Copper Horizontal Paper Towel Holder

This vertical stand is handcrafted of solid copper by highly skilled coppersmiths who use traditional spinning techniques to shape the metal, then polish it to a brilliant finish. Side arm keeps the roll contained and helps you easily tear off sheets. My one complaint is that it can’t handle jumbo rolls–they’re too big to fit into the well. If you want a completely maintenance-free paper towel holder, look elsewhere. I tried putting weighted lead tape on the underside to give it some stability but that really didn’t work.I tried it for a while but the other thing is that usually a paper towel holder is by some type of water. I got a great price on it but it’s not a deal if you aren’t happy. Crafted of durable stoneware with an olive wood rod, it brings unexpected color to the kitchen while keeping countertops organized. Olivewood is tight-grained and extremely sturdy, making it well suited to daily use in. But the well actually helps keep water from soaking the bottom of the roll, and it doesn’t hinder tearing off sheets at all. I read some reviews that complained about it being prone to water spots.But if you love copper, and you’re used to taking care of it, then this will be a beautiful accent to your kitchen. I was very excited about it, as it matches very well with the other copper accessories in our kitchen. It also has water spots all over it from grabbing paper towels after washing hands. Literally, when you pull a paper towel from it, you sometimes pull it over.

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With its quality ratchet-action construction and weighted base, you can grab as many paper towels as you need with one hand, without worrying about uneven tearing, unraveling or toppling the roll. The towel holder boasts rust-resistant stainless steel construction. The stainless steel holder has a stylish brushed finish that blends well with any kitchen decor. The ratchet creates a slight resistance, making it easier to pull and tear. Paper towel rolls will simply slide on and off the roller, without having to remove the finial. The paper towel holder’s weighted base and nonskid feet provide increased stability. Copper Horizontal Paper Towel Holder This paper towel holder measures 12 inches high and weighs approximately 4 pounds. Its upright towel stand allows users to pull out several sheets with a single hand, while tearing perfectly along the perforated lines. A weighted base with nonskid padding keeps the paper holder rooted to countertops. Featuring a weighted, no-skid base, this aids in allowing you to enjoy simple, one-handed operation. This stainless steel holder features a ratchet action that prevents the holder from spinning freely. Spices and herbs have played a dramatic role throughout the history of civilization. In an effort to control the spice trade, new lands were discovered, wars were fought and empires were built and overthrown. With a simple sprinkle, a pinch or a dash, we can create gourmet meals in our own kitchen — no travel required. Kamenstein brand has assured consumers of quality kitchen and pantry accessories.

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Beautifully chiseled bases created from recycled stone countertop remnants. Hang your towels from the horizontal bar while storing your shampoos, lotions, and soaps in the. Copper Horizontal Paper Towel Holder


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