Countertops Q And A Plastic Cover

We have many other customers using this film on a wide variety of surfaces, quite successfully. That being said, we have not tested and approved this product for many of the hundreds of possible surfaces. We cannot guarantee there will not be any adhesive residue on any given surface. If the surface has texturing, or is not fairly smooth, this may not have enough adhesive to get a good grip to the surface.

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I would not recommend it if you want to put it on a white table; other colors like wood will probably not have this problem. This was the unfortunate and expensive lesson we have learned. Steep in hot water or expose under sunshine in minutes;or stick double-sided tape dots between table and the vinyl table protector. Put pictures and notes under the clear dining table top protector, enjoy your breakfast & life! It seemed every couple years we were repainting all of the shelves! The plastic protects the freshly painted wood, and wipes down in seconds without streaking or leaving water marks like a harder material would.That is our fault – we didn’t know it came with it, so we didn’t look. A table cloth wouldn’t do because it could’ve easily slipped off creating a mess. It prevents scratches as well as keeps items from slipping around on the table. Off-gassing of any vinyl product will break down the molecular structure of any type of table finish.
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