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The team worked with us to help us to blend some old cabinetry with new. The team was very professional and personable when they installed our new countertops. They were extremely quick and also careful with our new cabinets as they were completing the install. We are a growing company that provides great opportunity for elite talent. You will be trained and given the tools to speak to our product offering.Represent our company in a positive manner in selling countertops. Thank you for making our kitchen over the top in beauty and pleasure. I would definelty use them again in the future and highly recommend this company to anyone else.

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Thanks again to all the people that make this a great place to work! Honed granite is a great look, the stone is polished and left with a natural finish.
The Perfect Rock From Counter Top Solutions From Vimeo | Duration 38 Seconds Great food, fun, and networking were shared by all who attended! Why, go bowling, have a catered lunch and teamwork challenges/games of course! If you are thinking about becoming a member, we encourage you to come join us for the night! Need to know what to have handy for a visit in to the showroom for a quote? We specialize in remodels, new construction, & commercial projects. Bright and airy, will make your kitchen or bathroom dreamy and elegant. Beautiful shades of white and chocolaty brown quartz will make this stone the talk of the party! Our slabs are gorgeous, and you can’t resist it once we install it. Such a versatile stone, it can be paired with painted cabinets or natural wood stained cabinets. Each slab received gets cleaned and photographed for inventory and nesting purposes. From selecting the best type of stone for your family to admiring the technician’s handiwork and answering your maintenance. It’s a modern finish to a kitchen, durable and lasts a lifetime. When you’ve been prepping for a mandatory safety training day for weeks, you gather to start the day, and your business owner chuckles like a lil kid and tells you today is to relax together as a team and have fun! Tulum is a lovely affordable option to give your space a beautiful makeover. Currently offered at 10% off, this is a deal you just cant pass up. On special this week at 15% off, this stone is rockin’! Pair with an awesome patterned floor or wall tile, this stone would be a beautiful pick me up to a kitchen or bathroom. We hope everyone has a safe and joyful day filled with friends and family.

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