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Choosing the best countertop for your project is a big deal. Or they “just love” a certain material, color or pattern and “have to have it” devil may care. This is common when picking out natural stone counter tops or floor tile. Well, turns out that there can be a big difference between various types of stone counter tops, which leads to considerable shock and panic and learning the hard way when confronted by mysterious cleaning or repair issues.
Marble Counter Top Polishing And Cleaning Ma Ri | Duration 4 Minutes 6 Seconds However, quartz manufacturers consistently stretch the truth regarding both the benefits of quartz and the detriments of granite to make it seem as if the two are night and day when in fact the two materials perform almost identically except for making repairs (which favors granite). Granite or marble counter tops or any natural stone is not manufactured by any one company. Performance characteristics vary considerably across surface materials. And as previously noted, you can’t always bank on the marketing message being entirely accurate. You’ll certainly learn all about these issues after it’s installed, but nothing you can do about it then except learn to live within the limits of the surface and deal with the maintenance demands. Are you willing to take precautions, perform extra maintenance, care & cleaning to maintain your kitchen counter tops in pristine condition? Are you willing to compromise on durability to reduce costs? Of course, the installation location will affect the type, frequency and intensity of use. Concrete counter tops can be okay if maintained well, but scratching and etching can be problems. Quartz is fine for a wet bar, but could be a problem in a utility room where exposure to common chemicals (bleach) could permanently damage the surface. Ceramic or porcelain tile is a good option, but again granite slab or granite tile countertops will be the best choice for long-term durability and low maintenance. Of course, if money is no object, then you’ll just choose the countertop material that suits your style and lifestyle. Basically the cost of a counter top installation is the sum of material cost plus fabrication (custom cutting) cost plus installation labor cost. Sometimes shoppers feel they already know these things or think all cleaning is the same, so they don’t spend much time learning about correct cleaning methods and maintenance requirements. Quartz countertops are excellent and essentially perform as well as granite, so we highly recommend them. Anyone can market and install granite, so there is never an incentive to “market” or “sell” stone over other materials especially when price and profit can be similar.

Quartz Vs Granite Vs Marble How To Choose The Right Countertop | Duration 11 Minutes 43 Seconds Even surfaces in the same “family” such as natural stone, laminate or quartz can show a marked difference in stain-resistance, or scratch-resistance based on the color or type of finish. Do you want a near bullet-proof counter top surface that only needs standard cleaning? Accurately assessing how your counter tops will be used can be just as important as picking that perfect color when matching your needs to the right countertop material. Granite and quartz countertops are by far the best choice for a kitchen. However, marble is just fine for most bathrooms and flooring. Soapstone counter tops will actually be the most chemically resistant, but granite, solid-surface and laminate will perform well too. Dyed concrete and quartz counter tops can yellow with prolonged sun exposure. The percentage of each is different depending mostly on the chosen material. The price variation is almost exclusively due to the color/variety of material you choose. Difference is mainly attributed to different brands, colors and finishes. For this surface most of the cost is in the installation, which is almost an art to do well. Price range of recycled glass counter tops is mainly in the brand and material color choice. You save a lot on both materi al (tile is thinner) and installation, which can be done by a competent handyman (maybe you!) vs. Some laminates are better than others and certain colors and finishes are more expensive, but you can really save on installation by a handyman or yourself! True, granite countertops will provide superior performance in nearly every type of installation with quartz countertops a close second.

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But you have to know what you’re looking for and be a bit proactive in asking questions. Our contractor works with a different tile store and the prices were ridiculous and seems like they only cared if you were working with a contractor. We have purchased 3 times from them and each time everyone has been so helpful. Best part is that a lot of the tiles they have in stock and ready to pick up immediately which has been a lifesaver when your contractor suddenly tells you they need something with 2 days notice or you’ll be holding the project up. This is a treasure of a tile shop that respects the craft of tiling. The prices are a bit higher, but you’re paying for the expertise. If you’re working on a tiling project, make this your first stop. They have a separate fully stocked warehouse next to the showroom and are very helpful. He also did not try to sell me the most expensive products; in fact, he talked me out of something that would have been more costly in favor of something more practical & timeless.

