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Our professional export service team hopes to cooperate with you to explore your business in the near future. We supply many products including plastic cup, plastic basket, bottle, kitchenware…and so on. Our factory can stick customer’s logo on the product with the permission from customers. Our products are well sold in both domestic and overseas markets and are highly praised by customers and wholesalers. Customers need to provide us a logo usage authorization letter to allow us to print customers’ logo on the products.Color can be decided when your quantity reaches a certain level 6. And whether countertop garbage is standing, open top, or foot pedal.

Countertop Mini Garbage Can by

Often this refuse item is too small to warrant the need of reaching down to the under-counter refuse receptacle each time, and therefore, it temporarily accumulates in the sink corner, or is dropped in an empty bag on the counter for disposal afterwards. A receptacle 19 may be made on an underside of the cover for holding a replaceable deodorant, so as to prevent garbage odors being formed inside the can. For operative use, the top of the milk carton is fully opened up, as shown.While various changes may be made in the detail construction, it is understood that such changes will be within the spirit and scope of the present invention, as is defined by the appended claims. This can be messy, so that this situation is, accordingly, in need of an improvement. The cover may be made integrally with the container, by a folded over hinge, or else with a pin hinge 18, as shown in the drawing. A tab 20, protruding on a front edge of the cover, when a person’s hands are occupied holding refuse for being discarded.

Built In Countertop Trash and Scrap Chute by

With a 6” inner diameter cutout and lip, it’s sure to fit in perfectly with a little bit of planning. I am hoping this product is sturdy and does not look like a tin can. Use trash chutes to keep your restaurant or food service operation neat and clean! Pretty much everyone said the product looks cheap and arrived damaged.
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