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Simply place a no-risk “hold” on your preferred remnant and schedule a time to view it in person. You’ll find more stone options at substantially better prices than you will anywhere else. If you decide to purchase the remnant you can arrange with the seller to fabricate and install your new countertop at guaranteed low rates. We had a small wet bar within view of the kitchen and wanted a different, but complimentary countertop.

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Impurities and minerals that coalesce into the channels of the stone give marble its celebrated veining. If a topical sealer is used, the upkeep shifts away from maintenance of the stone to maintenance of the sealer and using non-solvent based cleaning products is ideal. Would you believe that granite didn’t actually become a darling of the countertop world until the mid-2000’s? It’s frequently used as an alternative to marble countertops, as certain types of quartzite can offer an almost indistinguishable aesthetic to marble but with the benefit of added durability. As with all natural stone, quartzite is porous and leaving acidic foods or liquids in contact with the countertop surface can cause etching over time. However, even though extremely durable, quartz is not invincible and you’ll want to take care to use trivets for hot pans, and clean up any spills within a reasonable time period.
Meet Fox Granite Customer, Brett | Duration 1 Minutes 40 Seconds What happens if your project only requires 30 square feet? We greatly expand customer options while saving them an average of 60-80% on the cost of stone. Marble also can contain red to pinkish hues and even green marble has long been a staple of stone tile and wall cladding. Typically, your countertop installer will seal the marble surface with a film forming topical sealer comprised of natural wax or acrylic that protects against oils and waters. As with all natural stone, acidic or abrasive cleaners can damage the stone so make sure to use only manufacturer recommended brands and avoid leaving acidic foods and liquids on the surface to reduce the risk of etching. It’s durability against abrasion and etching, and the rich depth of layering give quartzite both a functional and elegant distinction from some of the more well-known natural stone countertop options. Mineral deposits that form in the canals of quartzite provide a linear or fractured veining and in many instances, quartzite can possess the appearance of layered, translucent glass. Consider using an impregnating sealer or topical stone sealer depending on the sheen level that best suits your project. Only use gentle, non-solvent based cleaners or old fashioned warm water and soap. Not to be confused with quartzite, quartz countertops are actually an engineered surface created by using 90% stone byproduct, usually quartz and granite, combined with 10% resin (often bio-based). If you’re working on a countertop project that does not require the use of full quartz slabs, then you’ve come to the right place. CountertopSmart Remnant Austin

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