Real Marble Vs. Faux Marble Table Kitchen Plans | Duration 1 Minutes 50 Seconds Staff is so helpful and will let you take home samples (most places won’t). My overall impression of the store and their products is very very positive, personnel is friendly and knowledgeable. And as the name says, a reliable stop for classic tiling choices. Very nice people though and helpful if you ask specific questions. We have been working on a complete home renovation and it has been beyond stressful. That being said, they do have a decent selection of sale items for tighter budgets. John made sure we were taken care of and helped us in deciding and matching up the tiles for our new bathroom and laundry room in our basement. We will be back again soon to do our kitchen and upstairs bathroom for sure. Fast forward 4 months to my next renovation project and my contractor urged me to give it another try. We were delighted to be able to bring home samples to quell our indecisiveness when remodeling our master bath. Their showroom have a few sample bathroom showing how the tiles would looked and some are on display matched with an accent of mosiac already which i really liked. He even gave us suggestion on what other accent tiles that would go along with it because we didn’t really like the one he had matched together on the display. I would have given 4stars but only 3 they get frm me because our sales lady was not that helpful. We almost walked out, due to her lazy approach at first. Before helping me make the final decision, he carefully listened to all my needs, foibles and preferences (usually they don’t take female customers seriously thinking we want something that hasn’t been created yet), and then gave his advice in a polite but persuasive way. He is extremely patient and professional and made the whole process a wonderful experience. We are a direct tile importer from various countries.

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Basically it is like a really sweet, soft and gooey brownie. Beat together using an electric or stand mixer on low for 2 minutes. Add in the powdered sugar and mix everything together until smooth and well incorporated. Microwave chips on high for about 1 minute (maybe longer depending on your microwave).

Look What Arrived….Granite! | Duration 2 Minutes 40 Seconds Using a spoon, dollop chocolate filling on top of cream cheese filling. Do you have a printer friendly option on your posts? It’s also an easy dessert to make because it starts with a boxed cake mix! You’ll notice the batter will start to pull away from the sides of the bowl. It’s best just to get in there with your hands to get it all evenly spread out. Add the eggs, melted butter and vanilla extract and mix on medium speed for 1 minute. Place 1 cup chocolate chips into a microwave safe bowl or dish. Using a butter knife, swirl the knife around so the top of the batter has a marbled effect. Salted butter is really not all that salty so you should be fine. Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know how it turned out!

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There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of recipes for pound cake swirling the internet not to mention all the baking books over decades! I know that is a weird thing to say since don’t we need to settle on one favorite recipe? Be sure to weigh your ingredients whenever possible to get the best results every time. But for those who want to marble let’s say~ another cake recipe? Add ⅓ of the egg mixture to the creaming mixture and blend well. Repeat this process with the remaining egg and flour in 3 total additions until all is blended in well.

Things To Know About Granite Work Tops | Duration 8 Minutes 23 Seconds Combine the eggs, yolks and vanilla and then add one at time to the creaming mixture. Will it be moist without simple syrup, and hold the fondant? I am going to make a note about this here in the blog post for others to note that this could be a possibility and perhaps omitting the cornstarch altogether may be a better way to go since not everyone measures with a scale. I also have oven thermometer saying it’s 350 but looks like still not cooked. Specifically the leaveners (baking powder & soda) will get activated and set the batter through both heat & the chemical helpers. It is so tender and buttery you may just want to double the recipe to make 2 loaves! Add ⅓ of the sifted dry ingredients to the creamed mixture and blend well. The butter and cream cheese must be at the same exact softened consistency so they can cream together without lumps. Add the sugar gradually while mixing on low until it is all combined well. Be sure to mix well, before adding in the other egg and scrape the bottom and sides of the bowl often. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated, thanks for all the great recipes. I was afraid the batter will turn out too wet with both the extracts together. Do you add all the vanilla, then choc on top and swirl? Your choices sound great and all work with fondant, simple syrup is not necessary on this style cake. However by leaving the cakes over night unwrapped this could have added to the dryness since cakes will naturally want to release their moisture into the air over time and why we always want to keep them wrapped or iced with icing! You must have spent a lot of money to go to chef school…and the fact that you give away all your wonderful recipes and expertise for free is beyond generous. The whole floor took 3 gallons of latex semi-gloss paint, and 2 gallons of polycrylic – none yellowing urethane finish. I love my floor and many people bend down to touc h it to see if it is really paint! I lightly sanded it first and because it was in a bathroom, did an epoxy cover – it looks great! Just remember, however, that these counters need extra care – must keep them dry.

