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Of course it is not one to use for big jobs but super to shred mail on a daily basis. I gave the first one to my daughter which she leaves in her entry way where she drops her mail.The only drawback is the slot is not wide enough for a sheet of paper.

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Many industry and government regulations require shredding for compliance with data protection laws or statutes. This fast operation can save you labor costs associated with shredding and help increase overall efficiency. Many jam-proof systems allow easy access to trays that store clipped staples and other metal materials for easy recycling. A touch-sensitive operation shuts down cutting mechanisms when it detects fingers too close to shredder feed areas, helping to keep hands safe.Modern shredders can remove staples and clips for easy recycling. This can help keep important financial details or related business documentation from falling into the wrong hands. For even quicker operation, check out auto-feed mechanisms, standalone bags, and other shredder accessories. Many systems also include auto-shutoff mechanisms that identify when someone is attempting to pull a piece of loose clothing or other snagged item from the machine.

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Was very careful to observe the paper limit when shredding; and after 15 minutes, the motor locked up & burning smell! That allows the shredder to know the container is attached and the shredder works. But, for a small desktop or tabletop shredder that you only need to use once a week for 5 minutes, it works great. Takes up some space but fits nicely in the corner and does smaller items or an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper folded in half. After one use, the plastic bar cracked off and the shredder was useless. Countertops Paper Shredders Are a Must! Shredder Countertops Paper Shredders Are a Must! Shredder
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