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Once they see how good your pieces look on them, they won’t be able to resist purchasing them! When tabletop mirrors are easily accessible for customers to use, they are able to see how great they look when trying on your products.

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Pull up a chair, sit down, and look at yourself in this high-quality, illuminated mirror.One side is a regular mirror (1x) and the other side is magnified by 5. This small mirror is also just right for putting contacts in your eyes and taking care of your acne treatments up close and personal. So, zoom in and let the eye brow tweezing and luxury spa treatment begin.

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The finishing of these display sets is fantastic which makes the whole product appealing. These jewelry boxes are made of high quality leather, velvet and wood.
Jewelry Haul & Storage (Lori Greiner Safekeeper) | Duration 9 Minutes 16 Seconds A well displayed product immediately catches attention and excites the customer to buy the item. Wholesale re-sellers, salesman, wedding planners, promotion companies and private buyers can use these for displaying jewelry pieces attractively. Besides display products we also offer polishing clothes, bags, boxes and jewelry cleaners.

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An armoire cabinet is a large chest that is built for holding clothes or electronics like a television and is characterized by two tall doors which swing out to open the armoire. These types of cabinets are made for those who don’t have a closet or need much more storage space for their clothes and other belongings since they are effectively large closets that you can keep in your bedroom. In addition to being among the largest home furnishings, armoire dressers offer utility and have a stately presence. You can also opt for eco-friendly models or wardrobes with a distressed finish. You can even narrow options by price to make sure you stay within your budget. A multiple step sanding process ensures a consistent surface for finishing. Armoire cabinets typically come with other storage options like drawers and smaller cabinets as well to accommodate different types of clothes you need to store. Countertops Mirrors     Displays     Palay Display Mirror Jewelry You can choose wardrobes made of wood, metal, glass or plastic. Popular color choices include brown, black, white, or cherry. Browse our wide variety of options today to see how a new armoire dresser can add to your home’s utility and style.

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Varying sizes and shapes provide the ideal piece to accompany any trip. That’s the key to enjoying your pieces and wearing them more often. They are specifically engineered to be portable, typically with a handle on top, and are a fashionable accent to luggage sets. No matter how large or small your jewelry collection is, utilizing modern and contemporary jewelry boxes is the essential way to keep it all neat, tidy, and easy to find. These modern and contemporary jewelry boxes are as beautiful as the bling you’ll place inside them for secure keeping.

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All of our items are affordable and in stock, making it easy for you to find and purchase the items you need without going over your budget. That’s why we provide our clientele with only the best-quality displays to showcase featured items, ranging from velvet jewelry displays to easel displays. Need a locking counter top case to protect valuable items on display? And when you need to transport your items, don’t forget to purchase our aluminum case along with your retail store supplies.

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Now, you need a jewelry box that fits everything and keeps your special pieces organized, protected, easy-to-wear and stored. How you display your jewelry can be as beautiful as your jewelry itself. These boxes usually live on top of a dresser or armoire and are constructed to store every kind of jewelry imaginable. Earrings might be secured on their posts through tiny holes meant to mimic the holes in your ears. Some taller boxes have doors with hooks for necklaces and bracelets. Some people store theirs in a pouch and place the pouch in a box, too. Try cosmetic bags to protect larger, more ornate pieces that might travel with you for a romantic holiday or a destination wedding. You can stagger, stack or arrange the pieces however you see fit for the ultimate custom jewelry box. Maybe your collection even includes a few treasured gifts or heirlooms.

Jewelry Case Display,Jewelry Display,Glass Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet,Jewelry Counter | Duration 1 Minutes 45 Seconds If you’re like most jewelry aficionados, you probably need a few boxes. Since they’re specialty items, some may consider the selection an investment piece. Rings are usually stored in a row, tucked in between bolsters of soft material that protect precious metals. Dangling earrings or hoops fit into some of these holes or fit into other compartments or drawers. Look for snap-button bars or loops to make wearing and storing easy. Envelopes are perfect for far-off travel or for packing pieces to put on or take off after work and before a date, a dinner or a workout. This type of storage includes wall-mounted boxes and shelving with watch rolls, earring bars, necklace hooks and more.

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Sturdy metal construction with an adjustable angle is ideal for hats, jewelry, cosmetics, eyewear counter tops. This item features an oval glass with a square base and black finish bringing your store a simple and classy look.
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