Granite Bad Install What To Know When Shopping For A Company | Duration 4 Minutes 41 Seconds I used one on my kitchen counter years ago, that needed no protective coating. Possibilities are endless with faux finishes for low budget fixes. Just make sure it is clean and there is no loose paint! But it will keep it from popping up with heat and contraction. You just must expect to tape the grout lines before painting the tile, then do a grouting retouch (which can be tinted). It was sealed with a few coats of a non yellowing urethane coting. Even after we took out the carpet she occasionally would hit her favorite spots. I used multiple shades of cement stain and also did the same shading for natural imperfections. How did you use the tape for your grout lines, that you painted 1st. Remember if you want light grout, do not make dark marks, as they may show through. The easiest way is with a helper so they can hold one end to a mark on the wall and you can go to the other wall and pull it taut – then press it into place. Do each tile making sure you do not paint yourself into a corner! I have now done it on concrete (shown in this post) and on plywood, in a garden centre/ gift shop. No leaving water sitting around on them for prolonged periods of time. There are probably some paints still on the market that hold up well to water. If they ever somehow mysteriously disappear, just send the police to my house, lol! But if its a counter you may want to seal with food grade 2 part epoxy! You must steel wool the ceramic to get paint to adhere. I have never tried faux marble, over vinyl flooring, but have painted vinyl before and stenciled over a horrible pattern and it lasted a long time. I use 2 part epoxy to get that glass like finish on counters. I have now done it on a few floors and with old one, prep is important. I have an extremely large basement that has a rustic stone fireplace and it’s perfect. The kids even would ride their trikes down there, and the pool table doesn’t have to be moved as it would for carpet damage. Then, cover your grip lines with a coat of the colour you want your grout. Once marked, take your ¼” painters tape – and this is easier with a helper – relay the grid work in tape. If you are alone, use the 1 x 2 to help you mark it on the floor again. The work involved is surely tedious, but the result, when what you wanted, makes it worthwhile.

