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More importantly, appliance manufacturers have several ways of expressing the depth of their refrigerators. While the refrigerator box is technically counter depth, all fridges need clearance in back, doors, and handles. In any case, these fridges are shallower than your average fridge, which can run several inches deeper. Be careful when placing counter-depth refrigerators below cabinets. While you may think you are getting a nice, space-saving counter-depth fridge, you are actually paying for it by slimming down in total capacity.The box section only of a counter-depth refrigerator is about 24″ to 25″. Box with doors, 3/8″ space in back, and about 2 5/8″ for handles. Thus, the true depth of this fridge is 30 1/8″, counting everything. Due to their often-excessive height (up to 72″) they may not fit. These are line drawings that indicate the various interpretations of dimension (as we discussed above), so that you can decide on dimensions yourself. Counter-depth fridges range in capacity from a measly 15 cubic feet to 25 cubic feet.The benefit: a slim-line fridge that melts seamlessly in with your kitchen counters.

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This will make sitting, eating and conversing at the countertop much more comfortable. Your countertop should cantilever a minimum of 10 inches to allow room for your knees under the counter. A recommended practice is to measure your appliances and accessories that will be incorporated with your countertop. Allow for placement of a serving platter between each accessory or appliance on the counter. If your countertop will have bar stools next to it, choose your bar stools ahead of time and let the height of the seat dictate your countertop height. Bar stools are typically 28” tall but can vary greatly per style and manufacturer. This way you can calculate how much space is required for your counter.

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Some of the common materials used to create such important fixture include stainless steel, wood and natural stones. Counter Depth Refrigerator Dimensions Width Dimension Besides the usual marble, limestone and granite, it is also possible to use other elements like gabbro and soapstone. Some of the commonly used include phenolic resin, epoxy and tile. For something simple, concrete makes good countertops as well. This fine material is made up of 5 percent polymer resins and 95 percent natural quartz. These two desirable characteristics greatly enhance the impact resistance of this countertop. Some modern homes even use terrazzo, polyester acrylic and quartz surfacing. Made from 100 percent natural quartz, many people find quartz surfacing a highly interesting material for their countertops. Just like solid-surface plastic materials, this type of material is prefabricated before it is to be installed in place. For those who are looking for something different, an engineered quartz surfacing is also a very good material for making kitchen countertops. Many people love it for their kitchens because it combines the ductility of resin with the toughness of quartz.

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Durable solid birch frame and legs witha birch veneer plywood cabinet utilizing solid mortise and tenon construction to ensure a superior product. It has two full sized doors opening to a large storage space. Counter Depth Refrigerator Dimensions Width Dimension The vanity includes an attached one piece built cultured marble countertop and sink with backsplash. Premium brand, high quality hinges to ensure efficient functionality. There is ample shelf space underneath the cabinet for additional storage.
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