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Add richness, tranquility, and soothing warmth or lighten up dark spaces with our large color selection. This allows for an application process that results in a thicker, more durable and consistent end product. It requires tearing up the whole bathroom, messing with the plumbing, and can take weeks even in a pair of experienced hands.

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Best of all, refinishing can be done in a day without the demolition of replacing or the long wait associated with custom countertops. We want you to love the results, which is why we take the time to understand your goals for your space before we begin work. You could be without a kitchen or bathroom for a week or longer. Our experts can repair chips, extreme stains or cracks and restore the surface of your countertop to look like new!
Countertop Resurfacing Buffalo Ny 716 381 5607 Free Estimate! | Duration 2 Minutes 16 Seconds We meticulously prepare and resurface each project to your complete satisfaction, restoring each piece to its original beauty and elegance. Countertop laminate resurfacing can update outdated, faded or damaged countertops, remove chips and stains, and provide you with countertops that look like new!

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Restore your fixture to a brilliant high gloss acrylic finish. Call today to learn more about what we can do for your kitchen or bath. Does your tile, grout, tub, sink or shower need a facelift?

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Mention that you’re going to upgrade your bathroom, and they probably imagine a worker or two and maybe a slight commotion as they wrestle that gorgeous cast iron claw-footed luxury bathtub into your house. Very few people complain about having too much room in their house! What you want is to improve the looks or functionality of an existing room. However, jobs that require wiring, plumbing and structural modifications will require a contractor. Countertops Refinishing Resurfacing Buffalo Ny A contractor who doesn’t ask about your particular job isn’t too interested in the details of what you want. Speak with previous customers to find out how they liked the contractor’s job performance. A track record of success and good standing with customers and peers. You want to be sure the job is being performed by a qualified professional. If you don’t ask these questions, you may find yourself needing to pay even more money to have the job redone correctly. Some contractors prefer to give you a single price for the entire project. If you need to trim your budget, you’ll have a much clearer picture of where to do so. If a contractor balks at providing an itemized bid, find someone else. If you forego the kitchen island, how much should come off the price? An estimate is only an educated guess at what your project should cost. Sometimes a contractor can’t give a fixed price because of unknowns. This will give the two of you a better idea of the scope of the project. They also will know local subcontractors and vendors and their reputations, too. Countertops Refinishing Resurfacing Buffalo Ny If contractors buy from wherever is cheapest (some even buy off the back of trucks), they may not be providing the best quality for the price. This will tell you how the contractor feels about punctuality and quality. Meet him or her to make sure you can communicate well together. If the contractor you’re interviewing is going to be the one overseeing the work, ask whether he or she will be there every day. Whatever the case might be, you want to get a good, solid response on this question. Increasing the livable area of your house is one way to increase its value. Your kitchen may need a facelift, or you may have to make a few adjustments to take care of an aging or disabled family member. Ask people who have had recent work done if they would refer their contractor. Ask them whether the contractors were prompt and professional and how they handled any trouble spots. A contractor who has taken further courses for his or her trade shows an interest in the work that is above and beyond the bare minimum. Pare your list of potential contractors down to about three and arrange meetings with them.

Countertop Refinishing Buffalo New York | (716) 381 5607 | Duration 2 Minutes 58 Seconds Be sure that you and the contractor can communicate effectively. Ask to see some of the contractor’s previous work, preferably within the year. For more on finding, hiring and working with contractors, see our step-by-step guide on how to hire a contractor. This will help you find someone with the proper training, skills and licenses to handle the job. An itemized bid lets you know just how much each stage of the project will cost. A lack of itemization means that while you know how much you’re paying, you don’t know specifically what you’re paying for. The actual cost could go up or down depending on various factors. These are usually for straightforward tasks such as carpet installation for which difficulties and complications rarely arise.

Countertop Refinishing Kit Buffalo Ny | Duration 1 Minutes 9 Seconds For example, a contractor may be working on part of your ceiling and discover asbestos that had never been removed. Have the contractor go in and look at the situation firsthand. Sometimes the variables just can’t be determined until after the work has begun. Contractors who have been doing business in town for 10 years have more at stake with their reputations than does someone who has only been in business a few months or who has to come in from out of town. Be sure that the contractors have an actual address you can visit. They should also have a personal phone, a cell phone, an e-mail address and other ways to contact them. Knowing where your contractor gets his or her materials can tell you something about the quality of the work being done. In addition, by knowing their vendors, you can visit them directly and learn more about their reputation not only for professionalism but also regarding how timely vendors are in paying their bills. They spend their days on the phone dealing with customers and vendors, pitching bids, coordinating deliveries to job sites, filing for permits and doing other office work. Because this person will be the one you’re dealing with daily, this will be the person you should be most interested in. Ask to see him or her on a current jobsite to see how well he or she works with that team.If not daily, be sure you can quickly contact him or her in the event of problems.
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