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An optimal way to rapidly decrease the temperature of food minimizing bacteria growth. Work with hard chill, soft chill, hard freeze and soft freeze.

Easiest Potato Growing Method Ever! – by

This method of planting allows for the plant to grow vertically and produce tubers along it’s stolons ( or underground stems). Without getting too deep into it, there are determinate types and indeterminate types….like tomatoes.I have been using the same three pieces of green plastic fencing for years, no staples, nails or zap straps….just a few pieces of bamboo to hold them together. Four stakes in each cage like this and you have a stable self supporting potato growing bin. The key here is to make sure that developing tubers are not exposed to direct sunlight . Straw is what is harvested after the seed heads are removed….this is great mulching and composting material. You can dig a few of these tasty new potatoes out by sliding your cage up on the bamboo stakes and reaching into the straw below. Harvesting is as easy as pulling out the bamboo stakes and sifting through the straw to find all your tasty taters.
Unboxing The Yuppiechef Countertop Compost Bin | Duration 1 Minutes 45 Seconds Another good reason is the balance of nutrient fixing and depleting. In this post we will discuss how to build a potato cage , also known as potato bins or towers. Simply decide where you are going to build your tower in the garden. I loosened the soil of the spot about 2′ across then piled on rich compost to form a mound. We will be using straw not soil in our cages so we won’t have a weight issue to deal with. Throw the straw into your compost or use it to mulch your perennial beds.

How To Build A Potato and Onion Bin by

Make one bin for potatoes and another, if you so desire, for onions. Hammer nails through them into the boards that make up the sides of the bin. The same sort of bin will store either potato or onion storage crops equally well, but you should store each food product individually. These plans are for a slatted storage bin that is two feet by three feet by two feet, and can be easily modified as necessary to create a larger or smaller bin. Hammer nails down through the corners of the plywood into the boards, then along the sides of the plywood at six-inch intervals, to hold it against the boards. Snug them up against the sides of the bin, one in each corner. Once you’ve nailed all the boards securely to the supports, you’re done.

Countertop Potato and Onion Storage Baskets Set Of 2 by

Natural willow baskets with sea grass handles add a little country style to your kitchen or pantry. Fill them from the top with up to 8 pounds of vegetables, then dispense from the pocket below.
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