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In any commercial kitchen, a convection oven will be a useful tool that allows for the preparation of a variety of foods. While mainly used with meat, rotisseries can also be used with vegetables or fish, thanks to basket attachments that can hold small or delicate foods as they cook. Countertop pizza ovens, while mainly used for cooking pizza, can also be used for preparing other foods such as sandwiches or chicken wings. A conveyor style pizza oven feeds the food through the cooking chamber as it sits upon a belt. This is where a countertop oven can be a lifesaver for your business, providing the cooking power of a full-sized oven without taking up any floor space in your kitchen.Countertop ovens come in a variety of styles, from convection ovens, to pizza ovens and rotisserie ovens. Convection ovens can be used in the same manner as a standard oven, but will cook food more quickly with more consistent results. Countertop rotisserie ovens are used mainly for preparing meats, such as whole chickens, by spearing the food down its center and spinning the food as it cooks to keep juices within the food and provide a perfectly evenly cooked end result. Rotisseries also create a very attractive and appetizing display as they cook, so if your oven is in a location that is visible to customers you may want to consider this style of oven. There are three main styles of countertop pizza ovens; conveyor style, deck style, or wire rack. A deck style oven has a swing open door and is similar to a standard oven, except the cooking chamber is more narrow, working perfectly for a pizza.
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Sized just right for a countertop and big enough to roast a chicken, this unit preheats more quickly than a standard oven, saving time and energy. It has two rack positions and a roomy interior to accommodate everything from pizzas to a 9” x 13” baking dish. Separate upper and lower heating elements ensure perfectly heated toppings and a crisp crust, and the glass window lets you observe the cooking process. Its porcelain conductor ensures even heating, and its combination of convection, conduction and infrared technologies provides faster cooking times than conventional ovens. The porcelain-enameled steel box heats on the rack of most three-burner or larger gas grills, and it displays the temperature range, so you know when it’s ready to cook. Eight preset programs speed up food preparation, and convection cooking provides even heat for perfect baking with racks and trays that let you take advantage of three heating areas. I got a toaster and a convection oven that is a perfect size for toast to a meal but saves time, energy and less heat than the kitchen’s oven. Make perfect classic or thin crust pizza in 12-15 minutes with the powerful 1300 watt heating system. Includes enameled pizza and removable crumb tray for quick clean up. Preset functions and adjustable controls provide a variety of options to suit your dish. Its 10 trays provide lots of dehydrating space, so you can make enough snacks and chips for the whole gang.
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