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Splashes will be placed on countertop with a small bead of silicone. Differing crystalline structure can increase the likelihood of visible seams and lamination lines.

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Our online inventory gallery grants you the opportunity to take a virtual walk through our slab yard and examine our selection and choose the color that is right for your home or business. It is the central distribution point for the majority of our natural stone slab and tile products present at our other locations.Keep in mind that these pictures are updated regularly so a slab you see one day may be gone the next due to its purchase by another customer.

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Possibly replacing boxed fluorescent lights with 3-bulb lights. We are looking at having potentially 2 niches, a corner seat/shelf and an accent strip of 12″x24″ tile that we are using for our floor.

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This is not just our way of saying thanks, but also for health reasons for our customers.
Video Stone Kitchen Countertop Design Lincoln Ne Lincoln Ne From Dailymotion | Duration 33 Seconds I built all my own kitchen cabinets and did all the work myself. He did a beveled edge in the kitchen and a straight edge on the bar, and they look perfect. Now our kitchen is a mess and we also have to deal with law enforcement trying to find him and an attorney. He took our 10k deposit and only did one hour of work.( took down our cabitnets). Again, we had him put in ceiling lights, including above the shower. He tiled the floor and the shower, putting in custom cubbies, and installed the shower base and shower doors. He vented the exhaust fan out of the rooftop, and, as above, he made sure all the electrical wiring was up to code while giving us more options for outlets and switches. The finishing touch on the bathroom was the sliding barn-style door between the master bedroom and the bathroom. Deb was very accomadating as over time we asked for changes. I felt they were working like they were on their own homes! My dissatisfaction concerns the point where the crown molding was going in the rooms. Well they start to install the molding and they start to splice pieces together thinking that is what they were suppose to do. I finally tell the installers to stand down and stop where they are. Again a decent guy but isn’t on top of things in my opinion. With the wall removal they estimated it would take 5 days and they had it all cleaned up and finished at the end of the time. Our office staff is devoted to attaining and keeping your confidence and trust that any present to future issues; be handled at the time you need it to be. So unlike other contractors we don’t typically ask for 50% upfront. Some jobs will require all material be paid upfront with 1/3 of the labor. For complete remodels, renovations, basement finishes, and new construction we offer a free air duct cleaning when we are done with the job. After installation we noticed the small section of quartzite over a single cabinet was cut with the flow going the opposite direction from the rest of the counter. We’re gonna use them again probably in a month or so to put in new cabinets in the new kitchen that we’re building. They are perfect, with only one invisible seam in the entire kitchen and none in the bar. Kevin came took down the cabinets and never returned to do any other work. Have to get law enforcement involve and our kitchen is completely empty. Terry put in a hardwood floor that carefully matched up to the existing hardwood floor in the living room, and ran seamlessly into the kitchen. Terry to install the sink, garbage disposal, and dishwasher). One awesome feature of our new bathroom is the heated floor! He made modifications to the wall so that our custom recessed cabinet would fit. Terry figured out a way to hang the sliding door track securely yet discreetly. She never hesitated to listen to our views and always made us feel like we were in charge. The kitchen remodel went off without issue and the woodworking guys were outstanding. So not only was the molding that was delivered not in the correct lengths nor was the molding consistently stained in the correct color. So the installers assume that what they get delivered to our house is what they have to install. But when they do that they find that the wood is stained different shades (light-dark) so that the spliced segments don’t match. Now the foreman does come by about a hour after calling him and realizes that there is an indeed a problem.

Countertop Refinishing Or Repair In Lincoln Ne | Lincoln Handyman Services | Duration 57 Seconds Amazing problem solvers that make you feel they are working for you!

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The company has more than 45 years of experience helping customers to create unique and stylish interiors to reflect personal aesthetics and budget requirements. The company specializes in helping enhance the beauty and value of client kitchens and baths with exceptional quality countertop products. Many homeowners choose durable granite products for the traditional, yet unique appearance and resistance to heat. Customers looking for an array of color options may choose recycled products. The friendly staff stands ready to make remodeling and selecting the right countertop products an easy and enjoyable experience. Refinishing professionals have extensive experience repairing countertops with holes, scratches, and burns.

Video Granite Kitchens Lincoln Ne Lincoln Ne Granite Countertops | Duration 38 Seconds Expert restorers will offer to repair kitchen and bathroom countertops before replacing. The versatile material is also an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic products and non-renewable natural materials. Customers can choose from a variety granite options that offer many years of low maintenance beauty and a high level of utility. Manmade quartz is easy to clean, maintain, and allows for a greater range of colorways and color consistency. The business makes client satisfaction a top priority and practices exceptional project management to keep jobs on schedule and with minimal time on each job site. The family owned and operated business offers an extensive selection of quality products to enhance the focal point for cooking, cleaning, and socializing in client homes. Providing exceptional service is a top priority, and the friendly staff ensures every job is right the first time. The business offers the highest standards of service and offers a one-year labor warranty on all professional installations. The company maintains 130, 000 square feet of product space which can outfit any project of any size. The company offers high quality granite and marble countertops, vanities, and tabletops. The friendly, experienced staff will help select the perfect product to fit individual needs, tastes, and budgets.Effective repair options include major fiberglass and porcelain cracks. No hammering or sawhorses are necessary to achieve a trendy or upscale look. The company offers clients the distinct appearance of a custom concrete countertop that adds beauty, value, and functionality. The professional team of installers can handle any job of any size. The company offers expert fabrication and professional installation to enhance the beauty and value of client spaces. Concrete is a superior countertop choice for stain, heat, and scratch resistance.

Video Granite Kitchen Lincolnne Lincoln Negranite Countertop From Dailymotion | Duration 37 Seconds Natural granite delivers a unique organic look which is attractive to lots of customers.

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Appreciated the wide choice of possibilities, the reasonable cost and the courteous service. They did a fabulous job and the cuts they made were perfect!

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