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Many cases feature clear windows and built-in lighting for product visibility. Whether you’re looking for products to use for catering applications, or you simply need equipment for your convenience store, we have you covered. If you’re wondering where to buy food display and merchandising, we have a large selection of food display and merchandising for sale at the lowest prices.This guide will show you some of the similarities and differences between types of merchandisers and commercial refrigerators, and also help you select the right type of merchandiser for whatever it is you’re trying to sell! Food display equipment enhances the presentation of your food, and they can help boost your impulse sales. Many of these items also feature display lighting or decorative decals to attract customers to your business. Browse our selection of vending carts, condiment organizers, ice bin merchandisers, and beverage hawkers to transport snacks and drinks around a large event space. You’ll find everything from cotton candy machines to popcorn poppers. These merchandising products can also keep your foods at their proper temperature, so they stay hot and fresh until they’re ready to serve.To accommodate perishable items, baked goods, and grab-and-go snacks, be sure to outfit your establishment with our bakery and deli cases.

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French door refrigerator in stainless steel and need to know if it has a counter depth? We initially would have issues with the ice maker freezing up and the cheese tray would then begin to collect water. It worked great for less than 2 years then became a disaster. Water was leaking from the top left corner as well as below the crisper drawers. Moreover, the chassis was warped due to water accumulating inside. If you encounter this problem, turn off the ice maker while you shop for a new refrigerator. My refrigerator is a little over 2 years old and it has had problems galore. I have talked with others that also own them and they have had issues as well. Several technicians and five visits later (and taking off from work), and pretty much the entire ice unit replaced, still no ice production. Counter Top Food Display Fridge No issues in other areas, but you expect the ice maker to work in a relatively expensive refrigerator. It’s more than just problems with the icemaker – the inner guts of the fridge easily get covered with ice. Appliance repairmen have to take everything apart and de-ice it. Apparently there is no fix for this as it keeps happening over and over. I have looked at other fridges out there and so far no one makes one like this. This fridge has a lot of flexibility with placement of shelves and where you can store different types of items. It seems to be fairly quiet and is running efficiently so far. It does show finger prints so do yourself a favor and buy some stainless cleaning wipes as they work very well on this fridge. Its not really a huge deal for us but sometimes it takes longer than you expect (first world problems!) to get ice. Many people who bought this model complain that the ice maker drips. We love the look, the beverage door but were very disappointed when we began to have ice maker issues 2 years in. Fortunately we’ve been home when this has happened and able to clean up quickly but there us still evidence of our floor swelling and we’re afraid to go out of town. The repairmen were surprised to hear water moving by pushing down on the top side. Now, the bad news, the ice maker is a joke, it is so underperformant that when we have a party we usually buy ice. Once there were no ice cubes left, the ice maker started smoking and there was a burning smell. This causes all kinds of very loud noises and after a certain amount of time, the temperature regulator will not work right. It is holding the temp in the fridge and freezer sections within 1 degree of the reading on the door. I have not noticed that it is slow to make ice or is noisy when making ice. Love it and would recommend it anyone looking for a new fridge.

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Made in a variety of sizes and shapes, these refrigerators will suit any small to large countertops without taking up valuable floor space. We carry refrigerators to increase product visibility and impulse sales at your business. Choose from a countertop display refrigerator with several shelves and a rectangular display space, or try a curved-top display case that’s ideal for bakeries and diners.

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Experience the convenience of seeing what’s in the fridge without even opening the door, reducing cold air loss to help keep food fresher, longer. More cold air means more peace of mind that food will stay fresher for longer. Just two quick knocks let you see what’s inside without ever opening the door. Ventilation technology ensures that your food is constantly surrounded by cool, fresh air no matter where you put it. The warm, satin-smooth finish fits beautifully with any style of kitchen. The innovative tinted panel not only prevents cold air from escaping, it helps keep food fresher longer.
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