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Full color and a wide variety of base sizes make this mat a worthy contender. Best of all, it will not ding or crack when heavy equipment is placed on it. We offer the largest selection of environmentally safe and recycled material countermats on the planet in an effort to help save the planet. Foam is a lightweight, practical, and cost-effective countermat solution. Mats are water resistant and can be used as a durable placemat.A thin natural rubber backing with a water-resistant fabric surface that can be used as a bar mat, bar runner, restaurant serving mat, or anywhere liquids are used. Your company logo, ad message, or instructions can be printed on the pad for easy viewing. A tough vinyl surface and skid-resistant back provide the perfect combination. Place mats are made from the durable, high-quality material. Easily change your ad message as much as you like by simply lifting the clear mat window which lays flat over your insert. Choose from your choice of rubber, vinyl, or super thin backings.
Intro To Buddy Rhodes’ Press Technique For Concrete Countertops | Duration 10 Minutes 39 Seconds The clear mat window lays flat over your insert to keep it clean and secure. Store owners will find the this mat extremely useful near any point of purchase location. It is built from a single-sheet of super-strong vinyl, which allows it to be thin, waterproof, and flexible. The scratch resistant polyethylene surface can stand up to the toughest beating. Our new multi-colored, rubberized vinyl countermats and barmats are the most durable and water-proof countermats around. This unique material allows you to see the desk top right through the mat! This repositionable pad is thin and lightweight, reducing overall cost. Surface layer is water-proof vinyl that will not show scuffing or light scratches. Works great as a desk top protector or with gaming workstations. Game board mats are made from durable, high-quality materials, but are economically-friendly so they won’t break your budget. Sealed top edge allows the clear window frame to easily lift up for convenient inserting of ad messages, instructions, etc. The thin vinyl base and superior vinyl surface make this mat attractive, functional, and economical. The top portion of the pad has an adhesive base which sticks to the counter top. We can print your company’s logo and promotional message on the countermat cover.

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You could see the glue holding the frame all along the bottom and the sides. I was hoping it would work as a mouse pad for the phone list at my work.

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This may be because of insufficient stock or because the manufacturer has discontinued this item. Your question has been received, and we will work to answer it quickly! If you entered an e-mail address, we will reach out to you in 1-2 business days. Durable, permanently bonded construction with smooth-writing top surface.

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I keep it on a floating shelf to add more height to my tall walls in my room. Would like to return, but probably more expense and trouble that it would be worth. But price wise- it is a good deal and does the trick! To put back together, simply line up your card and place the other end back on top while the magnets effectively hold your card in place. Fortunately the parts of the clock which had become separated were able to be snapped back together with no discernible breakage and only a minute scratch on the glass covering the clock face. This display can easily be relocated to sit in a new location in any window or door to ensure it gets noticed.
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