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I know it that is was black, and black shows every toothpaste bit that doesn’t make it down the sink, surprisingly well. I love the industrial look of concrete countertops once they are finished. I struggled to find anything that would lighten up the countertop. I literally just lifted it off, carried it outside, and sprayed the top.
Diy Faux Marble Vanity & Computer Desk Tops (Talk Through) | Duration 4 Minutes 8 Seconds I don’t think this spray finish will give you enough of a finish on a plain concrete countertop. You could definitely sand down until there are no ridges or grooves. The only part that took some wear in the part right at the bottom of the sink, near the drain. I worked in small sections and squeezed some of the product onto the cured counter top, and then worked it in with a toothbrush. I loved all the imperfections of the surface and the variations in color. I dipped a thicker brush in the white, dabbed off most of it, and ran it across the gray lines in the opposite direction. As far as the shine, you can use a concrete sealer in gloss. I feel inspired to try this in my bathroom, thanks for sharing! We are still using it and it had held up really well. I touched it up a couple of months ago, so right now it’s looking good as new! It is not permitted to crop, alter, or edit any of the images that appear on this site without written permission.

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That being said, even if you do just run in and out of your bathroom quickly throughout the day, you want it to look great and give you a relaxing sense. Most of them have a farmhouse or vintage look, which is really popular right now. It’s made from posts that you can pick up at a home improvement store, if you don’t have something on hand, that is. This is great for smaller bathrooms, if you have a really small bathroom here you’ll find some great ideas to organize every inch.

Diy Marble Vanity Top + Hollywood Vanity (On A Budget) | Duration 3 Minutes 29 Seconds It’s a relatively easy project that will completely transform your bathroom, and it’s pretty huge so you’ll have loads of storage space underneath. You can finish this project in a day’s time and it’s so well worth the work! The thing is, you can build it yourself and save a small fortune. Also, you only need one end of the table, so you can use the other end to build a second vanity or create something completely different. You can easily make it and either leave the sewing machine for extra pizazz or turn the bottom of the table into storage for towels and such. You can easily turn an old metal bike into a sink cabinet, you just need a few basic tools and some creativity. If you want another color, just paint it another color, but the overall vanity is easy to create and perfect for smaller bathrooms. It’s also not a standalone vanity like some of the others but it can be if you just toggle the building instructions just a bit. This is great if you have a spot to build the vanity into a corner or nook. If you live in an older house or you’re going for that vintage, antique look in the bathroom, this is a great vanity, particularly for smaller rooms. I especially love that seafoam green color, but you could paint it any color that you want. Plus the drawers would be great for makeup and other smaller items. It’s a really easy project and one that will take less than a day to complete. If you’ve got pallets leftover from other projects, this is the perfect new project to use them up. There isn’t even that much work involve d in building this one, and it’s a great rustic country looking vanity that will instantly spruce up any bathroom. If you’re planning to build your own vanity, this top would be the perfect finishing touch. It’s a place where you relax and unwind at the end of the day, particularly if you have a wonderful garden tub. From old dressers and desks to cabinets and even a bicycle! I promise you’ll be surprised and even a little excited to get started building one of these beauties for yourself. The top is a butcher’s block and the underneath is completely open which gives it an airy look and makes the room seem much larger. The bottom is open for storing towels or you could use cloth baskets and store your basic bathroom necessities under it as well. If you don’t have room for a double sink, this is the perfect cabinet for under your single sink. Note, this is a small dresser but if you have a double sink, you could also do a larger one and have loads of drawer space for bathroom necessities. It won’t take much time or effort and you will absolutely love the results. It’s not at all difficult and is the perfect choice if you prefer something that looks more traditional.

