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I added the amount of water the bag said to use (maybe just a little extra for good luck) and poured it in and troweled it off-another job well done! While we were standing there, one of the kitchen workers came through with a heavy hard-wheeled dolly loaded with supplies that dropped onto the threshold as he passed: we knew the cause of the problem. Before you can repair anything you have to know what caused the problem in the first place and you have to understand how it is supposed to work. The worst thing you can do is make a repair that doesn’t last. This article is only a very superficial treatment of this subject.Here is advice on troubleshooting the damage and coming up with the best concrete repair solution. I removed the old concrete and went down to the hardware store and bought a bag of premixed concrete. For the next repair, we added reinforcing steel, used higher strength concrete, and eliminated the drop-off onto the threshold. Only then can you make an intelligent decision on how to do the repair. Someone once told me that over 50% of concrete repairs fail again within two years. So let’s start by evaluating the problem and then we can decide how we are going to make a durable repair.
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