That’s why we’re happy to measure, fabricate, and install all of our products ourselves, which is actually rare in our industry. If you make the wrong choice, the project could end up being costly, or even unsafe. We’re proven leaders in the masonry and home repair space and have been providing premium quality work since 1930. We welcome collaboration with our customers and offer work tables and product samples to make the creative process run smoothly.
How To Install Granite Countertops Diy | Duration 10 Minutes 16 Seconds

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It’s truly something you have to see to believe, so do yourself a favor and schedule a visit to our showroom to have a look. We are the turn key provider for every step of your kitchen remodeling project or bathroom remodeling project. So everything goes in together and our crew insures a precise fit and proper functioning before the masterpiece is complete. The biggest thing that differentiates us from our competition is our ability to create nearly invisible seams between slabs. Tell us about your dream kitchen or dream bathroom and we’ll make it a reality. Visit our showroom to get an even better look at our wide variety of cabinets, granite, granite-topped vanities and sinks.

How To Install Marble Tile Over Plastic Laminate Countertops by

By choosing 12-inch square marble tiles, spacing them close together and using a grout color that matches the color of the tile, the surface will blend together for a unified appearance. Measure your plastic laminate countertops and the countertop edges to determine the amount of adhesive tile mat and large marble tiles needed. Remove the tile mat backing, press the mat to the countertop and edges with your hands.

How To Install Marble Or Granite Countertops In A Bathroom | Duration 6 Minutes 34 Seconds Cut marble tiles to fit the countertops and their edges with the wet saw while wearing goggles and protective gloves. Mix epoxy based grout that is the same color as the marble tiles, according to the manufacturer’s directions. Polish the marble tiles with a soft cloth to remove the grout haze. Upscale marble tiles can be installed right over your old plastic laminate countertops. Plastic laminate, as long as it is a uniformly smooth surface, makes an appropriate base for the marble tile, which adds elegance and style to your kitchen or bathroom. Place the tiles on the tile matting, separating them with 1/8-inch spacers. Apply the grout to the marble tiles on the countertops and edges, using a grout float, pressing the grout between the tiles.


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