The Petch House: Sealing Marble: The Acid Test by

Isn’t that the idea behind those tacky plastic covers people used to put over sofas and lamp shades. Saying marble is a soft stone is a bit of an oxymoron, don’t you think? It took about a third of the quart for 2 applications on the counter and it says it lasts 3 to 5 years. I then went to 1 minute and that didn’t do a thing to the untreated side either. I think the treated side looks pretty good and it will lighten back up after it dries. After a few hours of being in my ho use it lightened up a bit. Granted 10 minutes isn’t a long time, but it seems to be a good test. The hour long test was to show what would happen if you left something there during dinner and then wiped it up afterwards. I truly believe that mustard is the worst stain-producer of all. I did the same test with a piece of bamboo flooring and a piece of brazilian redwood because my contractor told me bamboo was grass and therefore wouldn’t stand up to daily use with two dogs. I can say that it did not have a real shiny surface like glazed tile. I sealed my marble countertop (calcutta) and it doesn’t stain, but it does pit, especially near the sink. We really want to use it in our kitchen we’ve been bustin our asses in for the past few weeks, redoing everything. There were a few small spots of this and that had been under newspapers or something else for a few days and it just wiped up. It comes off easily with a utility knife if you need to make repairs, and seals well against water, especially with very tight lines. The ketchup also etched the surface and the coffee left a brown discoloration. The unsealed side was badly etched, but the sealed side was untouched! I have a 111 year old marble vanity in the bathroom that is doing great but the bathroom doesn’t have red wine and tomato sauce in it. However, there are ways to treat the marble so it doesn’t stain as “easily”. You apply the sealer to the marble and it protects the marble for several years. That was too short of a time and didn’t effect either side at all. I smacked it good several times with the blade of a standard flatware eating knife. Again, though, if this is how you treat your counters then get plywood. That is tomato paste, red wine, and lime juice with the wine glass smooshed in to it. Nothing like cold hard facts to beat down some urban legends. I hope you like your post to the old house web so they can have a new response other than marble is soft and it chips and. stains easily. But the results were conclusive: if you hit anything with a hammer it dents, and if you score any wood with a knife, it scars. I put a small round puddle of vinegar on one and left it for ten minutes. We did another experiment where we left a small blob of ketchup and a small puddle of coffee on the sample all day. We are reluctant to look at man-made materials since we think they’ll look cheap against our white cabinets making them look cheap too. This is a kitchen counter and not a sideboard in the dining room.

How To Sympathetically Restore An Old Marble Top? by

Would the surface originally have had a shiny finish or a matt one? They beveled an edge for us (that had been raw) and cleaned it up a bit. To respect the marble, you’ ll want to leave in the scratches/dents/mars. Mostly just a nice marble and granite cleaner is all you need. You should feel a smooth surface for the most parts, except where there are pits in the marble. I have an old sideboard (around 100 years old) with a marble top which has broken into two pieces. I take it to a professional restorer they will over-restore it so that it looks like a new piece. Don’t let oil or oil-based substances get/stay on it, or it will stain. Original finish was likely matte, but a restorer could advise you better. It’s only a teeny bit abrasive, and will polish the marble relative to how hard and how long you rub the surface. If even that is too much, then a wipe with a warm damp cloth and then a dry one will leave the “old” without adding any shine. As far as the repair, you can ask a marble restoring company about rejoining the two pieces, and let them know you want the original patina to remain. They should also charge you less if they don’t have to redo the surface!

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We were going to have to purchase a fixer-upper and renovate it ourselves. I going to be able to, you know, cook in my kitchen? Quartz is manufactured using between 90%-95% quartz, with the remaining material consisting of polymer resins. They are bright white with grey veining and absolutely gorgeous! We realized that finding a bright white, move-in ready home was going to prove extremely difficult. Unlike marble, this combination makes for a virtually indestructible countertop. I still want to provide some clear pros and cons for quartz and marble for those of you still deciding which stone is right for you. What do you like about your stone of choice? and let me know if you guys have any questions for me! For my latest update on our home renovation, check out this post.

I Was Given A Marble Fire Pit. The Marble On It Has Rust On It by

Cover the poultice with plastic wrap and seal edges with masking tape. Hopefully the stain is gone, but rust stains are ornery, so you may have to repeat the process until it is gone. Mix these to form a paste and spread a thick layer of this over the stain. Leave this in place overnight, then remove the dried paste and rub the area with a coarse cloth. Apply this as a thick paste and add a few drops of ammonia before covering with plastic and allowing to remain overnight. The house in on a slope, with the effected wall facing the downard slope. He will be installed 27′ of bench, some columns and a wood burning fire pit. Let the poultice sit for 24 hours then take the plastic wrap off, but don’t touch the poultice. When poultice is completely dry, scrape off with the wooden/plastic spatula and clean. Then lay a sheet of plastic kitchen wrap over this and tape it down around all four sides to keep it from drying. If some stain remains, try applying a second poultice, but this time mix the powder with liquid hair bleach (20 percent hydrogen peroxide) instead of a rust remover. Is there a special morter for installing marble slab around the fireplace? I have a small marble table top that has paint stains and rust on it, it is shiny and slick.


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