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Therefore, the prep items that we need from you guys, and we would appreciate if you guys help us out, clear off all the countertops . In addition to that, we talk about things like, what overhang do you want right here ? All we need from you is, say, things like, is it going to be 10 inches? The more you can think of those things upfront, the smoother the install will go for everybody. What y’all need to do to prepare for us to come by and have a smooth process.In other cases, it’s actually a physical template we have to make. It’s a pretty good 90 degree angle, but in other people’s houses that are more traditional, they actually want this to be pretty round, so you can by it really easily and not have the sharp point. The other item which is optional, really, is taking the items out of the drawers . It’s grinding on the top of the cabinet, producing sawdust that falls into this space (there’s actually voids here) in between the drawers where sawdust can come in on top of the drawers and coat all of your stuff with a thin, thin, veil of sawdust. We don’t cut off with dimensions, upper cut sheet, it can be inaccurate, it can lead to a wrong cut and it can’t be replaced so we shave that physical coat top here as well. We were able to match cabinets and make their kitchen like new.
Granite Countertop Installation San Antonio & Austin Texas | Duration 1 Minutes 22 Seconds Whether you want a beautiful counter, or something you can abuse with your frantic cooking, granite counters have it all. It takes a lot more than just a guy chiseling away to prepare a stone counter. While this process tends to make granite expensive, you might be able to save some money by reducing the distance your granite must travel. In fact, not only does the exact stone and quarry you choose affect the qualities of the stone, even the section of the quarry where the stone comes from can affect these qualities. Again, choosing local granite or other local stone may help cut this time down, but it’s rare to see projects come in much under a week. His estimate for the job was detailed and easy to understand. If you want to set hot dishes down, or like to generally wreak havoc on your kitchen during cooking, granite is heat- and stain-resistant. Of course, you do have to pay for this combination of elegance and performance. Naturally, granite doesn’t come out of the ground shaped, manufactured, and ready-to-go into your home. Different granite and different stone can make for great counters as well.

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Countertops Template Install Checklist Installer San Antonio We’ll utilize high-quality goods in all of our work, and we’re committed to offering services at affordable rates to help our clients stretch their dollars. We’ll help you through every step of the remodeling process from assessing your budget and finding the right materials to making sure that the renovations and installations go according to your specifications.

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The sample used to make your color selection is only a representation of the tone and pattern but, because each slab is different, variation in color and pattern should be expected in the slabs used to produce your countertops. As a standard, we will apply a sealer that will protect your countertop for up to 3 years, then it is up to you to re‐seal every 36 months. We also offer a 25‐year warranty dry‐treat sealer that will protect your granite from staining without the need to seal again in 25 years! Being that quartz is non‐porous, it will not require the use of sealants and it withstands normal wear and tear beautifully. Consider the help of a professional woodworker to ensure that your cabinets are plumb, level and square. New flooring installed without disturbing existing cabinets is ok, but keep in mind about dishwasher and stove height that has to remain below countertop level. The waste is usually irregular in shape, unfinished and sharp. Cut outs opened on site will be left at the request of the customer. All appliances including dishwashers, stoves, and refrigerators must be in place at the time of the field template. Sometimes our crew will be able to caulk between the top of the splash and the wall, but there are occasions that this will need to be done by whoever is finishing or painting the wall surface. Countertops Template Install Checklist Installer San Antonio Our installers will not grout the gap between the tile and backsplash. Sometimes, the splash may need to be installed slightly over the tile. The natural variations of granite make it impossible to guarantee a match or blend in pattern or color from one piece of counter to the next. Stone with a defined veining direction may require additional seams to ensure vein direction for all pieces is consistent. Another thing to consider is that the cabinets may not be as level as desired, so gaps after installation may be expected. This procedure is usually performed on the driveway or garage, depending on weather conditions. They will also install a dishwasher bar or other method according to what works for your project. The customer may want to drape or cover areas to help contain the dust to the construction area. We will also administrate any necessary claim on your behalf. The duration of the measure will vary depending on the difficulty of your project. The average installation takes about 4 hours, but it may take the entire day.

San Antonio Granite Guys | Duration 48 Seconds Installation appointment cancellations require (2) business days’ prior notice. All of these characteristics add to the uniqueness of the stone. Additional cracks may appear after installation, particularly if settling in the home that causes movement or stress on the countertop occurs. You will know when it’s time, when water does not bead up any longer. Through extensive engineering, a manufacturing process was developed utilizing intense heat and pressure to increase the color consistency, stain resistance, and overall strength of this natural stone product. You may also find concentration of crystal, spot, pooling, small pits or veining not present in the sample. We understand that natural stone can vary in color from the sample that you saw in the showroom, or at the supplier’s location. The intent of the software is to demonstrate the grain flow and color variation throughout the countertop with the specific slab you picked out.

San Antonio, Tx Granite Countertops Ad Cabinets & Granite From Vimeo | Duration 1 Minutes 40 Seconds Sublime will not provide compensation to you for any delays due to this situation. Keep in mind that your countertops will be as level as your cabinetry is. We will not be able to install on excessively unleveled cabinetry. Tip out trays and recessed door cabinets may also interfere with the size and shape of the sink. A negative reveal cut out will be slightly smaller than the sink opening and it will have a slight overhang. Sublime will not alter any template recommended by the manufacturer, and we will not be responsible for the way the cut out fits when opened according to the template provided (unless specifically requested with advanced notice). Some faucets may be too tall when there is a snack bar or ledge behind, they may have a lever too angled, or have a handle that will not turn properly all the way back because it hits the backsplash. This is to be completed by a tile installer or the customer. During fabrication, great care is taken to lay out the slab to minimize waste, blend the color and pattern, and place the seams in the best location for structural integrity and visual aesthetics. Seam location factors include job layout, slab size, crew safety, and jobsite accessibility. Any damage to mirrors not removed is responsibility of the homeowner.Indicate to the installers if you wish to keep the old top prior to removal. These items are considered incidental damage and are the customer’s responsibility to repair. We will not provide any compensation for cancellation due to weather. Sometimes we fill them up in the shop, depending on the size. A magic eraser pad removes some of the metal marks that pans and pots leave on the countertop.

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Granite Countertops Of San Antonio Texas | Duration 3 Minutes 27 Seconds The facility is clean and air-conditioned for your comfort and the staff on hand will show you options to assist in your color selection. Our expert granite craftsmen are equipped with the latest fabrication tools and a large shop with heavy equipment to move the material. Our mission is to import, fabricate and install high quality stone of a vast selection while striving to surpass our client’s customer service expectations. That is the reason why acidic substances which includes wine, spaghetti sauce, and strong chemicals must be taken off from the surface area of the stone immediately. Polish countertops at least once a month with specified granite polisher. If you have a warranty issue, we will be there to correct the issue.

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Our other state of the art machinery, such as sink cutters and edging machinery, cuts down time and labor costs, a savings we always pass on to our customers. Our installers are friendly, well mannered, and always clean up after themselves. We use pneumatic polishers, and a 7 step polishing system, that results in the highest polish possible. The installation crew always cleaned up and paid attention to the little details. They fabricated and installed granite in our whole house not to mention the 10ft island.I would highly recommend them to others and would definitely use them again!

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Their 365 glass was a great solution for lowering our energy costs. Shane was extremely knowledgeable, professional and user friendly! They take your deposit but are unwilling and unable to perform or provide product and service. We hired them to do an extensive remodel of our home.

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