the ceiling and display curtains that only hang about 3/4 down the wall once placed on the rod; or with this rod height, must the curtains be full length to the floor or it will look funny/cheap or chop the room height? Cabinets will be stained a dark mahogany, flooring is the brick cement flooring in used red 4×8 and back splash is the same color brick in 2×8. My husband wants black galaxy granite countertop, im thinking a dark grey would look best, along with painting the island a distressed grey. My floors are gray tile and my cabinets are a darker gray with a hand glazed finish in onyx. The only black in the kitchen are in the ridges of the cabinets and the black soapstone counter tops. However, my question revolves around drapes for the windows. We have gone back and forth about if the drapes should be only one story or both stories. Within this wall is a 66 x 54 inch window, 5 1/2 feet from the left wall and 3 feet from the right wall, 1 foot from the ceiling and 2 feet from the floor. I was thinking a pale greay but is that to much grey, a pale purple. We are in our early sixties and hope to age in place. What color and type of paint should we use on the stairway wall with to maximize visibility and minimize fingerprints? Some suggestions have been, leave the walls white & continue the wood around the molding through out the whole room or around the one wall. However, it overlooks the alley between my building and the next one, and is nearly right above some dumpters. My question is should all my light fixtures be the same color from the living rm ceiling fan to the light over the island and the dining rm table. The room is directly off the lobby area with a large window and door that open into the lobby.

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It’s totally lived-in and relaxed, but with a touch of glam. Like, doesn’t that totally defeat the purpose of a living room or something? This black and white pattern makes it feel fresh and modern. Blending all three things can be tricky, but we’ve got plenty of ideas to inspire you. Adding a ladder for high shelves adds another decorative touch. To make it even more unique, only do a section of your wall. Paint a bold pattern on your walls, or opt for using stick-on flowers, stars, or a geometric decal. Opt for insanely comfy seating, like a papasan chair, and you’ll want to lounge in your living room forever. The couch maintains a color scheme, and the blue rug beneath it ties the whole look together. Instagram, thanks to a bifold-panel painting that hides your television behind gorg art.

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We are here to tell you it’s possible to create a well-decorated living room that will impress company and will be enjoyed by your family. What ever your style–we’ve got the decorating tips and ideas for your beautiful living room, beautiful family room, or your beautiful den. The bench-style seat cushions look cleaner and don’t shift around like multiple seat cushions do. If they share a similar vibrancy and color temperature, they’ll look good together. Utilize benches, ottomans, and odd side chairs to accommodate more people. This chocolate-brown piece coordinates with the neutral color scheme of the room, and the nail-head trim is mirrored in the decorative sofa hardware. Pair silk curtains and mirrored tables with clean-lined upholstery and lots of colorful pillows. A floral rug and coordinating pillows add color to the space, while an animal-print chair heightens the drama. This fireplace was set on a rectangular piece of slate as the hearth. Two large double-hung windows punctuate these built-ins, along with cozy window seats below. They complement the space and guide your eye around the room. The honeycomb mirror over the fireplace was an inexpensive piece bought at a chain store. The plate rack that once showcased antique plates in her parents’ home holds cherished photos. The red accessories in this living room add an energetic punch without overwhelming the area. Guests and kids need not reach for coasters before putting drinks down on the distressed coffee table. The painting above the fireplace can be rolled along the galvanized metal track, revealing a television. The fabric on these armchairs pulls together the tones of this living room. Keep your furniture comfortable and durable-it is sure to be the most used in your home. Here, a collection of turquoise lighting elements stands out against the cream walls and plays off of the colors in the large painting. The coffered ceiling in the room creates a striking structural feature to the space. The legs are painted white to lighten the visual weight of the piece. The family room is also vaulted to reveal the loft space above―yet another way of providing extra volume to a relatively modest space. A sleek brass reading lamp pairs nicely with the simple white table, while a large silver-leaf table lamp fits with the more substantial black table. She tires quickly of things, and has gone through phases with several different colors, so she tries to change things up with pillows and throws. Window treatments can transform a room, adding personality and character. They also aligned the doors and windows at the same height to draw the eye up and create the illusion of more space. The style continuity is part of this home’s peaceful, tranquil feeling. This homeowner painted an outdoor lantern and wired it for indoor use. The outdoor-rated fabric won’t fade and will easily shed stains. And, we bet, you want it to look both pulled together and comfortable. Here are our best easy decorating ideas ranging in all different styles for those that love a more formal living room or a cozy den or a relaxed family room. Sisal hints at the marsh grasses in an elegant way and is also durable, easy to clean, and ideal for layering. Layering a vintage kilim over a natural sisal rug acts as an attractive barrier against water, sand, and other elements. Fabrics don’t have to be matchy-matchy to communicate with each other. A neutral-toned sofa and armchair introduce contemporary lines while custom draperies add a touch of tradition. Use antiques to anchor your room and then mix in modern touches with bold fabrics, mid-century lighting, and sculptural accessories. The natural horizontal wood paneling around this fireplace ties it together with the built-ins flanking the hearth. She’d also been acquiring updated yet traditional pieces for just the kind of collected look she liked. This homeowner’s great-grandfather owned a bungalow, and he fondly remembers childhood visits to the family home. The simple arrangement above this fireplace is clean and elegant. Tucked into a corner of the living room and paired with a set of nesting tables, the chair is a perfect spot for reading. The casual furniture is covered in washable slipcovers for easy cleanup when inevitable spills happen. White or off-white walls and slipcovers stay the same even as this homeowner flirts with new obsessions. These ceiling-to-floor draperies make the space seem taller and more grand. Bring the color down into the space with coordinating accessories like window-coverings and pillows. Vases of palm fronds simply picked up from outside complete the tropical decor. Everything in the living room—the sofa, two club chairs, and two armchairs—has lived and functioned in other areas of the home. Here, the dining chair upholstery is repeated in accent pillows on the living room sofa. The hues of this heirloom rug play off of the colors of the bottle-cap portrait above the fireplace. Here black and white photographs play off of other black and white patterns in the room. To keep the look cohesive, use patterns from the same color family and vary their scale. The long upholstered ottoman does double duty as a coffee table and a bench. Created with the feel of a warm and cozy den, this front room contains rich upholstery and textiles, dark-stained furniture, and a leather wing chair. An avid flea market and antique store shopper, as he finds new collectibles, he likes to bring them in as a quick way to change up the look.

6 Tips For Decorating An Open Concept House by

Instantly you’ve got two separately defined areas that become two rooms. Choose a color you really like and can live with and then use it in different shades and tones throughout the space. In a monochromatic color scheme it’s always nice to pair the color with white (or sometimes black) but try to incorporate an accent color as well to add some depth and interest. Other times you can simply look for corners and other transition spaces and use them to define your desired areas. For instance, install wainscoting in the area you’d like to use as the dining room. Move furniture away from the walls and create seating and conversation areas. For instance, place a rug in an area where you’d like to have a dining room table and then place another nearby where you’d like to ground the living room. For example, in a monochromatic blue color scheme, it’s nice to add a few hits of something rich like red or orange. Sometimes open concept homes have moldings and paneling that create breaks between spaces. That way, even if you paint everything the same color there’s a definition to the spaces that differentiates the dining room from the adjoining areas. In an open concept house all of the same rules of living room and dining room decorating apply. You can also use large items like bookcases and screens to break up long walls and define spaces.


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