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Curtain Wall Design

The bottom side is referred to as the “tin” side because it floated on a liquid tin bath. Oriel windows generally project from an upper story, supported by a bracket. Bow windows are rounded projections, often formed of the window glass itself. The tube and/or hole are to be properly sealed on the jobsite prior to unit installation.
Modern Look Of Marble Stair | Duration 26 Seconds Most often located over a garage or in an unfinished daylight basement, and consequently, not included in the total square footage listed on the house plan. This can be as narrow as a hallway or be wide enough to create a comfortable outdoor living space. The primary seal of an insulating unit and key component in restricting moisture vapor transmission. A very economical way to protect you and your car from the elements. Generally this is not serious except in heat absorbing glass. Often the focal point of the home and adorned with features like a fountain. Includes house plans with a covered back porch large enough to provide ample escape from the elements, plus a protected spot for your barbecue. Also returns house plans for a computer alcove for children that is becoming increasingly more popular. So more attention is given to more elegant master suites, main floor dens, centrally located great rooms, etc. Commonly used as reference to the exterior skin of a building. The process of installing an infill material into a prepared opening in windows, door panels, partitions, etc. Makes the edge smooth and gives it a whitish/gray appearance. Most often located to the rear of the home with access to the back yard. Fascia horizontal piece (such as a board) covering the joint between the top of a wall and the projecting eaves; also called fascia board. Fluting shallow, concave grooves running vertically on the shaft of a column, pilaster, or other surface. Its purpose is to relieve induced stress from the flat glass product to allow normal cold end processing.

Concrete Balusters & Railings For Residential & Commercial | Duration 1 Minutes 16 Seconds Also a molding or stop used to hold glass or panels in position. Bay windows are angled projections that rise up from the ground on the first floor. In float glass, a gaseous inclusion greater than 1/32″ (.8 mm) in diameter. A compound used for sealing that has minimum joint movement capability; sometimes called low performance sealant. Applied with a large roller for full coverage applications or through a screen for silk-screening applications. The channels may have fixed stops; however, at least one glazing stop on one edge must be removable. Cove molding large concave molding produced by the sloped or arched junction of a wall and ceiling. Cullet is an essential ingredient in the raw batch in glass-making because it facilitates melting. The waves produce a distortion when the glass is viewed in reflection. In insulating glass units the air between the glass sheets is thoroughly dried and the space is sealed, eliminating possible condensation and providing superior insulating properties. All of the bedrooms are no longer needed or, at the least, ready access to them. Some returned house plans have all secondary bedrooms in a daylight basement for visiting family members. Permanent etching of glass may occur from alkali and other runoff from surrounding building materials. Fanlight window, often semicircular, with radiating glazing bars suggesting a fan that is placed over a door. Festoon carved or painted ornament in the form of a garland of fruit and flowers tied with ribbons and suspended at both ends in a loop; also called a swag.

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Beautifully detailed stone molding and marble flooring create an elegant entrance to the second floor foyer. Her white-on-white aesthetic calls special attention to textures and interesting lines. Metal stair railing brings a modern element to contrast with the warm woods and old-world tile. The floating staircase joins the home’s three levels; there’s also a private elevator. A sleek black lamp lights the adjacent stairwell, emphasizing the beautiful white stair railing and banister.

Granite Staircase Railling Design With Price | Duration 1 Minutes 52 Seconds An ornate wrought iron stair railing with gold accents pairs with a brilliant gold chandelier for added drama. Pristine marble floors and an elegantly curved staircase make a magnificent first impression in the home’s two-story foyer. A chrome chandelier with interwoven metal chains brings a modern-glam touch. You may be able to tighten the railing’s attachment to the wall yourself if it’s short, but a long railing or one with a balcony will likely require the attention of a pro. Windows on every ceiling and wall allow tons of natural light into this house and offer stunning views of the hills and lake outside. The neutral palette is layered in dark colors, offset by a faint metallic sheen on the walls and the sleek chrome stair railing.


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