Diy #3 Gold Marble Top Vanity | Duration 5 Minutes You can bet that none of your neighbors will have the same vanity in their bathroom. Imagine an old bicycle holding up your bathroom sink! There are a couple of different ways that you can create a floating vanity, and all of them offer mounds of storage space underneath and give your bathroom a clean, organized look. I absolutely adore the counter-top and those faucets are amazing. The overall look is exquisite and there is so much storage room underneath. You can build it yourself and then just add the right paint colors and distressing to make it look like an old cabinet. This bathroom vanity is repurposed from an old desk and it’s got loads of room for everything. Under the desk is really roomy so you have space for a trash can or to build small shelves to hold bathroom necessities. This side table turned vanity is great for smaller bathrooms, or you can do two of them if you need double sinks. You can cut out the top for a sink or add a bowl type sink if you want to keep the top intact. If you don’t have any pallets on hand, you can normally pick them up pretty cheap. It’s cheap and easy to make and gives the vanity a great rustic look.

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It is almost 90 inches wide and there was no way we were going to find a stock top. My husband was going to do some of the plumbing and the contractor was able to tell him what he needed to do to get ready for the installation. Since our vanity was from 1986, and counter height has changed, some pipes needed to be moved. They had several sink styles including rectangles and circles. We chose the double sink vanity top with an oval white sink. Once the vanity top was made and arrived at the store they called me to set up the installation appointment. The contractors are also able to tell you if they can install the counter and faucets easily or if there is anything that has to be moved first. During that session we made our final counter and faucet selections. We had a choice between a sink that matched the counters or white.

Marble Top Vanity Diy Home Decor | Duration 21 Minutes 27 Seconds The bath associate was able to show us all of our selections on the computer, which really helped with decisions. It only took a couple hours for the installation of the counter and faucet. I know this is a lot to ask, so thank you in advance!

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She’ll go rip out her old ugly bathroom vanity and start nailing and screwing pieces of wood together. The pocket hole screws attached to the plywood to the vanity base. But to have drawers, they’ve got to attach to something, right? I wanted a cerused oak vanity, where the grain is highlighted in white. Then she’ll realize that wood can actually build something cool in her house. This girl right here got the ingenious idea that she’d remove her old vanity and simply build a new one. Here’s how the bathroom looked after removing the old top, right before the whole thing has been ripped out. I had a problem with stripping screws, despite drilling pilot holes, though! I ran into some problems with them fitting properly, as you can see by the gaps and incorrect measuring. If you ever need to make cabinet doors, this tool is a must. The best part is that it’s not really that noticeable! He was the one who provided the granite top, and , came over to help put it on! It would have helped to have measured first before building, huh? After it was all built and the top was on, it took me weeks to figure out how to finish it! And while you’re here, don’t forget to check out the rest of the bathroom makeover series! If your vanity is on a sloped floor your drawers will be sloped relative to the piece.

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Use sandpaper to smooth a surface before applying contact paper. As you apply the paper, run a ruler or straight edge along the front surface to push out any air bubbles as you go along. If you want to take it off use a blow dryer, put it on high and start peeling the contact paper off. Don’t apply contact paper over a bumpy surface, such as over old paint. If you wash or wipe down a surface before applying the paper, give it enough time to dry thoroughly. After applying the paper, wipe it down with a rag to ensure that it is attached to the surface.

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Compare patterns and colors that you’ll need to match the décor in the room where your vanity top will be in use. If it is a solid piece that is light enough for 1 or 2 people to carry, disconnect it from its base and remove it.

Diy Marble Top Desk/Vanity Makeover | Duration 3 Minutes 35 Seconds If the vanity top is heavy and will need to be carried out in pieces, break it up. Make sure that the new countertop is a good fit and that it sits tightly into place. Use your level to ensure that the backsplash is installed level. Apply a clear silicone caulk adhesive to the top surface of the cabinet base that will be glued to the countertop, then remove any excess adhesive using the same cloth and alcohol. This type of vanity top is easy on the budget, easy to install, and is virtually free of maintenance. Measure the cabinet or base you wish to install it on, both length and width. If the old countertop includes a sink, and if you won’t need the sink for your new vanity top, disconnect its plumbing fixtures and remove it. If you need to repair or adjust the size of your base before installing your new vanity top on it, this will be the time to do that. If it doesn’t, make needed adjustments to the cabinet or to the counter top. Otherwise, you may have a problem with the glue adhering properly.


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