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Using higher percentages may cause leaking in the main seal. Built-in automatic thermostatic temperature control sensor that switches off the distiller when the process is finished. Seals can be removed and let to dry out as they may have become saturated with alcohol. Look for something a bit more than just an online recipe, try find a reputable author that has done their homework.

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Not bad also not counting 25ml of heads and stopped when taste was still sweet and still had blue flame. I was not disappointed, you just fill this unit and plug it in. I highly recommend especially for someone wanting a high quality product with a stupid proof machine! If you have cheap sugar and cheap grains this is the still for you. I have run malted barley and wheat with added sugar and this thing pumps our clean high proof white whiskey.

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Cannabis Oil Tutorial Using Countertop Distiller & Frozen Alcohol | Duration 9 Minutes 18 Seconds The condenser is built into the top or lid, it don’t show it in the pictures on their site, but there’s a short electric cord that comes out of the condenser that plugs into the bottom part where the heating elements at. Find out what fan is being used, whats tweaked in the element, and how they bypassed the exhaust valve! I actually came across it at a scrapyard – it had a fried thermal cutoff which was easilly repaired. It had no exhaust valve and required no other modifications needed. Thats why im saying it would rock if somone with an easy still was to open up the shroud on top and read the brand/ modle and wattage of the fan they used to increase the cooling. I figured in the end that it must have to do with the mass flow rate you end up getting with alcohol. In my unit the fan is a small shaded pole ac motor type, much like the one you would find in a microwave oven. But the comment that they’ve modified it raised some concern. They say the mods are to the heater element, cooling fan, and theres is a valve that releses cholorine gases into the air when distilling water that must be removed. This would be a very interesting topic to investigate! The wattage alone though won’t really provide all the info, the best number would be the cfm output of the fan, which is rather tricky to measure directly.

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Make sure that you turn it off before collecting the tails – dont just let it distill all the brew you put in there, or else you’ll simply end up collecting it all again. It is complete and self-contained, with its own carbon filter. Since the quantity of liquid is small, and you’re not using an open flame, it’s probably a bit safer too than operating some stills. I tried to run a failed beer, and it would boil over (boil up into the condeser) at any thing over 1quart! Like 35 minutes to the point where the heads start coming out of the distiller, and then 47 minutes of collecting the spirit, which then yields a known quantity of liquid. They just suggest to collect certain quantities of liquid based on using their known alcohol percentages of their yeast/nutrient/sugar combinations. The amount of residual sugar in your wash has a great effect.
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