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We provide installation drawings and video instruction for free. About 3% of these are display racks, 2% are showcase, and 1% are jewelry packaging & display. You can also choose from paid samples, free samples. We use 100% new cool rolled steel and guarantee high quanlity powder coated.

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Bakeries and specialty shops require stands, racks, and cases to get their products out in front of shoppers. They do a fine job of luring passersby into your establishment. Condiment organizers and baskets eliminate clutter on bar tops and dining tables. Stands and risers elevate products for a more attractive presentation, whether on tables or countertops. Caterers also make good use of these in wedding receptions and corporate functions.
Counter Top Cold Display Case Refurbished | Duration 42 Seconds Many models are stackable, providing ample storage space in a small area. Merchandising stands and racks are perfect for displaying bread, wine, or wrapped bulk produce. The tubular steel racks feature rolling casters for easy mobility. Take the time to browse our varied categories to find the best fit for you and your business. In the foodservice industry, condiment caddies and drink organizers are necessary food displays that help keep tables and counters neat and sanitary. Moreover, self-serve bins and dispensers that store bulk produce help maintain quality and freshness. Not only do they store small items in one convenient place, they also make them easy to transport thanks to the convenient carrying handle. For more display ideas, read our “how to set up a buffet” guide. Plastic bins with scoops hold bulk produce like candy and dried fruit. Beverage dispensers come in many forms; shop from pitchers, buffet-style hot or cold containers, as well as coffee airpots and carafes.

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Daylight-balanced illumination, clip-in fluorescent light tubes.

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Further, the presence of high performance compressor also allows for reliable and consistent working support. Easy to use and maintain, it is cost-effective and conforms to the international quality standards. Further, these display case also comes with superior surface treatment as well as have beautiful decent style finish. For superior performance, these display cases come with high performance compressor support for optimum work performance.

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If you need a produce, drink or bakery display case, this is the category for you! Dual-temp display cases are perhaps some of our most versatile styles. For example, you might use them to store both dairy and fruit, because you can adjust different compartments to different settings. These are popular picks for displaying all sorts of hot foods — from your convenience store pizzas and hot dogs to large displays for pans of prepared food. Even food items that don’t necessarily need to be kept at cold or warm temperatures are still subject to contamination if left unprotected in customer areas. Generally speaking, refrigerated display cases, often referred to as deli cases, are used to store refrigerated food items. You’ll find a retail glass display case in this category for your small, large or medium-sized operation. As their name suggests, these cases allow you to set several different temperatures within a single unit. Some of these units even have humidity controls to maximize flavor and freshness. In these instances, a non-refrigerated display case is ideal! These cases are versatile and practically essential to a variety of food service establishments including bakeries, delis, and sushi bars. The combination of aesthetics and food safe storage simply cannot be understated when browsing our selection of refrigerated display cases. Ensure that your items are displayed in an area that is heavily traveled by customers, all while keeping the items within the case stored at the proper storage temperatures. As with any merchandiser, dual temperature display cases are used in combination to display items in an aesthetic manner while ensuring proper food storage temperatures. It’s like a one-stop-shop for display merchandising! Capitalize on impulses while ensuring that hot foods stay at food safe temperatures with our variety of heated display cases.


If anything, we’ll absorb small losses just to ensure complete customer satisfation. This is not because we use cheap couriers – we use professional reputable carriers – our freight costs are lower because we don’t seek to augment our profits with fat margins. We are here to help with rental and purchasing options.

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