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I use only the highest quality helpers that have the specific knowledge of your particular project. In fact, we have received our industry’s highest honors for quality and integrity.She made many suggestions to make the kitchen looks great and yet highly functional. Brian, our project manager, came out twice to do a walk-thru and gave us ideas on a few adjustments. The carpenter completely restored an existing pocket door and it looks great. His attention to detail and overall quality of work was extraordinary. It was only a matter of weeks before they came to template my kitchen (first they had to demo the old ceramic tile counters, no easy task). I think their process is ideal because they temporarily tear out (then re-install) the old counter 2 weeks in advance of the final install.
New 2017 Winnebago View 24g Motorhome For Sale In Troy, Near Dayton, Columbus And Richmond, Oh! | Duration 1 Minutes 28 Seconds You know the new counter is going to fit well before the installation! Our refinished surfaces provide a long term solution to outdated kitchens and bathrooms at a fraction of replacement costs. Projects are consistently delivered within budget and on schedule. Given our success, we strive continually to remain among the most competent, most trustworthy remodeling firms anywhere. They took great care of all the details in every part of remodeling. The woman came twice, her boss came once to re-measure, then nothing. Mike came out and gave us a thorough, fair estimate on the spot. He was only a phone call away and stopped in frequently to check on the progress. If we weren’t going to be home till late, he would grab the newspaper and mail and always double checked to make sure the house was locked before he left. It flooded my downstairs and the insurance company had to get involved. The project was tightly managed and proceeded with clockwork precision. They did a great job with their layout to make the seams barely noticeable. The process was on time with exceptional installers, plumber, electrician, etc. That allows them to evaluate the cabinets and recommend any repairs in advance of the installment date.

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We are a residential, commercial, and maintenance company. They are willing to answer a question on the phone for amateur electricians like me. The gentleman that did the work was very professional and kept our house as we expected. They were extremely kind and considerate and took extra special care not disturb us when we were home. My wife felt completely safe both being home alone with these gentlemen and leaving the house while they worked. We will definitely be using them again for future exterior work. His team also did problem solving on some roofing and gutter problems we were experiencing. They have done my front door, the porch roof, my house roof, the gutters and downspouts. Better to have someone you can trust to get the job done right. They finally came out and fixed it and shortly after it started leaking through the ceiling again. He stated the plumbing was installed incorrectly and they had used the cheapest materials he has ever seen. I no longer have cold air coming out of my kitchen cabinets and my home is so much warmer. I would definitely recommend this company if you are looking for honest good service. The customer service has improved in the last couple of months. Then heard absolutely nothing from despite repeated attempts to get my fence put in. The true testament however is owed to the crew who worked on our project. The companies work speaks for itself and their employer is an honest man who is running a great company. It took them forever to finally come out and fix it the second time. We were so fed up we paid a plumber from another company to come out and fix it. If anyone in this area feels they have a discontinued product they should call mike sikora today for a diagnosis. They did a thorough inspection and what we got for the price was very affordable.
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