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This allows us to cut very large countertops without adding any seams for a clean, natural look. Our state of the art equipment can be used by our experienced staff to customize natural stone in whichever way you wish! These veins are subtle and very intriguing; they are the main attractive feature of the marble. Bright lights cause the lighter tones in the marble to be more vibrant and captivate one’s attention, while the absence of light leads to the darker tones in the countertop to prevail. The install team was quick, clean, tidy and took care of out home. We would recommend them to anyone interested in granite and marble countertops. Get a quote from the comfort of your homeby using one of our several options. All images of natural stone countertops may not be used without prior permission. The height of the backsplash can be altered according to individual preferences. Beware of companies that try and use remnant granite pieces to save costs! Most customers prefer this finish because the colours are vibrant and attract a lot of attention. We carry 1000s of granite and marble slabs in stock to give you the opportunity to find one you truly adore! We appreciated that they were quick to install everything once we made our decision.

Help My Marble Tile Floor Doesn’t Match My Marble Slab Countertops. by

Help, my marble tile floor doesn’t match my marble slab countertops. I had decided to go with marble on the floors and counter tops. I think once you get everything in, your stools/chairs, appliances, you’ll hardly notice. If you actually plan to use your kitchen, have kids and animals, then your marble floors will stain, darken and etch on their own. I have a feeling you paid a premium for the thickness of that slab. Like others have said, once your kitchen is finished, the difference between the two will be minimized. At this point in time, there is no easy answer that does not cost you the price of a new counter top. Right now it looks to me like you have a creamier color on the walls which may be making things worse. Also the potential overkill in materials in a kitchen the size of this one. Broken hearts all around as the potential beauty /effect of both materials was completely lost in this instance. They are both beautiful selections, but floors are cool tone & tops are warm. The lights may help some, but it’s not going to fix by adding 1 light type to the room as a whole, because the it will effect the warm & cool tones together which will not solve the problem. You’ll have little to lose to try some bulbs & it will help in choosing future bulbs. Then, raise the test light to the height of future island pendant lights keeping the light just on island top. With traffic, furniture, etc, you won’t notice after a while. If so, you can possibly save a portion of the tops to use there. You will still be out some of your investment, but perhaps not all of it. Maybe once everything is finished, you’ll find a way to appreciate it! Ask a marble specialist about what stains marble and start there. I suggested was cutting ribbons throughout your marble and replacing w/wood planks. I would think this would break up the ‘cool’ marble look a bit and trick the eye into having it blend well. Once everything is finished, the differences may not be so noticeable or objectionable. Live with it, play with your lighting, whatever, or tear something out. I am sure you will never again make a penny wise and pound foolish decision. Changing the wall color can make a huge impact in tying the room back together. It’s safe to assume the flooring went in before the counter top? I would at least try to experiment with the lighting before ripping it out. If not, then accept the kitchen as is, as a reminder of a lesson learned. I hope something brings this new kitchen back into alignment, so you can enjoy it soon. It’s a beautiful marble, so maybe you can offer to sell it back to the fabricator as a remnant. Hope you find a successful solution, so you can enjoy your kitchen soon. There are many examples of cool flooring/warm counters and vice versa on this site that look lovely. I would choose an accent color to bring the two together – like black – for your countertop pieces, hardware, area rugs etc. For those who advocating making a change- why the countertop? I know the floor may cost more to change, but if you are going to bite the bullet and spend more money on this kitchen, change the flooring, not the countertop. I love my counter tops, which are the best attribute of the kitchen. Many projects showed marble on the floor, counter tops, and walls. One huge bummer for a lot of people is finding this forum after they made a mistake and not before.

Please Help Me Choose A Bathroom Floor Tile: Marble? Mosaic? Pics by

I want to be able to scrub the floors clean without much fuss. I want the bathroom to fit with the general style and still look good in 20 years. I considered light gray, but the woman at the bath shop said that risks looking like dirty white grout from day one. There is also professional cleaning periodically if necessary. In the end, i am not a farmer or coal miner so my bathroom isn’t being subjected to that kind of dirt being trekked in. I have a black marble basketweave in the water closet, and honed 4×16 marble floors. I am having a large square of marble done in a soft floral pattern on the shower wall so this pattern really complements the marble on the shower wall. They have the same kind of creamy non veiny look as the slab. She is checking the invoice to determine the country of origin. I cannot watch them like a hawk all day – sort of defeats the point of having them. Bathrooms and kitchens are places where “nasty” things happen. I am looking into different stone cleaners and how effective they are. Dottie,, if it’s any consolation, it took me well over 6 months to finalize my tile and layout for my master bath redo. Would a white hex porcelain mosaic look too busy with the floor? I don’t want to do faux-marble floor tiles or large real marble tiles. Will all the grout lines of mosaic tile be a nightmare? Taking the two together leads me to the porcelain tile, option one, but with darker grout. I do have a baby, toddler, and two elderly cats, so there are risks there. I went to a high end place which had all sorts of the artificial stuff but it didn’t speak to me. My friend has had marble for years and said she didn’t have any particular issues. More grout to maintain is a downside, but the traction is an upside. Just know that walking on the basketweave is a little rough. You can kind of see it in that black and white tiny thing that looks like a picture :-). It’s a beautiful slab, but it doesn’t make sense to pay that price for something other than the true calacatta that you see w/the gorgeous veining. I hope you post “after” pictures because they are sure to be stunning. I wonder if it could work to have the marble mosaic surrounded by porcelain tile (not sure what type would look good) – the best of both worlds. I haven’t seen any good-looking carrara-style porcelain mosaics, except one that was more expensive than real marble!


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